Gang Stalking – I didn’t know it was wrong.

I sometimes wonder about the people who come to the library  to make my life miserable.

How can they not have a conscience about what they’re doing to me and other targets? How can they not have a conscience? Are they so cold and uncaring that it means nothing to them to harass me?

Don’t they think that what they’re doing is wrong?

Doesn’t anything get into their idiotic brain telling them that it’s wrong what they’re doing?

Are they so desperate for money that nothing else matters?

Or are they just evil people who do what they do for fun?

Don’t  they  think that they’ll ever get caught doing what they do?

Eventually everyone gets caught. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing.

And once they get caught, what will be their excuse for what they did to all of us?

Will it be, “Oh, I didn’t know it was wrong.”

Sure, they didn’t know it was wrong. They knew from the start that what they were doing is wrong.

That’s always the answer evil people give for the evil they do to others. I didn’t know it was wrong. The Germans said  that when the discovered what Hitler was doing. How can they not know?

I look at them and think they look  like normal people. But are they? Is this what normal is today?  Step on others and don’t worry about it. Step on them before they step on you.

We live in an ugly, ugly world today. There don’t seem to be too many caring people around. Every one is out for himself/herself. And no on else matters. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I didn’t know it was wrong.

  1. well we live in a god less society. the new generation could care less. as far as the Germans go Hitler had 90% of Germany with him yet only 10% of the German population were actually Nazi’s an evil world we live in.

  2. excellent joke material u gave me i’ll have to polish this later

    gang stalker “i didnt know it was wrong!”
    judge “you didnt know that stalking, torturing, and murdering people, hacking into their computers and phones, planting microchips in them, poisoning their food and water and bodies, sabotaging their homes and cars, forcing their friends and family to turn on them, dresssing 5 year old girls as sluts, flying a chopper or drone loudly at early am hours, stealing their money or anythign else they have, and physically beating them up, is wrong?”
    gang stalker “no”
    judge “25 to life, most likely life. get the fuck out of here”

  3. Holy shit i hear you my $2,700 escrow is gone basicly screwed must push on any mason who does these things to a respinsible person should have fortitude to admit sabotage come on director come out put it on paper how the thirty three degree are just having fun with targets. They cant

  4. To add to the other commentors points, the payoff is most often: money, drugs or other ‘prizes’ for a variety of actions against us.  The ‘game’ is played on hand-helds (laptops and smart phones).  Actions include:  sitings (way-marked by cellphone GPS and time/date marked for mapping routes), observations (a major one will send a perp running to report at some physical destination, and they often return with either weapons, gas canisters, drugs or other chemicals to use against us in retaliation, or participation in street theatre or flash mobs at work, in public places, retail establishments or drive-bys (assaults by microwave or micro-lasers) or activation by drive-bys of embedded/hidden equipment in our residences, workplaces and cars.   Conservative religious zealots often target us (women, gays, outspoken younger men) to ‘punish’ us for believing in nonmainstream religions.  For example, several US Army ‘shooters’ responsible for multiple shootings were TIs who had studied Buddhism.   In many cases, targeting is purely economic:  you have what they want.  Perps target elderly family members who are semi-estranged from their surviving relatives. They ‘befriend’ the target and use perpy connections in the Court sytems and shady lawyers, to gain control over the target as legal representative.  When the target dies, they clean out bank accounts and take valuables, then disappear, but not before the shady lawyers try to bill estranged family members left to pay bills for their time!  This has happened to several people who are friends of my parents.  These friends were all involved in a relatively recent major legal action (blocking an unscrupulous land developer) and each was the recipient of illegal actions that caused them huge headaches and resulted in the suspicious death of a relative.  As I have mentioned earlier, my family is heavily targeted due to our ties to law enforcement.   Most of the perps are lowlifes, but a growing number are bit-players who receive cash payment for conducting certain types of actions against us.  Some are paying off student loans, some home loans/mortgages, and many get the free use of a car and probably free gas (gas credit card).  The latter are often seen by as ‘weekend warriors’ who heavily perp us while driving about town between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening – catching up on their week’s worth of perping assignments!   I concur with the previous commentor: perps are brain damaged by drug or other chemical addictions, and they are very much prone to becoming addicted to manipulating us.  What we often don’t mention: microwave attacks using ground penetrating radar ‘ guns’ or microwave lasers, target key nerve centers to cause us to burb, fart, increase the urge to use the bathroom, hurt us in shallow, nerve rich areas (feet/toes, knees, hips, back, bladder, kidneys, heart, thyroid, head, etc).  They want to keep our attention on THEM and they punish us if we don’t.  They want to elicit a rapid heartbeat and cause hypoxia/shallow breathing using nitrous oxide and cheap surgical anesthetics (usually at night, but also when we work at fixed locations during the day).   In short, they are playing ‘god’.  I have had more than one comment to me ‘I am YOUR god”!!! through the wall in apartments, as they target my vagas nerve to make me cough, try to make me burb or fart in public, etc.   This is apparently addictive.  It it also highly illegal, and not nearly as difficult to monitor and prove as the perps thinks it is.   Lastly, you have socially immature individuals who are naturally bullies.   Read up on community mobbing and on the job harassment.  It’s endemic in the workplace now, and it is a very provable form of stalking and mobbing.    You need  to be able to discuss the problem objectively and have multiple good examples to prove out your claims.

