Gang Stalking – Americans, wake up before it’s too late!


Now they’re changing my passwords every day. Every time I get into my account, I have to get a new password.  And I have even more perps now than I’ve ever had. Everywhere I go, there they are. It’s not like it used to be, 1 or 2 every minute or so. Now it’s every second , and now it’s a group of them. I guess they’re going in for the kill.  And my home life has also gotten a lot worse.  And I can’t go into any store without a bunch of perps in my sight. I guess they don’t like it that I’m getting a lot more readers. No, they can’t have anyone read what I write. It’s dangerous.  It might put the fuckers our of business. It might bring out the decent people, if there are any left. It might bring them out and make them protest about what the lowlifes are doing to innocent Americans.

Today the scum bags are running the country. The ones who don’t work, don’t want to get a job or do anything that will make the U.S. better. They just want to live off other people’s misery and sit home and drink, do drugs and just make the U.S. a place no one wants to live in.

I used to love this country. I truly did. I thought it was the greatest country ever. I no longer think that. The U.S. has lost its way. In my opinion, it’s worse than Russia and China, at least the Russians and Chinese don’t pretend they’re not abusing anyone. The U.S. doesn’t admit to doing anything to its citizens.  And decent citizens we are. The criminals are now in charge and dare anyone say otherwise, they’ll become targets.

When,  oh when, are the American people going to wake up and realize that we’re on our way to a totalitarian government? When it’s too late? I hope I’ll be long gone. And I’ll be happy that I’m gone.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Americans, wake up before it’s too late!

  1. keep us posted on this. somethign has to be up for them to step up you’re gang stalking, which was already heavy. my targeting gets heavy when i do a lot of gang stalking activism. its not that much really, but they dont like it lol.

    right there with you on this country. i thought it was the greatest country ever. what a fuckin joke that is. slowly turning into a 3rd world shit hole. pple just dont get it. its being shoved in their faces and they dont do shit. amazing how much they’re willing to bend over and take it!

    • Well, I seem to be getting more readers, that’s enough for them to want to stop me from blogging. I will keep you updated, as always. And it
      s true, they’re just willing to bend over and take it. And they also deserve the government they’re going to get.

  2. Communications glitch why doesnt that suprise me. Neverending, millions and millions of freemasons worldwide with power intelect, ancient teachings cannot bring you down so dont give in or sell out. a nickel is worth more than any freakmason or freemasonry! to me anyway stay strong

  3. keep resisting theyll get the message masonic trash are losing numbers tell everyone of the deception they were outlawed once if people specifically new of what they do and get away with people might consider action. Hopfully that lady maken a movie about her Targeting will get some more focus on subject Target them Neverending

  4. Stay at it, my grandmother said that trust no one they lead you on just to keep an eye on you. theyll befriend you to make you hurt. I try to tell them in the ten years of hypnotism and behavior modification has my attitude changed? continue with the blog you are maken a difference the more we unite the stronger we become there are perps among us we were programmed
    with many triggers so most communication appears from a perp traitor

  5. Criminals here in Minnesota are openly violating laws, no one bothering. They swarm everywhere I go, sick roaches,
    I was planning on calling FFCHS, I don;t have a lot of options. Did you try talking to an attorney.?

    • I don’t trust any attorney. I went downtown one time and all the atorneys harassed me. After that, how can I trust any attorney? Plus, I’ve heard nothing but complaints from other targets about attorneys taking their money and not helping them at all.

      • Your comment on my comment got me thinking:

        You know you can’t escape advertising from lawyers on TV, billboards, radio, newspapers-EVERYWHERE and the AREAS OF LAW these attorneys practice cover EVERY KNOWN OFFENSE.

        But no where, EVER has there been an attorney’s ad for Gang Stalking victims-There MIGHT be ads for “regular” STALKING VICTIMS but they usually go to the honest, trustworthy police, honest Feds or other “good people” or some other authority figure when being stalked by an ex-husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend,

        And every single time I’ve heard a story of a TI contacting an eager lawyer glad to take on their OSEH case-The lawyer burns them, often STALKS their client and generally betrays them because….The usual gang of traitor criminals contact the lawyer (common sense inference).

