GangStalking – Targets be careful, monsters are walking around free.

As I wrote the other day, targets should always expect the unexpected. Was I ever right! As I walked home yesterday, dragging my  ever-present suitcase behind me, I felt a thump on the back of my left shoulder. I fell down. I landed with left elbow touching the sidewalk. I sat there disoriented for a second. A white man came behind me and purposely pushed me down. I had my suitcase behind me. The suitcase would have broken the fall if he’d accidentally hit my back.  But this was deliberately done to me. The man had to sidestep my suitcase to get at me.  As I sat on the ground, the man, with a smirk on his face, said, “Can I help you up?” I replied, “No, don’t you dare touch me. You purposely knocked me down.”  He didn’t dispute it. When I wouldn’t take his hand, he walked away, not at all bothered that he’d thrown me on the ground. A second after the man left, another man, came over and said, “May I help you up?” The man was wearing the perp color of the day, red. I said, “No, I don’t want your help. Get away from me!”  I sat in the middle of the sidewalk for about a minute to make sure I was all right.  When I tried to get up, my left elbow had  a bruise. The skin had come off my elbow.

I got up, brushed myself off and began to walk again. Ahead of me, I saw the two perps talking to each other, probably laughing at what happened to me.

I can truly say that these people are all evil. There isn’t any one of them worth saving. These people were born evil and will die evil beings.

So, as I wrote the other day, watch your back . Don’t think that you’re ever safe with these monsters walking around free.

But their day will come. As I repeated over and over, nothing lasts forever and what’s happening to us will end. And when it ends, all the criminals will end up in prison. I so look forward to that day. I’m living for that day.

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36 thoughts on “GangStalking – Targets be careful, monsters are walking around free.

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        • Wow! I don’t even know what to say. But I’ve always been a loner and don’t like to join groups. I don’t want to become a person with a groupthink mentality. It doesn’t work for me. It good to know what all the symbols mean. I never knew about them. We live in a really crazy world.

          • There are side-effects to “mass mind control”.
            Yesterday, I was standing next to a woman I know and instantly turned 16. Was feeling like I did on my first date. including instant hard-on in tight pants. Obvious to anyone who looked. Unnerving to say the least.
            So I went home and wrote down everything I felt standing next to her. Sat back and looked at it and HOLY SHIT!
            I’ve dealt with it in my kids but as an adult I never thought it would happen to me… which made me wonder how long this crap has actually been going on.
            I love a married woman. Didn’t plan it. Wasn’t working towards it. Didn’t even give it any thought until the “feelings” arose out of no-where. And I have damn little to base it on.
            And I can’t tell any difference between the real thing made face-to-face and this. I don’t know if it’s real or something spawned by circumstance.
            Being around so much mysterious stuff, elf-n-magic events and subliminal messaging I’m not sure what to think.
            So, I’m going to tell her about it. It’s a first for me and I have no clue what to do with the information.
            Had I been working towards it and it was my idea, it would be normal.
            This isn’t. Maybe she’ll know how to resolve it.

              • For me, it’s Yahweh’s Way or the highway.
                The feeling was V2K. Not interested.
                A genuine female born with fallopian tubes and eggs sacs, meeting my requirement of hetero, white and starting off with the truth can approach me anytime.
                The queers and other assorted low-life can go to hell.
                I’m quite bored with the bullshit.

  2. good to know it was nothing serious. there’s only one thing to do with “pure” gang stalkers , and that’s throw them all in a building and light it on fire (pure gs’ers arel ike the ones u deal with. there’s many who dont like it or are setup, intimidated etc). too many of them to put in already overcrowded prisons. cant waste time and resources on them. they wont change their useless ways. sad that so many lifeforms can be so pathetic and worthless.

    off topc but it has to do with one of your earlier posts. tried to make this short lol, bare with me. .u bloggeda bout how they stepped up and sent more gs’ers after you. when outside they were watching you every second, instead of minute. do u mean this literally? i ask cuz when i get groceries, even before it got worse, there would be at least one of them in almost every isle i went to. once in awhile i would be alone but if i stay for about a minute or less they’d send someone. i live in san diego and its horrible over here, and it got worse this year.

    its been irking me how hard they’re really going after me, if its more in my head or not. until recently i barley did any gs’ing activism, only doing it now cuz they stepped up and wont tone it down. and its only a few posts online in facebook. everyone in my town is involved, and with research i learned that san diego is heavy with gs’ing, so i cant really make them aware (btw san diego county is confirmed to be full of idiots.) i would love to move but no money. so yeah, i want ur input on this.