    • Absolutely outstanding post. Thanks.
      Could you provide a few links where you get some of your TI information?

      For about two or three weeks straight I was hit with a “Theta Wave” inducer (making the name up) which put me to sleep for the same time every night no matter what I ate, activity level, ect.
      No matter how hard I tried NOT to fall asleep it was like getting an injection. Some people call it the “invisible needle.”

      I know that these cowards can induce ANY MOOD they want: Anger, depression, fear, hyperarousal, OCD, ect. Its just a matter of putting the TI into a certain type of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, ect brainwave state.

      By the way, have you (or any other TIs reading this) ever experienced an energy weapon that makes you look in a specific direction which is or is not accompanied by a sudden mood change such as fear, anger, ect.

      I’ve experienced what I’ll call the “look over here” weapon driving where I feel a sudden odd urge to look the rearview mirror to see someone driving with their headlights on or off from a distance-Using the “look at me” weapon to force me to look at a perp in a store or on the street.

      For gang stalking I’ve heard the analogy that they (perps) are playing a chess game with us and are fifty or more moves ahead of us (not talking about the average mongoloid street perp, but the shit that plans and modifies our perps based on the template, flow chart each TI MUST have.

      • They do the sleeping thing to me, too. I didn’t realize it was being done to me, until 1 day, while I was staying with my sister, she said, “Don’t you notice that you get sleepy every night about 8 o’clock?” I said, “No I haven’t noticed.” After that I made of point of paying attention to whether I was getting sleepy around 8 p.m.,. And sure enough, about that time every night, I’d get very sleepy. My sister had some sort of weapon she aimed at me to make me sleepy. I never discovered what it was she was using, but till this day, every time I think of her, I’d like to get even with her. What a bitch! And they do it to me now when I’m home. Every night around about 5 o’clock, I start to get sleepy. I get up and force myself to walk around, put water on my face and get busy doing something.

  5. Keep resisting, They have many years of programing you when you resist and dont become a perp is just wasting time if you deter masons or canidates. denounce freemasonry you may just save a child from a life of harrasment. If they cant change us then what is any good of it no missing children in my bays/rented property.

  6. Neverending, here’s the main reason the gang stalkers are so heartless, remorseless, cowardly and petty with no empathy, mind-boggling immaturity, pettiness and every other ugly human failing.

    Here’s the main, inarguable reason our perps are such shit:

    Because we expect them to be compassionate, thinking, reasonable, mature, empathetic people like US. TIs and other people screwed over by their fellow humans expect:

    (A) Some or most people to have good, decent part of them as we do, that steps back with regrets, a guilty conscience and “waking up” after or before harming another person verbally or otherwise.
    You, myself (USED TO) and most other TIs expect at least SOME of their perps to suddenly feel horrible for what they’ve been doing to us and stopping the sadism.

    (B) You’re projecting your OWN higher moral and spiritual traits upon your perps and other shitty people in general which is why you’re continually disappointed, hurt and shocked by their behavior(s).

