Gang Stalking – “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of the Commission for Civil Rights.  I figured I’d have a chance to speak and tell the Commission of my targeting. No such luck.  I raised my hand and asked if I could speak. The Chairman told me that I’d have to wait. Of course,  I knew from the get-go that I would  not be allowed to ask any questions. And I didn’t.

The Commission was here  from Los Angeles to find out what’s happening with police in Las Vegas. It wanted to find out how militarized the Las Vegas Police Department is.   There was a police officer who mentioned Ferguson, Mo. and how it compares to Las Vegas’ militarization of police. That’s why I raised my hand. I know about the police in Las Vegas and what a bunch of bullies they are. The police officers in Las Vegas walk around as if they’ll punch someone in the face  at  any time. They always look angry. How can any citizen feel comfortable around such bullies?  I sure don’t.

At the meeting there were also people from the American Civil Liberties Union. I remember going to their office on  6th Street in Las Vegas to complain about what’s happening to me. No lawyer talked to me, or asked me any questions.  They didn’t even tell me there were papers I could fill out to file a complaint. I found the information on my own. One lawyer even harassed me. I filled out the paper work and gave it to one of the lawyers. He took it and told me he would get in touch. He never did. I never heard from the so-called American Civil Liberties Union. What phonies!

All the people in the Civil Rights meeting were full of themselves. I’ve never  seen a bunch with such buffed-out chests. I thought for sure they were all going to fly away or explode.

What a waste of time it was going to meeting of the Civil Rights Commission. Some old story. No one wants to hear what’s happening to a lot of American citizens. Just don’t  dare speak about what’s really happening in America and what America is doing to its citizens.  No one wants to hear it, not even the Commission on Civil Rights!

I’ll end this with a quote from Samuel Adams, and this applies to all perps: “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel, nor your arms. CROUCH DOWN AND LICK THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may prosperity forget that you were our countrymen”.  Amen to this.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

  1. the gray hats tge black hats sent me a Russian woman to chat with hey and perp from Brazil golly can the masons really harass a person its really not about you. They surely changed my mind and boy did they teach me a lesson so much respect for the law and brotherhood i almost pray for cancer i bet they think its really special look what i can to to a person who doesnt really care much for civilian trash hypnotism yeah im a wizard just die fagots better yet play with somebody you can fool ass

  2. Its common knowledge in the TI community that the ACLU never takes on gang stalking or directed energy harassment cases. Ever. Its one of the FEW things these fake liberal constitutionalists do NOT whine about in the national media.

    As far as the militarization of any police department goes the federal government knows every department’s inventory of weapons and vehicles;There are no “secrets” in this age of all pervasive surveillance;This civil rights commission was just for show probably because some people complained on how f—-ng sick and evil the Las Vegas PD ARE.

    I don’t understand the pissed off police since they have dream jobs in which contrary to the horseshit the media feeds the public, the police do not have one of the most dangerous jobs, they are well paid, have great benefits and other perks, you have weak sick minds and fragile egos pushing people around, getting respect which they would NOT in any other job.

    They’re taught that the public is the “enemy” and all they’re doing is perpetuating the hatred, the mistrust, the darkness that’s intentionally poisoning every aspect of our society;Making life worse for people is “not serving the public trust.”

    From what I’ve heard and read TIs aren’t “huge fans” of the police since these motherfuckers are the ones who directly work with the neighborhood watch groups in our smear campaigns calling us every hateful, degrading name to isolate us.

    They do not serve or protect the public in general let alone TIs although the truth-twisting media portrays these criminals as guardians and heroes.

    And all the while targeted individuals are called “terrorists,” “drug dealers,” “pedophiles,” “crazy, violent maniacs” and more-The real criminals, the government employees and civilians alike get away for crimes which in a sane world would call for hard time in addition to lawsuits.

    Las Vegas MUST be a perp’s paradise but Buffalo, New York and its suburbs are FILLED with perps from cops to neighbors to businesspeople;This is a small-minded city with a low rate of employment and plenty of empty, useless people eager to take a paycheck to harm innocent people.

    A few years ago at the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in Washington, DC, when it was the targeted individual’s turn to speak ALL OF THE NEWS MEDIA WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM (as I’ve heard).

    This testimony is online and has some very emotional moments as a cross section of TIs testify before some very unsympathetic bureaucrats who look bored as shit.

    The fact that you WANTED to speak up and be heard shows that you not only want the truth of gang stalking to be made public but that you want people to know that you are not taking your torture silently as most TIs (seem to) do-The shit you and the rest of TIs put up with is inhumane, criminal and downright insane sadism and you want people to know that you are NOT going to live your life by the “rules” these shit-faced perps have been pushing on you;To be meek and quiet, to happily accept your fate in life as defined by our fascist/communist government.

    Its great that you speak up because it SEEMS that too many TIs think that they can “compromise” with the perps;By not speaking up the targeting will decrease but there is no mercy or compassion or empathy in this program;As I write a fat slob new perp is moving in across the street from me (in a house)-I’ve gotten the “they’ve told me about you look” from this POS several times already meaning the Buffalo Police and the neighbors have had the usual smear campaign talk about me.

    I’ve had an increasing number of OBVIOUS attacks from directed energy weapons lately also.

    Just a matter of time before I start my own blog.

    As I’ve heard time and again, “silence is assent” meaning that we’re implicitly stating that its “OK to put up with this shit” when we don’t complain about it regardless that all levels of government and the media pretend that gang stalking does not exist.

    • If you start a blog the harassment will increase but start it anyway. Tell the world your story. Leave your history behind. And silence does not work. Ann Frank and her family believed in being silent, and only the father survived. Her neighbors on the other hand believed in doing something, and are still alive. And they truly are shitface!

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