    • I mean it literally. It used to be they’d come every minute, but now it’s less than a second. I am hounded day and night wherever I go. It doesn’t matter if I’m at home, walking, store, library, etc. They’re making sure I don’t get any peace. They’re making sure that my mind doesn’t rest. But you know what, I’m becoming stronger and stronger every minute. I will out survive the bastards! This is happening all over the world, not only in the U.S. And it’s really bad in every state I’ve in. Believe me, if you move, it won’t get any better. Sometimes, it gets worse. Save your money and try to make the best of the place where you live. It won’t improve no matter where you go. Good luck to you.

      • thx for replying. it is bad in big cities, and virtually anywhere it cna get bad. from what i’ve researched, which wasnt thorough but good enough, in the big cities and heavily populated states/counties its bad. and it can get bad if you expose them a lot, or find a way to piss them off really good lol. for you, i’d say because of your blog, and maybe if you did a lot of exposure, you get heavy gs’ing. based on my own experience, and some research i believe san diego, socal, and maybe california is one of the worst places at least in this country. las vegas should be terrible cuz it is “vegas”. i found a thread about gs’ign in san diego being terrible, its lonog i didnt read all of it but its worth a skim if u have the time.

        overall if you move it wont get better but in small ways you can do something. like finding a place that is isolated or not around a bunch of apartments. maybe living in a forest to help hamper the eh. not much you can do but some small things can. also, as i said i havent done a lot of research but there have been some ti’s whose gs’ing has stopped by moving. far from a guarantee, a long shot, but i’d say its up to the ti to decide whether to move or stay put. i’d strongly suggest all american ti’s to consider moving out ot he country if they can, and not to the uk lol. do a lot of research on countries…economy, government, people, corruption, etc. if i had the money i would get out of america not only cuz of gs’ing. this country is falling apart.

  3. It’s nice to hear that your injury is minor in comparison to their intent. I appreciate your perseverance and courage in getting your blog out considering the obstacles set forth in your path. This is a compliment to your character and the positive aura you possess. If I were able to voice my opinion on why you are targeted, it would be out of pure envy. Men search their lifetime for someone with your qualities and many grow old and lonely. God bless you, stay strong and safe.

      • Glad to hear you’re doing well & Sorry to hear about the accident. Always remember he will be punished one day, pray for it to come sooner & since you’re the victim pray for a 100 fold payback! I pray for it everyday!

        In the past if you remember the history GOD raised Babylonian to smack Assyrians, Persian to smack Babylonians , Romans to smack Persians etc., Its just continuation of.. nothing changed.

        • You’re right about the Middle East, nothing’s changed. And the world in general hasn’t changed. There’s still a lot of evil in the world, as in Biblical times.

  4. Hope you are ok try to laugh at them make fun of Bapmohet masonic god is a joke and so are his followers i entered thier Dragon and found only me they need me i dont need them. just stay at it try not to get upset they will get whats comming to them the devils favorite game is giving power wealth then taken it away some escape think they get hooked on adrenaline when they have to deal to keep power in the end god will get them cheer up stay strong

  5. The director needs to get the courage and own up to these things and tell you with documented paperwork of what they have done to you. So you National Security Agency,(Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents) Central Intelligence Agents local law enforcement fags did you people ever think stalken or hypnotism was the problem you masonic fags will never respect me but you sick bastards better learn right quick to respect my privacy you can harass me you can unharass me. You people are not proper law just scum of the earth trash. Neverending is within her legal rights to express herself anyway she wants within the law if she bothers you its your problem not hers Agents take the gun out of your holsters and just shoot yourselfves us targets will defy and change your organizations one agent at a time setting the example , leadership by example grow up clowns we do not need freemasonry nor hypnotism kill yourselves most of you people could kill a person and sleep,one day it will filter through. i will not join you is nothing you people have to offer exccept my own money leave the lady alone and go do somemore cocaine with the police chief

  6. Is your elbow OK? I fell down on a (deliberate?) sheet of ice and broke my inner elbow (simple fracture but I think the sub humans wanted me to break my neck) getting off the bus in winter when I had a cold and infection. I got only very basic care for the elbow: only a few pills and a cheapo sling…and later I had to go with my arm tied with a piece of fabric to get antibiotics for the infection. I was out of commission for weeks. Yes, do watch where other er, humans, are and what is above and below you as you walk.

