Gang Stalking – All the perps are angels with halos.

I haven’t been able to get into my  account for two days. The lowlifes changed my password and then I had trouble getting in to reset my password. But as you notice, I didn’t give up. I’ve kept at it and kept trying. And today, I got in. I guess they don’t want anyone to find out the truth of what’s happening to us. They want to keep it hush-hush. But as long as I’m around, I will make  it  my mission to let the world know what’s happening to us. And maybe some day, the world will wake up and listen to us.

Today, as I sat at the computer in the library, the security guard came up to me and told me that the librarian wanted to speak with me. So I go up, made sure I took my bag with me and went with him to see the bitch.

We went into a corner and she told me that this was my last warning. She was not going to give me any more warnings. She told me that one of the perps had come to her and told her that I frightened her (yeah, sure). The woman had sat next to me and was hacking my computer. I went over to her and told her that hacking a computer is punishable by 3-20 years. The woman didn’t look frighted at all, but she has to do her job of getting me thrown out of the librarian.

I told the librarian that the woman was hacking my computer and I’d informed the woman hacking is a crime. The librarian defended the woman and told me that the woman was in no way hacking my computer. And she reiterated that I would be thrown out of the library if she had another complaint about me. I asked her, “What about all the things they do to me?” She replied, “They’re not doing anything to you.” I said, “Sure, they’re not! They’re just little angels, aren’t they all?”  I told her I understood what she was saying and walked away from the bitch. Of course, there were about 3 to 4 men ready to attack me if I became rowdy.

Don’t you just love these lowlifes, they harass us non-stop, but we can’t do a thing back to the little babies. And babies they are! Awwwww, I want my mommy.

The woman committed a crime by hacking into my computer, but I’m the bad one. All I did was tell her to stop hacking  my computer. The woman should not able to use the library computer. She committed a crime. If I were to hack someone computer, I can you, they’d call the cops on me and have me arrested.

Life sure isn’t fair for us targets?

P.S. The hackers changed my password again, but this time I knew what to do from the experience I had in the last 2 days.

Contact info: http?

6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – All the perps are angels with halos.

  1. I still chat with my perp x it seems when im back on my path they send Jezabel so its almost the time when i may actually get out of here i have to stay strong and continue to progress defy these people they are not right they owe me and us. You do not deseve to be treated as you are i really feel for you.

  2. Hi: Thanks,
    yes i caught it in time, the bastards hypnotize me i realize sounds crazy but after a month of suggestion under right circumstances it kinda acts out for about few seconds these fcks caused me to trip several times tore a tendon severe pain for couple weeks stemming reminders slipped ruined an 1800 dollar suit that paid about six seven hundred tuff to explain however an extremely attractive woman stated was one of nicest suits she ever saw i always do well going out. I ussially tip about five dollars per drink pending on location and get treated very well perps asside i see people driving by and i read there lips for a month its been smiles and they say stay? so im thinken there fing with others and need me in the program somehow and sent a really hot woman to bring me water.

  3. Im not trying to hypnotize anyone with my comments. I purchased a new lawn mower only use about seven times i maintain my equipment really well. I notice that someone cut halfway into the rim with a straight saw and blade came loose. At times if i had cameras hidden and i caught someone doing these things i might snap one day. The movie Rampage runs through my head

    • They do stuff to me like this all the time. They did it to all my fans. Broke off parts, removed the blades. Anytime you pick up anything to do with electricity, check it carefully before using it. You’re lucky you weren’t hurt.

  4. I had thought about that was trying to suggest that going to different library to keep peace with the staff. Im only in our building twice a day it only takes two minutes to get to office yet complaints, the perps look like people i use to know is hypnotism. Glad your ok stay at it, im sure is alot of us enjoy your your blog

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