Gang Stalking- A day of confusion.

I know today is Tuesday, but for some reason when I woke up I thought it was Wednesday. And I didn’t check the calendar. And if I did check the calendar,  what good would it do to check the calendar?  It’s basically numbers, and if a person can’t remember if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, it won’t help.

I don’t know if I got a subliminal message while I slept, or what?

But I embarrassed myself. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and headed for the doctor’s office today. I went up to the clerk and told her I had appointment with the doctor. She looked and couldn’t find my name for the day. I realized as I waited that it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. So I said to her, “Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?” She said, “It’s Tuesday.”  Embarrassing! I told her I’d be back tomorrow. The clerk got up and headed for the doctor’s office. I guess to tell him I’m losing it.

This is exactly the point where they want to get us to. A point where we can’t tell what day of the week it is, in what direction we should go, what we have to do, etc. We get so befuddled that we become totally confused.

And as I wrote yesterday, they’ve been on my back non-stop – stealing my keys, my bus I.D., keeping me awake at night, putting things in my food, driving me nuts at the library, and so on and on.

I’m surprised I can remember my name sometimes.

A computer gets overloaded and breaks down, so does the brain. My brain is on overload with what I have to remember to do. I don’t take it easy and don’t let the jerks stop me from doing what I want to do.

I need a long, long vacation away from all the jerks! But I know that’s impossible.

Now, I have to face the doctor tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll say something about me confusing the days.

I’ve never told the doctor anything about what’s happening to me, but he knows. All doctors know what’s happening to us targets.

So, I’ll face up to it and tell him I got my days confused. I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever mistook one day for another. But with us targets it’s different. It’s used against us. They use it to tell others we’re crazy. So be it. I know I’m not.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking- A day of confusion.

  1. NE1 – My husband reminded me of this last night and I wanted to share this with you. We had a friend who was being gangstalked in another state. They tried to get her fired from her job. She placed a huge black sun wheel in her front yard and all harrassment stopped. You could get a small one either to wear on your person or put in your apartment and put it in your purse when you leave the house.

    A small orgone pyramid (you can look them up on YT) have also been helpful. We are going to make an orgone machine for our yard. It also helps to dispel chemtrails and any negative energy.

    One I used, which worked was the ice cube trick. You place the perps name on a white piece of paper. You take that piece of paper and put it in a plastic container full of water and freeze it. This freezes their power over you. It’s worked every time I use it. You can also visualize daily (they still can’t steal your brain) erasing them mentally out of your lives. Imagine your perps as pencils, then imagine them being erased from your energy space by a big giant eraser OR you can imagine them as ink words on paper with a huge bottle of white out pouring on them to white them out of your life. These both have worked for me.

    We are now in a spiritual war. Good vs. evil. Gog vs. Magog. The ankle biters are in full swing. It’s now not “cool” to be a decent human being. It’s cool and trendy to be a degenerate scumbag. Chant in Sanskrit (many videos on YT). Sanskrit wards off evil losers. It’s a clean spiritual energy. When you sing in Sanskrit you sing in the key of D. The D key is an instant calmer and dispeller of dark energy.

    I’m going to continue to send you light and love. Enough of this gangstalking bullshit. You deserve to be free and happy.

  2. Really good yes i had nine months to myself expensive health food four times a day thrirty two types minerals food stored for two weeks pets and nothing pressing. If i could have had four more months im sure id have been significant. You need isolation from Targeting to regenerate think about a year couple months you would be completely regenerated. I’ll pray for you and targets have to pray for perpetraitors as well.

  3. Never forget they are the one’s with very serious mental sickness. Their MO is covet, lie, steal, murder & cover-up. They use gov/religion/politician/corporation etc, to commit crimes on others, Play every card they can get against their victims. They are anywhere from street level perpetrators to all the way up in the highest levels of “government”.

    Good people are supposed to raise up against this evil!

    Tell your doctor that harassment is happening, I going to tell mine too.

    • Thanks. I thought of doing it today, but I didn’t. I know the doctor knows what’s going on. All the doctors know. Maybe he would stop what he’s currently doing. I don’t know. He’s been fooled like other Americans. They believe everything the government tells them, So they’re told we’re bad people and the people believe it.

  4. I feel horrible for you.

    This almost sounds like sleep deprivation therapy which affects judgement which leaves us open to making mistakes as the tired mind and body can not be on the defense (as they should NOT have to be).

    When these cowards go all out you DO lose track of time and days as you do with any prolonged stress

    To fight back and expose these motherf—rs more than ever please check out this link:
    (I ask all TIs reading this blog to check this out)

    All TIs seem to have their “regular” perps from neighbors, business people, corrupt police, ect-
    I state the following with the utmost confidence:

    If our perps went through some of the shit we go through most of them would “lose it” FAST.
    The isolation, the smear campaign, the works.

    I’m not trying to sound holier than thou by any measure but cowards are the first to run and the first to fall from their own poison.

    Your blog not only inspires a lot of TIs but that knowledge that “we’re not alone” is invaluable especially to a TI.

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