Gang Stalking – We live in a very sick society.

I pass a row of stores on my way to the supermarket. I always look in the window of a handbag store to see what’s new. Yesterday, as I passed the store, a woman, the store owner, pushed out to the front of the sidewalk, a little boy of about 2-years-old. The woman had pulled the little boy’s pants all the way down to his shoes. He still had his underwear where it belonged. The little boy stood by the front of the store while his mother stood watching him with a smirky smile on her face.

What kind of sick mother would pull down a little boy’s pants and shove him out the door?  A sick bitch, that’s who. Are these people born without brains? I can’t believe what these perps do to their children to harass us targets. All week-long, I’ve had children shoved in front of my face. I guess with school out, these perps are probably told to use their children to annoy targets.

What exactly is throwing a 2-year-old in front of me supposed to mean?

It’s sending me a message, I guess. I don’t even want to think what it is.

These fucks are all sick.  To put a child in that  spot  is absolutely disgusting.

These idiots do whatever they’re told to do.  I can’t believe a caring mother would do this to her child. To me, it’s child abuse.

And then if something happens to their child, they wonder why.

The little boy is learning that’s it’s perfectly normal to run out of the store with his pants down to his shoes.

What a sick society we live in!

But, then, this is Vegas.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – We live in a very sick society.

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  3. they’ve done some sick things to me with their kids. yeah, i dunno what to say i wont elaborate that. it never ceazes to amaze me how so many people put up with them. this pedophile shit is too daam much.

    • A bunch of pedos is right. I wonder what this mother does to her child when no one’s looking. As I waited for the bus today, a mother stood behind me encouraging her daughter to go up to me. The little girl looked very uncomfortable. I turned around and didn’t look at either one of them. Some really sick, sick mothers out there.

  4. Ooh my comments are being acted out pretty much right away when i said was doing laundry somebody put a good luck charm on clothes table around four oclock saw a perp walk by with a plastic bag on hand. Acting out your messages before i read your blog assuming reference to handbag story
    quite a personal violation id say just bizarre and confusing my internet chat needs to be acted out with unhappy strangers?

    • Believe me, they know everything we do. I’ve been a victim a while and I know all their tricks. I was on facebook yesterday and a “so-called” friend mentioned something about a big, bad wolf. It just so happens that I’m reading a book by Patterson and the name of th book is “Big Bad Wolf”. Is that a concidence or what? These people have nothing better to do with their lives than to act like 2-year-olds.

  5. About six months ago was at market a couple brought a kid in with smelly diaper when i smelt it and looked half market started laughing! The morning in lobby at getting on the elavator lady jumps out and say you have a smelly diaper ? You could not pay me a million dollars to do trash like that to others they are seriously deficient and dead wrong.

    • When I first realized that I “lived in a fishbowl” and all I said and did, where I went was monitored by super-hi tech surveillance equipment, I did not panic but felt a combination of disgust, anger and yes, fear.

      I read up and watched videos on all of the possible ways the corrupt police and other perps were keeping track of me and eventually realized that I could not give a shit because I and no one else can reverse the tragic course our society is obviously destined towards.

      I’ve said things to my therapist and a few hours later perps(s) act out what I said.
      Same thing for things I’ve said at home or in the car, ect.

      If these warped, sad, smirking children are on a power trip because they have “toys” to see what other people are doing then good for them:This only makes them more pathetic and makes me only happier that I’m nothing like these cowardly conformists-I speak of both the criminals in local to federal law enforcement and those perps they give some surveillance equipment to.

      Since they read everything I write, say and possibly think they should be aware that no matter what reassurance they’ve received (ALL PERPS) they have no privacy either.
      Somewhere there are other criminals (probably in other nations) watching, listening to and reading the private s–t of our perps (and everyone else) — In the case of TIs and probably some other scapegoats/experimental subjects its been made CLEAR that we have no privacy and as I’ve heard, what good would targeting someone be if they did NOT know they had no privacy?

      On the pedophilia rumors and perp street theatre: In some cases like yours it DOES sound like the law is being broken and when the retarded clowns call some TIs pedophiles to the community they live in, that is M—ther-f—ing SLANDER which someone can SUE about if you could prove it-Same goes for calling someone “crazy” and “:dangerously mentally ill” without substantial proof:Slander.

