Gang Stalking – No bowing and scraping to the rich for me.

I come into the library, put on computer. First thing, there’s a message that says “I can’t access library company”.  As usual, I pay no attention. I know how they like to f–with my mind. I put it on and it works fine. The hackers are always trying to do something to stop me from coming into the library and typing my blog. I don’t understand, what is it that  bothers them so much about my blog?  Is it  because I’m telling the truth and they don’t want the truth to get out?   Well, it’s too bad. I’m going to continue typing my blog and telling the world what is happening to me. Suck it up, hackers! You should be thanking me instead of trying to shut me up! Or is it  that you hackers like being slaves to others?  Because  that’s what you are. Slaves!

I used to be such a different woman.

I  minded my business, didn’t bother anyone, didn’t go around committing crimes, didn’t serve jail time, etc. I lived my life the best way possible without infringing on anyone else’s rights. I did my thing. I let others do their thing. It didn’t matter to me whether someone was gay, straight, black, hispanic, immigrant,  white, asian, etc. I believed the police were here to do good. I believed the government was good. And people. if they were tested, would prove to be good. And family would stand by me no matter what.

Well, was I in for an awakening! Nothing I believed in is true.

It turns out the government does nothing but lie to us. Police officers are mostly corrupt and do their job so they can get rich and step on others. And my family turned against me in a New York minute.

I’m a changed woman now.

I no longer trust anyone. I have no family. I don’t trust people at all. It turns most of them are in to make money and they don’t care whom they hurt. It’s all about the money. Money rules the world. If someone has money, he/she  controls everything.  Anyone who has money can commit crime after crime and not suffer the consequences. Any of us in  lower status, don’t have to do anything. If some rich b—–d wants to make someone suffer, he gets others to do it for him. And these  “wannabe rich’ will do anything to climb that ladder where the rich live. They’ll lie, cheat, harass, kill, steal to gain that status. And it will not bother them one bit to hurt others.

That’s how we’ve all ended up as targets. Someone thinks we committed a crime against them. We insulted them by saying something, telling the truth about them, etc. It didn’t have to be anything really important  but,  somehow, we upset them in some way. And their delicate egos can’t handle someone not thinking they’re “so special”. How dare we not think they are “special”?

We saw these people as they are, and the rich can’t stand someone not envying them.

And the  bowers  can’t do enough bowing and scraping to please their masters.

Maybe all of us targets should’ve  joined the bowers? No, I don’t think so. I’d act the same way today as I’ve acted all these years. That hasn’t changed. I’ll bow to no one! Least of all to the rich!

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No bowing and scraping to the rich for me.

  1. Maybe im to stupid, for them? and they dont get it why then steal my designs and concepts? freemasons decieptfully ruin lives secretly I will never trust anyone in law enforcement among many things i witness the freemasons police drowning of a man. Also tried to report a missing person i called Woester Ma police and asked of anybody missing in 1978 they said it was to far back for them,can you believe it, called Amhurst police about a couple run off the road in critical condition they tried put me in touch with the chief at that time said he didnt remember and so on never mind the Cocaine my girlfriend was Doing with members of the Massachusetts State police special response team was problably just powder, were did they get that? so just a cold case i guess just have to keep on telling the truth maybe thell get the hint one day they have the choice to simply unharass us if you can harass you can unharass we cant afford food or our kids so well stalk a person for free well well just let them buy more weed or coke if they do what we say, bad cop bad freemasons pay up and go away freemasons are really funny

  2. Thats pretty much it,I just want my 8% that im owed, we are blessed that ee really don’t give a rats ass about others not our place im not a teacher they wount figure it out until they overdose a couple of times, I maybe can be bought however i will not sell out to and go talk on the radio or publically be filmed by media entertainment just trying to belong to something im owed a significant amount of money i had money and was very happy! Union railroad student engineer qualifying engineer heath retirement benefits almost not matched,hypnotism voo-doo spirituality is just simply foolish and nonesence if you believe any of it youll be around fools really smart fools but fools just the same, My prayers to the good lord have been answered many times if your beliefs are strong enough can manifest, I cannot believe how such prominent persons would not choose to identify themselves most of us targets get the courage to confront many adversaries on levels much out of or comfort zones repeatadly i just dont see how they are so rich or powerful when they cant adress simple requests

  3. It is unfortunate for us to have the same thoughts and belief’s regarding our society and the system we live under only to discover that it no longer exist. The worst of all is the brain washing or coercion of our family and friends, it’s the worst feeling imaginable. As for the perps, I don’t give them much attention, only to mock them if anything(gays). As Mr. T put it “I pity those fools”.

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