Gang Stalking – Hackers, hack away at my computer — but I’ll always come back.

I love coming into the library and seeing the new hackers. They look so smug. They think I don’t know about the fact that they hack my computer.  They’re not told about the other hackers who tried and failed. They’re not told that I know how to work with their hacking. They think they’re so good that I won’t be able to type my blog, or won’t be able to use the computer at all. But within about 5 minutes, they began to wonder what they’re doing wrong. Their hacking teachers don’t tell them about all the others who came before them.  Of course, I watch them. And then  I see the smile fade from their faces. That’s when I know they don’t know what they are doing and don’t worry about them anymore. I just go on with what I have to accomplish on that day. But still, they keep at it. The  hackers think that they’ll still get me. But I’ve been at the game a lot longer than they have. And I’ve found ways around them that they don’t know about.

So, hackers, hack away. If you can stop me, more power to you. But I’ll always come back on!

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Hackers, hack away at my computer — but I’ll always come back.

  1. Be careful targets dating women or men with children, If your a heavy drinker no public urination don’t drive take a cab. practice locken yourself in your room with a bolt, you are being hypnotized if you were ever abused it can come out under hypnosis or when your drunk these masonic fucks would like to assist you with your problems like getting you drunk then let you take home the beutiful bartender only to tell you when your a block from the house after kissing heavy touching petting in erogenous zones that she has kids in the house, Months later the bar got rid of her dude says she was setting guys up strange, yeah tell the judge you walked in to a nursery naked looken for the bathroom on a nany cam. Sure make sure no schools on your route should you choose to booze and dont forget the niacin bottle a tablet before they start dangling kids in suggestion make kids say things to you your last lover said is quite embarrasing resist these sick people tell everyone about evils of freemasonry and what they do to sublects/Targets in fammed experiments mail a copies to Peter C Jurczyk 15634 Wallisville road,Houston Texas 77049 Thank you masons for trying to make me a better man for thr last thirty years

    • I would say stay away from everybody – period! There’s no one we can really trust. It seems that there isn’t anyone who is not a perp. And don’t go near children. Don’t even get in an elevator with them, or go anywhere there are children. You’ll be accused of doing things to them that you haven’t done. It’s the children’s word against yours, and who do you think they’re going to believe? Not you! And you being a man, the women can accuse you of raping them. Be smart, stay away from them. I know it’s hard, but do you want to end up in jail?

  2. Go get them neverending,I will get many og them should i become terminaly ill will be final stressor, So now selling my trash on E-bay i call customer servise always the same lady weather i call cricket,tracfone or customer servise,called E-Bay when i list an item it automatically has two views called customer servise said normal if people track you, an item didnt list i call said was technical issue, i called back today the same east indian lady says nothings wrong and the last contact was the 26th no record of my call? was messaged to call back has to be sent to a call center through these people. and post office printed a label to wrong adress was distracted didnt catch it in time so im being punished by my fellow American comrades for following innepropriate orders shame is on you people. Just get me cancer i fucken dare you masonic trash i survived your heart attack stroke bulshit come on director just write couple pages on how much fun you 33 degree fools had playing with my life come on sign it come satanits/ fags whats the problem just a couple simple wrote pages a summary of sort just gimme a couple theroies of your suggestions you people are so sad perps go shoot yourselfves just do it!

    • Sometimes the hackers re-direct your phone to someone who is a perp. So you might think you’re talking with someone from a certain company, but you’re not. Next time you call a place, ask them the name. Let them tell you who they are. You could trick them, tell them you’re calling such and such a company (make up a name) and if they answer yes, hang up. They’re perps.

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