Gang Stalking – I can recognize a face years later.

I came into the library and got a computer to use. I sat down and had to get up again. I stood with my chair underneath me.  I was about to sit down, when I remembered what they like to do to me. Sure enough, The man sitting next to me pulled the chair away from where I was standing. If I hadn’t turned around and checked, I would’ve ended up on the floor. I said to the guy, “I know better than to sit down without turning around.” He wouldn’t look at me. Coward!!

Well, anyway, as I left the library yesterday, I almost bumped into the guy who knocked  me down a few days ago. I said, “You’re the guy who knocked me down a few days ago.” He said, “Not me. It was someone else.”  He was very calm when he said it.

Now if someone said to me that I knocked him down, I would respond  with , “What are you talking about?  I haven’t done anything to you.” And I’d be angry at someone accusing me of hurting him/her when I hadn’t.

They like to do this. A few days after a criminal has done something to me, they always show up to see if I remember them.  I always do.  I used to be an artist. And when look at someone, I’m drawing then in my mind, so most times, I can identify someone if I see them later on. It’s very rare that I don’t remember a face.

These criminals train to respond in such a way that makes them sound innocent. But you accuse them of doing something and they always respond in the same loud way. And then show up a few days later looking unlike themselves,. They cut their hair, grow hair on their faces, wear different clothing. But no matter what changes they make to themselves, I can identify them. I have no problem.

These criminals can disappear for a yea and I will recognize them. They need a facelift for me not to recognize them. And even then, there’s other ways of telling who they are. So if they think they’re safe from me, they should think about what they’re doing. Some people remember faces, some don’t. And I happen to be one of those people who remember. Lucky me, unlucky criminals.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I can recognize a face years later.

  1. That’s very good! I always carry a camera with me to take pictures of anyone who I suspect is following me.

    Take care and be safe. These bastards are the scum of the earth!


    Edgardo Rodriguez


    • I agree they’re …scum of the earth. I’ve had bad luck with cameras. They keep stealing them, or hacking them. Hide type of camera you have. Put tape around it so they can’t see what make it is. And thanks.

  2. a gang stalking incident is a 2 stage process – first the victim is identified by the

    snitch, typically a security guard – then, after a telephone call to head quarters, a

    response is designed and executed for that victim, typically bothering in some way. this

    is not a criminal activity and not very irritating. it is only when performed repeatedly

    over a number of years that the technique becomes effective. it is a nasty psycho torture

    which mimics the mental illness of paranoid schitzophrenia with the intention of causing

    the illness.

    • Yeah, that’s the idea, to make us look crazy, so we then end up taking meds and end up locked up somewhere and they can do all sorts of experiments on us. They’re already experimenting with us, but imagine being put in some hell hole and experimented on?

  3. That is sad i really try to ignore them, im better off alone cause these people are way too immature to be around i grew up around freemason trash thats basically what they are just feel better that you are not like them, they have to vslidate themselves through you and wern’t strong enough to resist so they had to herd up. golly gee can i be a hypnotist too im going to become a remote viewer so i can interupt a targets present the more negative information you can write so reasonable can read the more justice youll be doing to the cause stay at it

  4. They are an ego trip (due to low self-esteem) and the power high they’re on makes them think they’re invincible-Thanks to the corrupt feds, state and local law enforcement traitors they also think they know your psych/personality profile inside and out so they’re confident how you will and won’t react;What they can and can’t get away with and since they have some strategy such as acting innocent and angry when caught they are even MORE overconfident.

    This is why these retarded cowards keep on testing you;Its the SAME shit INFANTS and TODDLERS DO: LIMIT TESTING. That’s why they knocked you down.

    Next time anything remotely like this happens get a cop for the sake of having a report.
    I know they are all in on it in varying degrees but if you can get an assault officially recorded then please do it.

    These shit stains are so used to us reacting certain ways that it is NO DIFFERENT than any thug or bully expecting the same reaction out of their target every time.

    For example, if you kicked the scumF who knocked you down in the nads (justifiably) they would have been in shock MAINLY because they did not expect you to react this way.

    There are too many well-hidden secrets and “open secrets” such as 9/11 being a conspiracy and gang stalking;People know about these and other major crimes but pretend they do not exist like the proverbial “Elephant in the room.”

    Of all the crimes committed by those in power gang stalking is easily the most cowardly;A grown man knocking a woman down, people ganging up on an obviously harmless person because some piece of shit with a badge and/or uniform gives them OK and/or the government pays them?!

    You don’t have law enforcement (at all levels) employing civilian spies to “keep an eye on” suspected “bad people” and all of the LIES and half-truths in our smear files-This shit is so illegal its mind-boggling!

    I have seen this in neighbors, business people and every other kind of stalker:They know some assholes in power have their back in case we “loser it” which TIs RARELY DO;Its the grinning, goofy-faced, sickly, greyish, low IQ peanut brains who nearly always LOSE IT and hurt innocents and or themselves-TIs are too godamned nice which is one of the MAIN reasons we’re in this program.

    But please remember that these buckets of S on an empty, meaningless ego and power trip are limit testing you (and the rest of us) and are you inferiors. I do not state this lightly. When people knowingly commit crimes especially in a conspiratorial way while getting paid and getting away with it REPEATELDLY and not feeling ANY regret they are the lowest of the low and your and mine and every other TI’s INFEROR-They are literally sub-human refuse and this is not a statement made out of blind “hatred” and irrational anger-These are incontrovertible facts based on human nature ESPECIALLY in this nation which brags about freedom, uniqueness, pursuing your dream, innocent till proven guilty and the rest of the fake democratic, Judeo-Christian horseshit we hear and read about.

    I know its probably not a big comfort, Neverending but being THANKFUL that you are not one of them, not “part of the crowd”-Not a sellout and that you are loyal to who you are puts you in an entirely different SPECIES than these things who know they’re no F good but call themselves “good Americans,” “good people,” good family people,” good Christians,” ect.

    Personally, I am ashamed that I USED to want to be part of the crowd and thought that something was wrong with ME for decades.

    • Well, now you know that nothing’s wrong with you. And everything you wrote is so true. These people have no brains. And if I were to do what you said about retaliating, guess who would get blamed? I would. The lowlife would have made something up and say that I started it. And the crooked cop being as crooked as he is, would agree. So, either way, I would’ve lost.

  5. Just like the “Active Denial System”, they deny it, because of their covetous nature they covet 24/7.
    Watch the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven” , gives you the glimpses of how covetousness & hatred really started the war, true history! How the vigilante/neighborhood watch, religious criminals thought their murders & hatred of others will be forgiven just by concurring something..
    In one scene when Saladdin asks him why he drank from the cup, which wasn’t his. We are dealing with that kinda covetous criminals. They’re the ones doing the gang stalking, harassment and in the military ( intended to kill everyone else on the globe). These animals are without the law, conscious, knowledge of good & bad, right or wrong, they’re the evil. They living in our midst still continue to commit crimes on us!

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