    What I’m stating is in NO way stating that TIs expecting even SOME perps to change their ways are being delusional or having false hopes but its human nature to expect others to think and act like us.
    Regardless of your intelligence level and common sense, if you’ve gone through years of non-stop hateful, sadistic, cruel, vicious, relentless SHIT from perps its only natural to keep on hoping that some of them will “miraculously one day wake up to the sick crimes they’ve doe and leave us alone and/or be our friend”-Just like TIs (and other people who take shit from shit) expect “Karma,” “the legal system (RUN and ENFORCED by perp and other criminals) or judgement from God after death.

    Who does not want payback of some kind after the CRIMES we’ve patiently put up with?

    Who doesn’t want at least SOME allies, friends to help us (not me actually) or to have some of their perps “find their conscience and stop.”

    Neverending, as far as I can tell from listening to over 1000 TI radio shows, read a S-load of articles on the known govt programs in Europe and here, websites, ect and just plain common sense, it is NOT “patting ourselves on the back” to flat out state that to the last man and woman, ALL TIs have:

    1) A strong conscience and set of morals.
    2) Are sensitive, kind, generous people
    3) We actually THINK instead of just blindly believing everything some shit in authority tells us.
    We actually THINK about a LOT of things that perps and other non-TIS take as “normal life.:
    4) TIs look for the best in nearly all people because the idea that most of the human race are now zombified, brainwashed, obedient cold drones is a terrifying thought;We look for the best in people even when they’re being evil, childish, sadistic assholes.
    5) Tis Want to help and build, not destroy, we appreciate nature and other simple things (as do plenty of non-TIs)

    The perps are criminals, cowards, liars, thugs, losers, S-stains, disappointments, HOPELESS,
    have little to no empathy, are conformists, many are socio and psychopaths and the list of rotten personality characteristics goes on and on for perps and other human trash.

    And in no way am I putting a “halo” above the head of all TIs but ONE of the MAIN reasons we’re in this program is because sensitive, introverted fundamentally decent people make F GREAT test subjects and more importantly–Getting an emotional reaction from a nice person is a HUGE RUSH for perps when they would get little or nothing from screwing with another cold-blooded conformist zombie moron.

    Never give up hope of course but for SOME peace of mind you’re going to have to being to look at your perps as a different SPECIES of human than you. No joke. Its clear that these people have been deeply conditioned, are brainwashed-Are HAPPY to hurt others for money and other rewards,
    are ADDICTED to perping others since its “exciting” like a cheap thrill, since they’re “helping the government” and feel like “secret agents”-These people will not just wake up, find their soul and tell us what their handlers (police, Infraguard, Fusion Centers, feds, ect) told the about us.

    You’re going to have to look at the perps for what they are: Mistakes;Abberations or mistakes.
    They are freaks, they are the crazy ones not us, they are the criminals not us.

    It is essential for all TIs to let go of their false hopes in the better side of human nature regarding their perps and to see them as things and not human beings.

    I am not advocating hatred or anger or any other ugly emotions towards our perps.

    And if you can forgive them all the better.

    But for our sanity, TIs must fully let go of the fake hopes that some of our perps will change;As TIs do not suddenly wake up one day and hurt others,
    perps do not suddenly jolt awake after perping another victim and question the morality of their actions and tell their handlers “I want out.”

    Give up on hoping for change in these sick fucks and you’ll have more peace of mind.

    In no way am I flat-out calling all people who aren’t “artist, sensitive, caring, ect” as evil and beyond redemption;That would be narrow-minded, childish and put me in the sick ego mindset of our perps and other assholes.

    I speak ONLY of our perps’ being beyond hope.

    You’re doing an outstanding job, Neverending!

    • Yes, I keep believing that there are some decent perps, but it always turns out that I’m wrong. That they are what they are. That these people are not going to change. I’m going to have to change. I have to stop believing that they’re really decent human beings, but they’re not and will never be. Thank for your words. They’re encouraging.

      • You’re welcome.

        This might sound “snotty,” “arrogant” or “egotistical” but its not:

        When your perps are tormenting you, mocking you, giving you that retarded “I know a secret” grin,
        when it seems its just you versus your perps, Neverending please keep on reminding yourself until it becomes second nature:

        “I am grateful that I am not one of you. You have no idea how you’re being used you sad, stupid people;You embarrass and humiliate yourselves and you are so ignorant that for a few bucks you waste your time and dignity hurting your fellow human beings.,,” thoughts like that, Neverending.

