Gang Stalking – Kids taught by their parents to hate.

It amazes me what parents force their kids to do to make money. I’ll be walking along and some woman or man will be walking with his kids. It looks like a loving family, mother, father, kids running around laughing. The All-American family! Sure, sure. Pretty soon, I discover that this not an all-American family, or may be  it is.  The kids are all wearing perp colors, and so are the mother and father. They will usually push their kids to interact with me. The woman will usually  be bra-less and she’ll bend down so I can get a look at her breasts  (sell yourself, slut). These are the kind of people I have to deal with every day. Woman going bra-ess and making sure I get a look at her breasts and the kids acting like little brats with their parents’ approval.

Most kids will not say anything to me or bother me when I’m alone. It’s only when they are with their parents that they act up. Their parents encourage them to harass me. What this tells me  is that in 20 years we will have teens  who  will be  worse than their parents, if that’s possible.  They’ve been taught that it’s all right to harass someone who is not doing anything to  them.    They will  think it’s   perfectly  normal to harass someone. They will think  that there’s nothing wrong with harassing someone. Can you imagine what the world is going to be like 20 years from now? Hopefully, I’ll be dead. It’ll be a hell hole! It’ll be so bad  people will probably want to kill themselves. And when the world is so bad, there’s no one to blame but the parents who taught kids to hate and harass others. I’m glad I won’t be around, or hopefully I won’t be.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Kids taught by their parents to hate.

  1. Usually, I take pictures of the adults, not of the kids, because they can accuse you of taking pictures of kids for your own pleasure. You know how sick these people are. Once, as I was jogging on a track, a kid approached me asking me to take him to the bathroom because he needed to urinate, to which I responded, “Aren’t you old enough to do that by yourself?” I proceeded to continue with my jogging routine and I noticed a group of people hiding behind some trees watching me. As soon as I got home I called police letting them know that there was a kid asking adults to take him to the bathroom. Probably, they laughed since they already knew about the incident and were waiting for me to make the mistake to arrest me. It’s a very sick world!

  2. the kid gs’ing has toned down for me, hopefuly it stays like that. if gang stalking doesnt take a big hit or stop completely, im definitely not gonna be around to find out how worthless this world has become. that’ll only be one of the new lows to deal with. plenty of non-gs’ing lows will be there.

    tho what i think is that the “ruling class” will do something about the chaotic condition this world is in. it cant go on much longer. whether its ww3 or w/e they’re gonna have to do something.

  3. It is illeagal in Texas to use children under the age of eight years old in public display of anykind even with parental concent, What the public eill respond to is masonic scum dangling children to test you or just to cheack to see if a predator of some kind it is not a joke someday want to publically advocate that if your child is ever abused not to tell the law or church tell the abuser if he she ever mentions it or contacts the child again you will have them killed, then quietly move do not tell anybody about it not even family, If you do the police will automatically put your child on a list when scumbag masonic cops hear of it they will be testing your kid just like you do you like being a target when the teachers hear of it theyll treat the kid with indifference other kids will resent it hey your kids an outsider because you trusted the law the and church so when your kid tries suicide drugs murder dont say thats stupid, take a niacin talblet when they start dangling the kiddies or hold yiyr breath till yiu flush or turn red fuck these sick people if your ever suicidal kill your perps before you go, laugh at them it works stay strong targets

    • My sister had an incident with her 5-year-old daughter. My niece was in class and the teacher took her into a dark room. He didn’t do anything to her. I guess he was getting her ready to get used to be in the dark with him. Well, my brother-in-law works for a health company and it’s easy for him to get addresses. He found out where the man lives and went not to his home, but nearby. He found the teacher outside and from a distance spoke to him. Told him that he knew where to find him and if ever went near his daughter again, he was going to come after him. Of course, they went to the school and complained about him. Nothing happened to the teacher, but he never went near my niece again. My niece was acting very strange when my sister picked her up from school and asked her what was the matter and my niece told her about the incident. There are perverts everywhere today.

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