      And as usual the real pedophilia epidemic in the U.S.(and world) is barely touched on.

      This whole Fkng program is illegal in every conceivable way and I could care less what that toilet paper bill, The Patriot Act and other traitorous “anti-terrorist” bullshit legislation says.

      • Oh, the perps are always watched by their handlers. There’s nothing they do that their monitor doesn’t know about. They think that no one’s watching them, but, perps, I got a surprise for you, you’re being watched as much as I am. Hey, perps, have a nice day. I know for a fact you perps are being watched. You’re also experiments. Experiments to see how far people will go to do evil things to other people.

  6. Oh my, they dangle children when im in tbe bathroom sick,sick people they do not deserve those children. Its said Las Vegas was noted for pedophile rings. The public needs to know specifically what the do it is illegal in texas to use a child under age of eight in public display burn masons fucken burn. and what are your thoughts supposed to be? Who needs that most just laugh and think its funny its not.

    • I would like to find it funny, but it just shows that these people will use their children in any way they can to make money. If the little boy had taken off his own pants and run out the store than I would’ve found that funny, but what this mother did to him is not funny in any way to me.

  7. Your story makes me wonder if perps did this kind of demented shit say 10, 20 or 30 years ago while gang stalking other innocents and if they’ve done the same perversions in other nations (probably).

    A Talk Shoe host, Nigel (in NYC) has told how when in a public place young girls play in front of him in odd positions-Its a pattern you can’t miss and he’s HEAVILY stalked by these cowards.

    They’re looking for an excuse to add more s–t to our smear campaign folders.
    I know it. Only makes sense if they have a photo of you/any TI just NORMALLY looking at a little kid they’ll try and twist it into a pedophile accusation in addition to calling the TI a “terrorist,” “dangerously mentally unstable,” “drug addict/dealer” and on and on-Anything to make the TI look as bad as possible.

    When it comes to a criminal asshole with a badge, uniform or not and a fake “investigation” folder on a TI-
    When a bored drone with low self-esteem is given the opportunity to wield power over another person often getting paid and feeling as though they’re part of law enforcement/helping “keep America safe”-TOO MANY people EAGERLY cooperate with the authorities because that’s what “good citizens” do and have done in Nazi Germany, Russia, China and other

    I would never defend these stupid, worthless colostomy bags who worship all authority figures as being 1000% trustworthy;honest and patriots-BUT

    Decades of conditioning have brainwashed most people into believing that doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, police, federal officials of any kind and other pompous, criminal F–s with a uniform, diploma and/or badge are all infallible.

    People do not THINK that those telling them what’s best for them are just people too not to mention that its human nature to abuse power at all levels and common sense dictates that in probably every case the local/state/federal pieces of shit spreading lies and half-truths about us while using DE weapons on us are MF criminals;decent normal people would not DREAM of doing this to another human being.

    I do not mean to drone on.
    I don’t know if you got my comment yesterday, but is there are way to search your blog in chronological order instead of having to scroll down the screen?

    But as a quick recap, most people in our plastic, souless, empty society could care less about empathy, common sense, dignity and other “weak” emotions.

    No. Its much better to take orders from a scumbag authority figure pretending to be your friend and put another human being through mental and physical misery.

    I am thankful beyond words that I am not nor ever have been “part of the crowd” because most of the crowd is comprised of sellouts, followers, wanna-be sociopaths and other undesirables.

    You have a remarkably open, honest and vivid blog. Great work. Thanks!

    Scott D. Snitzer, Buffalo, New York TI for 18 years (by my estimate)

    • 18 years, my God! I’ve been one for 10 yrs, but it’s only since 2009 that they’ve increased my torture, right after I started my blog. Before that, I had a lot of strange things happen to me, but I could handle things okay. So I only count the last 5 years when the electricity, everybody folloiwing me everywhere, breaking into my apt, etc. began. Thanks for your comment on my blog. As you can read, I hold nothing back. It’s the only way I stay sane. I get my anger out in my blog.

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