        I get that people want to keep their job. But man.

  6. You’re exactly right: Your targeting has increased because your blog is reaching TIs.

    I don’t know if WordPress has a “number of times read” counter for each blog entry but I guarantee plenty of people who are NOT subscribers read and learn from your heartfelt, well-written blog.

    If you really want to give these f—krs a well-deserved sharp jab in their eyes, start doing a once a week TI radio show on TalkShoe or Blog Talk.

    I’m curious: Have these cowards ever given you subliminal messages or hints that if you STOP writing your blog that your perping will ease up? I ask because they love to play these compromise yourself games with TIs.

    The perping never eases up. If there is less street theater or gas lighting they would most likely put MORE effort into remote neural monitoring, ELF and other energy attacks;These f—kng cowards are relentless.

    I think that the average person is not only too far gone as far as their conditioning into this fake democracy but depending on what you believe, the govt has “toys” to instantly mind control as many people as they want.

    Have T-shirts custom made that are easy to read fast: “Stop Organized Gang Stalking” or “Gang Stalking Is Terrorism” with FFCHS website on both sides of the shirt (I do NOT trust FFCHS but they are well known and come up immediately on a web search and have a decent database which would convince most curious non-TIs if they gave it a chance).

    • I’ve made up 4 t-shirts and no one has ever said a thing to me about them, because they’re all perps. And I don’t trust FFCHS, either. Oh, if I stopped writing my blog is would definitely ease up. My gang stalking got worse after I began my blog.

      • So all Tis are supposed to be “good dogs”* and put up with this shit in silence while our perps get paid, laughs at our expense, all kind of government gifts in addition to their dirty money,
        feeling of power over others, feeling part of something bigger than yourself-These empty, stupid sadistic pieces of shit in both government and civilians are given “silent” permission to surveil every aspect of our lives 24/7, smear and destroy our rep, attack our mental and physical health to the point of a nervous breakdown or ultimately death, they pull all this shit and more and someone politely, legally speaks out against this f—ng crime and these perverted S-stained, pathetic losers think its THEIR “right” to “put us in our place?”

        Its really, really, really hard to visualize getting in the place in which I can forgive these foolish smirking retarded children-I am no longer consumed by anger-That’s insane. But the idea of forgiving these f–ks regardless that its the BEST thing to do is a tough one at THIS point for me.

        • I can understand how you feel. But if we let them destroy the rest of our lives by anger, we’re the ones who lose. But in the end, I don’t think we will lose, because they will get everything back in triplets.

          • This link is FILLED with great ideas on legally exposing this shit.

            I wish to #@$%@%# that you could find one or two other TIs (whom you could trust) to make your life easier and let you stick it to these MFs even more.

            In fact, in states which are WELL KNOWN for gang stalking statistically is highly probably that you pass other TIs every single day and probably live within a thousand or so feet within others-They just keep this very well hidden like ANY CRIMINALS with a bottomless budget, hundreds of thousands of govt traitor and civilian “employees” and Star Trek (or Fringe) technology,


            • Oh, there are quite a few where I live. I can tell by the way the lights outside their apartments are turned toward them. Everyone else has their lights straight, and the targets all have lights sideways. I cant blame them for not coming out. If someone came up to me and told me they were victims of gang stalking, I’d be very suspicious of them, because one never knows.

            • I tried using Duck Duck Go, Firefox and a few others things the author mentions, but the hackers got into my computer right away and used all these things against me. So these things don’t always work. Very helpful info. Thanks.

          • Well im fortunate to have figured it out, and must say deeply saddend. As to the waste of watching myself and other Targets when crimes are commited.
            Tens of thousands of hours and costing alot of money when our communities need repair. You can start to see why nothing hardly gets resolved to busy playing games. The government has access to the smartest people in the
            world. Any behavioral testing performed modern is really reduntant
            although is a couple of current tests involving emotions and food preperations. What the fuck are the assholes going to learn by watching me? Forgive me i really think i might actually enjoy watching them burn alive.

            • It’s a psychological study on how much a human being can handle when they’re being tortured. They’re studying how much they can get away with. And also the perps are under study, too. They’re under study to see how far they will go in torturing someone. Win-win for the government.

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