    • Yes, my elbow is all right. It’s not broken. I took some classes in how to fall when I took judo. So I learned how to fall without getting hurt. The trick is not to fight the fall. Let the body relax and go with the fall. And it works. It hurts a little, but it’ll be all right in a week or so. Thanks for asking.

      • How about if I drive up to get you and just get you out of that rat-hole?
        It won’t matter if you have a camera or iPad.
        You need to be somewhere safer.

        When they go to physical harm, it will only escalate.
        It’s only a 16 hour drive. And I’d be happy to do it.
        I’d not be a happy camper to learn they did worse.
        Geez, woman. Big cities are the worst places to be.

        • I’m staying right where I am. No one is going to drive me out of my place. They’ve done it previously and I’m not going to do It any more. I’m going to go down fighting. But thank you for your nice offer. I grew up in a city and that’s where I feel most comfortable. I don’t think I’d be any good anywhere else.

        • John Nutter, sorry haven’t been in touch. Still don’t have a phone. Would you like to be on a show about targeting? I’d like to have the point of view of former Delta person. Let me know ASAP. Thanks.

            • My email doesn’t work. Every time I send out an email it comes back to me. The name of the show is Chris Brake show. I looked it up. It seems legit. Look on YouTube, you’ll find it. It’s a podcast.

              • I listened to 2 podcasts. He may not be ready for this reality.
                And there WILL be a gunfight if the podcast reaches the wrong ears and they decide they want my guns because “gang stalking” really does sound crazy. Even to us TI’s.
                If you really want exposure go to Jeff Rense Radio at rense,com or C2C am with George Noory.

                • Well, I know George Noory. I was asked by the podcast to tell my story. And about us sounding crazy, I agree. I told them that if they were going to make me sound crazy, I would not speak on their program. They promised they wouldn’t do it, but who knows. If I do go and they start to make me sound crazy, I will get up and walk out.

                  • Well, strange but true… I found out why I’m being stalked.
                    It’s about a woman who loves me. She’s in NV.
                    That why I asked if those initials were yours.
                    It’s a really complex and involved strange story, but truth is, I’d take her in a heartbeat.

                    Now. The Podcast. What can I do to help you?

                    • I’ll contact them.
                      Actually, “she” isn’t doing anything. Her “parents” are. And they told me the absolute truth about her. She is married to a “stand-in”. A place-holder so she is bound within “their faction” while subliminal messaging is used around “the one” her PARENTS want her to be married to. In this girls case, is me. She recently had a baby girl, which makes 3 kids. And that baby girl will be raised to be used as CHATTEL for whatever the faction hopes to gain by “arranging her marriage” to someone with greater clout/personal power than anyone in their faction.

                      She is number 2 in a very long line of “parents” trying to give me their daughter. (or one of them)
                      The youngest “female chattel” was only 10 years old. I was out of that place in under 24 hours. Refuse their invitations to return for a visit.

                      There are only two main factions, which are “GOOD vs. EVIL”.
                      The main game.
                      In both Good and Evil are sub-factions or people doing their “own thing” while obeying the MAIN RULES of Good VS. Evil.

                      Ever heard of Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis?
                      It’s how people are conned into believing whatever lie a faction is pushing.

                      To keep this short: YOU KNOW how the Gang Stalking Community likes to brag about what they are doing IN PLAIN SIGHT.
                      Veronica Roth wrote a book series and there’s a subsequent movie.
                      It’s called Divergent (which is what people like you and I are). And to the Powers-That-Be, we are very dangerous to their plan of total domination and subjugation of the entire planet.
                      Watch it on Amazon, rent it or buy.
                      The point of this is; “people” in power are trying to remove the will to “make an INDEPENDENT CHOICE”.
                      Faction over blood.

                      I have another article which will explain this in all of it’s gory detail. It should be up by the week-end following this one and anyone who wants an advance copy can email me at:
                      intrepid101614 at with Advance Copy in the subject line.

                    • I’ve heard of the movie but haven’t seen it. I’m going to find it on google cand watch it. This whole thing gets stranger and stranger.

                      Thanks for contacting the show and I told them about what I know about you. I hope you come.

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