5 thoughts on “She doesn’t know the rules yet

  1. s, American brothers sisters/ traitors that we are not alone and isolated
    my communications gear may be up near end of the month. clicked on mason hater David ike then a Mason site to post they owe me eight percent
    then godlike productions banned my IP
    tell you truth Masonic hoping you post your stories to nip criminal activity before legal action im flattered to waste Govenment time knowing i wasnt wrong and would like to be. as i hear voice from my air conditioner laughing the voice should locate a pistol load it off safe put it to head pull trigger as many times as possible.

  2. Good to know, most older doctors woun’t steer you wrong, Ill be in a much better position soon to honor my word should you actually need assistance i would appear for you at no obligation personally you shouldnt be alone on your trips someone should ocasionally escourt you
    should team up a bit. We all should let our fellow commrade

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