Gang Stalking- A day at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

At the DMV:

I sit waiting at the DMV surrounded by lowlifes. The music’s been turned up to deafening. Yesterday, I wrote about the perps  laughing at us, and that’s what they’re doing. Laughing like hyenas. And, of course, they have their phones aimed at me so they can hit me with electricity. I can’t wait anywhere without the idiots taking out their   phones. I guess it makes them feel powerful that they can use their phones to hurt me.

The DMV sounds worse than the library.

A guard passes by me non-stop, imitating things I do in the privacy of my apartment.

The seats have been taken over by women who have 6-7 kids with them. There’s not enough seats for everyone Why don’t these women have someone babysit theirs kids? Plus the kids are running around acting like little lunatics.

It seems everyone has to pass by the aisle I’m sitting in. I guess there’s no other aisle.

God, give me patience to keep my mouth shut. My number is G369. They’re only at number G102.

As I said, God give me patience.

Hope to make it out of this place without telling someone off.

It’s days like this that make me want to slap one of the stupid idiots.

Oh, the guard passed by again.

A real annoying woman sits next to me. I get up and move around.

The guard yells that everyone should find a seat. All the people milling around and not sitting, but only when I get up does he tell everyone they have to find a seat.

But it turned out to be a good move for me. I walked around and found a kiosk. A kiosk that no one is using. I go right to it. I begin to use the kiosk.

I’ll give you a second to guess what happens…

Well, of course, all my groupies get in line to use the kiosk.  They saw me using it, they have to use it. There are about 10 of them in line now.

I’m so good at attracting business.

Finish with the kiosk and hurry away from the awful place and the idiots!

It was a good day. I made it out of the DMV without  slapping anyone, or telling someone off.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- A day at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Being a TI can make you give up on people as far as having faith in their basic decency and trying to make friends/date since some piece of S with a badge always pays a visit to anyone that might make your life happier and/or easier.

    Neverending, were you an extroverted, “people person” before becoming a TI?

    I’ve been an introvert for most of my life, keeping to myself, usually avoiding the company of other people, never fitting in, non-conformist-I’d rather be by myself than try to relate to people and now that I’ve been aware that I’m a TI for eight months (but have been one for twenty years) and have REALLY seen people ugly side I barely speak casually to them in public.

    I asked if you’re an extrovert only because the SOCIAL isolation hurts much more if you’re used to actively socializing, being around people and enjoying their company which IS normal.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a total misanthrope and seeing the before and after of my smear campaign when people used to be semi-decent to me to how they look at me as a dangerous perverted lunatic hurt at first.

    Security guards are for the most part absolutely disgusting;Repulsive, pathetic power-drunk cowards who dropped out of grammar school-That this slob at the DMV thought it was “fun” using inside (police or fed) information to perp you shows what a sad sack of S he is.

    I’ve seen so many S-eating grins on the ugly, bloated goofy sickly faces of perps who given surveillance information of me by Infraguard, the Buffalo Police or whatever other criminal terrorist bastards and you know what? Let them think they have one over on you because they think they’re “spies” and “part of something big and cool”-THESE PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY S–T. They are BENEATH YOU, Neverending.

    I make no claims of being an “Angel” and no one can but after listening to probably HUNDREDS of TI talk shows and You Tube videos with too much reading on this shit it is an INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT that ALL targeted individuals are kind, sensitive, decent, harmless, people, often women, loners, foreigners, the “artist” types and as far as whistleblower TIs go, people wanting to do the RIGHT thing, the MORAL thing are obviously nice people.

    What fun would it be for the perps to pick on someone who did not react as much as sensitive, decent people? Bullies, thugs and other filth need a reaction from their prey.

    This is why you stand out so much from the mass of human shit you, I and every other TI deal with:
    Because we do not have a price like these assholes who perp. We would not want to inflict suffering on another human being (or animal), we have some kind of value system;We are “square pegs” who can not and never will fit in totally with the mainstream who are so easily misled, PLUS once you’ve been a TI long enough you trust NO ONE in authority the OPPOSITE of so many perps and “good neighbors” and “good patriotic Americans” who believe any corrupt, traitor, criminal, coward turd with an official file on you, uniform and badge.

    • I come from a large family, so mostly my family were friends. Outside of that, I had a few close friends, but I’ve never been a person who just went along with whatever someone wanted to do. I went my own way, even with family. I no longer have faith in the American people, that’s for sure. I thought if they ever heard of what’s happening to us, we’d be believed and they stick up for us, not the government. But I was wrong about the American people. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I thought they stood for honesty and treating others right. But it turns out they’re nothing but zombies. They go along with whatever gets them to “fit in”.

  2. If you act out youll get the blame i surley dont want them to get anymore of my money or charges to my record. lately trying to just look beyond insanity smile and focus on my path i need alot of money to deal with stalken issue there is a slim chance i may make Targeted Individual community proud depending on outcome of my future.

    • Whatever you can do to help us out would be appreciated. I don’t care who gets credit for getting the word out. I just want out of this miserable existence. I want my life back.

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