        These are not rationalizations or positive affirmations but statements like the above are the absolute, indisputable truth.

        Keep in mind that the crimes perpertrated “only” on targeted individuals by government and civilian perpetrators have:

        Broken up happy families, taking children away from responsible parents, broken up years/decades-long friendships, destroyed hard-one careers and finances, stepped over constitutional and civil rights, have led to TI suicides, (murders in extreme cases), led to psychiatric and other institutionalization, portraying SANE people as “crazy” and “dangerous,” destroying a TI’s health when officer scum F criminal works with your doctors making sure you don’t get the treatment you should and making sure your doctor NEVER raises a red flag for you by pointing out how unnatural some of your medical conditions are,
        caused PAINFUL social isolation with their fake smear campaign folder and fake investigation (INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUITLY?) calling TIs: “pedophiles,” “terrorists,” “insane,” “having STDS;Being “loose,” being a drug dealer, a wife beater, ect.

        Our perps have used NLP and other conditioning techniques augmented by electronic weapons, they have gas lighted us convincing us that we were “crazy” and/or “guilty of SOME kind of crime” like the shitty Amherst, Tonawanda, Buffalo and Kenmore NY police, fedcscum and other traitorous criminals did sometimes working with psychiatrists I’ve had in addition to my soon to be ex-family doctor.

        Keeping ALL of these hateful, baseless, anti-human, unconstitutional and insane crimes in mind by government and civilian perps upon perhaps hundreds of thousands of TIs in the U.S. ALONE in the last two decades (conservative guess)—-

        Its is NOT arrogant or egotistical to keep on reminding yourself how grateful, thankful you are that you are NOT one of these shits as you know you could not live with yourself doing this to others.

        It is NOT wrong, delusional or shameful to keep on reminding yourself that you are better than these “people” because again, you like all TIs are incapable of intentionally tormenting others.
        No matter how many of these motherF—-rs converge on you at the library, street, bus, apartment keep in mind that you are superior to them in every way-This not a “pop psychology” mantra, “I’m better than you shits”:Its the flat-out truth.

        As soon as TIs stop giving their perps (and other criminal scum assholes) the benefit of the doubt hoping that “they’ll change” and “wake up” and as soon as TIs realize that they were born basically decent and their perps were NOT-As soon as TIs WAKE UP and realize that they are SUPERIOR and BETTER than their perps the better they’ll feel.

        Neverending, keep in mind this is all coming from a guy who USED to be way, way too nice;Obsessively so.
        KNOWING you’re better than your perps (and other evil assholes) will not turn you into an insufferable egomaniac jerk-If you were going to turn bad (like our perps) you would have done it YEARS AGO-Just like the few real psychotic breaks occur by age 25 at the latest even though officers smear campaign love to tell our neighbors and friends that we’re dangerously psychotic.

        The perverse and mentally ill, the violent and immoral and psychopathic calling us all this and worse.

        You’re better than these shits, Neverending.

        I’ve been aware that I’m a TI about eight months now and as I’ve learned more of how this program works EVERY DAY I have a NEW memory(ies) surface that seemed “weird” at the time but was part of my perping/conditioning.

        The perps have stolen peace of mind, opportunities and much of my health while getting paid, socializing, having a great time doing all the things most TIs would LOVE TO DO (not me, I was a loner a long time ago).

        I don’t give a shit what their title is, what uniform and arrogant swagger these d–ks have, what officious, legalise and moral bullshit they spout, these are all F—kng people putting on their human masks every day going through the motions as they deny themselves happiness while often hurting others.

        You’re better than these turds, Neverending, as are all TIs. Keep reminding yourself of this.

        And believe it or not, my writing is not from a mind consumed by hatred and blind fury as it USED to be;These people disgust, disappoint me-They are repulsive and an ugly reflection of how much so many have changed for the worse.

        I would love to get to the point of forgiving these F–ks but right now I’m in a “limbo” of sorts in which I’m between disgusted disappointment and low expectations (of the perps) and moving towards forgiving the unforgivable.

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