Gang Stalking – To targets July 4 is just another day of torture.

The f—s stole my keys again. This is the second time in about 3 weeks. The first time, I was at the library. I got up from the computer to see the librarian. Came back, keys gone! Second time, today. Someone kept walking by  my apartment door stomping his/her feet. I finally got up and opened the door slightly and put a mirror  in front of the door so I could see who passed by. But, then, I got up for a minute to get some tissues to wipe my face. Stupid mistake. I’d  forgotten I left my keys on my bed, which faces the door diagonally. I quickly ran to the bed, keys gone! I’m sure the one who did it  is the woman who cleans  empty apartments. She passed by me with a big smile on her face. Bitch!

Anyway, I didn’t lose my cool. That’s what they want me to do. I went down to the office and explained what happened and I should have my keys by tonight(hopefully).

July 4 is a day for hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and all those good things we all love. But I don’t celebrate Independence Day. Why should I? I’m not free.  On the day I gain back my freedom, I will celebrate our independence from British rule, or maybe not. All of us targets experience torture every day. There’s not one minute we’re left alone, anyway, I’m not. That’s not independence in my opinion. That’s  why I don’t celebrate July 4.

If you’re a target and celebrate the 4th of July, have a happy July 4.

To me, July 4 is just another day of torture.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – To targets July 4 is just another day of torture.

      • I share your sentiments as does every TI and any other person seeking justice for continually seeing criminals getting away with s–t that they SHOULD do hard time for;This includes both civilian perps and the corrupt, criminal cowardly traitors in government that recruit and control our civilian perps.

        Problem with wanting our perps in jail is that to varying degrees the entire criminal justice system and Flaw enforcement has been infiltrated by perps and/or knows about gang stalking and work place mobbing in addition to the military grade weapons used on us by local, state and federal traitors.

        I KNOW that there have been TI cases successfully won but they are gag order and court record cases that are sealed probably under more national security bullshit lies;This is a well-educated guess on my part.

        But for the average TI to make their perps suffer you’re talking about taking to court:

        100 or more civilians (depending on the TI)

        Local, state and federal law enforcement.

        Professionals who work with the government to perp you such as doctors, hospital staff, USPS, UPS, Fex ex, firemen, paramedics who have perped you

        Lawyers who’ve worked with the govt to perp TIs seeking justice.

        The mainstream media for intentionally covering up TI human rights abuses stories

        Air Force, Army, Navy, NSA, FEMA, ect

        The scum sociopath corporations who make the electronic “toys” to sicken and torment TIs with

        I have only named some of the probable “people” involved in perping innocent people across the globe for at least fifty years.

        I have no hope of justice being served out of pure realism and logic;Not being a miserable fatalist and I possess full belief in self-improvement and I FULLY understand devout people believing in Karma, hell or some other kind of divine justice in and/or after this life.

        But wherein lies the dignity if one gives oneself false hopes?!

        One thing that boggles my mind but I understand is that we HAVE TO get to the point where we can forgive our perps for OUR SAKE (not theirs of course!).

        In the meantime, thank you again for speaking up against this very well known “open secret” of human and civil rights violation of decency and dignity under the guise of “patriotism” and “keeping America safe” while those pretending to “keep America safe” are behind making this nation and world more dangerous, toxic, ugly and soul-crushing than ever.

        I honestly would like to believe that with so much evil in this world that there is an opposing force of good which will someday, somehow kick the living f—-ng shit out of every time of violent, scummy cowardly criminal.

        • Thank you, but it’s true we have to forgive not for their sakes (because I could less about the cowards), but for ours. If we don’t forgive them, we’re the ones who will suffer the consequences of stress, and they merrily go on their way as they’ve done is evil. But there’s always, always payback. And there will be payback for these things called “human beings”.

  1. I used to love the Fourth of July…the picnic dinner on the grass, the family all together (me sort of on the fringes), the impatient wait for the fireworks and the ooohs and aahhs, then the drive home, late, way past our bedtimes in a traffic jam full of others firework viewers that I saw as fellow Americans not enemies enslaving me for their enjoyment. The last few times I showed up at a fireworks display I was perped blatantly. I would keep your keys in your pocket at all times. I even sleep with mine sometimes. I’ve been known to sleep with my purse too.

    • It was one of those days where my pants didn’t have pockets. From now on, I’m making sure every pair of pants I buy has pockets in it. We can’t even enjoy the holidays. The disgusting pieces of s–t make sure of that. I have memories, too, of great 4th of julys. Now I have memories how horrible my forth of Julys are.

      • I never buy pants without pockets. They are where I put things perps will not get to. I have more memories of being a target now than the past. I’ve lived longer as a target than not.

        • so far that hasn’t been the case with me. As Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” And I truly believe this. I rather be dead than live like a rat.

  2. soon they’ll change the title from “independence day” to “slavery day”. celebrate their slavery. “WHOOOOOOO I LOVE MY SLAVERY, OH YEAH!”

  3. Let me preface my post by stating that in now way are my words meant to offend any TI who is celebrating July 4th as SOCIAL event to gather with family and friends, to have a great time and get a respite from one of our dying nation’s worst crimes against its own people.

    We do have some freedoms left but there are no freedoms to celebrate. There can be no heartfelt patriotic fervor and pride in a nation which has sold out its veterans and middle class.
    Passed the Patriot Act and NDAA in addition to other fascist laws.

    This nation has given criminal bankers repeated free passes while allowing them rewards while ignoring the suffering of the millions of Americans who’ve lost nearly everything.

    TIs and truthers (often the same thing) know that all of the high and mighty speeches from the politicians, media and other ass clowns which celebrate “how great the U.S. is” know that its all bullshit. That this nation has been systematically deconstructed on so many levels, that you can not trust authority figures we were conditioned to believe in.

    The Fourth Of July is the freedom to get blind ass drunk, to eat until you can’t move, to “ooh” and “aah” at the pretty fireworks, to see rowdy assholes get in fights at parks, to be watched by drones and satellites and socipath cops/NSA/Fusion centers as you’re getting blind assed drunk and stuffing your face.

    A HUGE part of the spirit of the 4th is that we are a nation of justice.

    Yet TIs and other awakened Americans know that there is very little in the way of true, honest justice carried out in the United States-Unless you’re rich, a VIP or well-connected.

    There is nothing to celebrate on July 4th. Nothing and nobody.
    Then again, we also celebrate Columbus Day:The life of a genocidal, thieving, slaver and sociopath.

    Go figure!

    • Yeah, I read about Columbus. He was a psychopath. I won’t be celebrating his day, either. What he did to the natives of the places he discovered(?) is disgusting.

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