Gang Stalking – Coast-to-Coast video on gang stalking

This is a very good video. It talks about cuts to the skin, which happen to me, and other things other targets haven’t mentioned. It’s over an hour-long, so prepare for an hour of watching, but it’s worth it. The large “O” is supposed to be slim, but I can’t type it on the computer I’m on.

See: As always, you’ll probably not be able to get it. Again, go to YouTube, type in Coast-to-Coast AM Organized Gang  Stalking and Electronic Harassment only OGS EH Portion

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15 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Coast-to-Coast video on gang stalking

  1. For 2 years 2011-2013 I would wake up with long scratches across my chest and small incisions in my scalp. I don’t want to sound kooky or anything-because I’m a painfully factual person. When it happened I just ignored it – I didn’t know what gang stalking was. Presumably they were doing an allergy test because , coincidentally, they found used a compound to fumigate me that I was plenty allergic too.

    B.T.W. is anyone in the community interested in getting toxicology like I did? It gives you enormous peace of mind knowing what the b**tards used. Plus it goes in your medical record so if you get sick-you get care. I mean that. I get much better care now that there is a record and a medical opinion to back up what I say. Don’t want to end up like Brittany Murphy and her husband.

    • I’ve had all kinds of tests done, and there’s been changes in my body. I got plenty of records to show changes in my body. I asked the doctor to do a pesticide test, he said there was no test for pesticide, but he did send me to have a test for chemical poisoning. The tests came back clear, but I supect the doctor lied to me.

      • Your doctor is a filthy liar. They are all easily intimidated into cooperation with the authorities-any police authority. A simple gas chromatogram (technology about 100 years old) will reveal every pesticide in your system. I got absolutely no cooperation from any doctor in the city of Columbus- so I got my test done in Europe. Google pesticide toxicology and you should get several doctors who will do it for $400 in Europe or the UK. They found 4 pesticides-that cause all your “TI-symptoms” + EM sensitivity. At least one will provoke a severe allergic reaction every time you are exposed and it is a sensitizer. I have this verified many times over.

        It is unfortunate that FFCHS has never-ever told a targeted individual to take toxicology because it would blow the lid off the whole corrupt process.

        • Oh, I know there’s a test for it. I’ve asked several labs if they’ll do a test and they tell me that I need a doctor’s note for them to do. I did have some kind of lab test for toxicology, but it came out clear. I don’t believe that there was nothing. With as much chemicals I’m sprayed with every day, there’s got to be something in my system. Thanks for the advise.

  2. Apreciate your comments, work/ research on subject andriod says problem with network. Might still try to get that new computer worse case might be really expensive DVD player just get extended warrany hopfully wont have to go back to many times i really agree with you im stupid smart in some ways but these perps are the dumbest leadership by example is why i most likely will never be any part i set a better example. Thank you !

  3. Incapacitated for fourty eight to seventy two hours makes me think there was nothing in my line of sight from top down? Since about eight years of age my whole life has been strange i knew things had to be not right wasnt about 2000 till i started to realize hypnotism then stumbled searched to Targeted Individual
    Not happy

  4. My nieghbor/coworker said i should go to hospital i looked ill i could no drive or do much very dizzy with fever at hospital marylane ware massachusetts said was nothing wrong with me to go home i passed out smashed cut my eyebrow my fever grew to 107 for almost three days they drew blood every four hours people from Umass medical center came to observe told them i felt like i was radiated they just keep giving me Introvenous think with antibiotic no could figure it out later said gastrinitus on third day near midnight i asked God said if want me take me csuse trying to hold on about thirty minutes later i started to get better so god has to be with me suppose only one i need to please i later read in popular mechanics magazine about pulse weapon said those were symtoms high fever swollen stomach to completely take soldier off battfield for

  5. HI: my acssess says problem touch to retry. Ill try direct in a bit in 1994? 95 on a sunday about 10:45 11:00 was on my porch looken out just off railroad career back at lumber yard noticed people seemed to be leaving the nieborhood said seems odd a out twenty minutes thirty minutes nobody not even a single car passed had feeling was alone i then felt and heard like i was being radiated like being right next to ships radar same type sound and was from top down i went to sleep and got progressivly sick and my stomach was also swelling

    • Maybe all the perps had to go to their weekly meeting. They have to go back once a week to listen to discussions about targets and what to do to them; and how they can make our lives more miserable.

  6. T -he video is gone. I am not shocked but disgusted.
    Christ. You could put 1000 non-offensive but truthful videos about gang stalking up and if they posed a threat (to inform TIs of the REAL truth) they would all be take down.

    Can’t have well-informed TIs. Can’t let people know about the crimes being perpetrated upon them breaking local, state, national and international laws including RICO statutes and conspiracy laws.

    The fact that so many useful videos are yanked off of You Tube shows how they want to keep TIs as ignorant and confused as possible-To believe the lies about them/us.

    Since I found out that I’m a TI about seven months ago I have literally gone through hundreds of You Tube videos, websites, blogs and articles in general-I could find very little useful information since “they” control the mainstream and alternative media with an equal censorship.

    Thankfully, I’ve found some great meat and potatoes web sites (not many) and about four Talk Shoe shows for TIs which actually offer USEFUL, HELPFUL info instead of keeping the TI in a cycle of fear, paranoia and giving them false hopes.

    Your blog which is remarkable in its consistent descriptive objective and observant writing style and I am very sorry that you have to live in the joke of a city, Las Vegas.

    Buffalo, New York (the entire shitty state) is a perp’s paradise;A non-stop parade of degenerates, grey, empty and hateful people who feel better tormenting others for money and a quick laugh, for bragging rights.

    I am grateful beyond words that I have never been “part of the crowd”;A non-conformist.
    I could not live with myself were I one of the brainwashed imbeciles who think that any and all authority figures know best and are beyond reproach.

    I’m also kind of shocked that there are libraries in Las Vegas!

    The cast of characters you write about bring pettiness to a new low;Some asshole with a badge and a smear file on a TI goes around telling what evil people we are and people being obsequious to authority believer every word, every doctored image, every sound file taken from our WORST “private” moments to make us look as bad as possible to those being recruited as perps:This is obvious as hell-A matter of connecting the dots.

    I have read about fifty of your blog entries so far but I have to use the mouse on the right side bar to go down the page to find earlier blog entries: Is there anyway to search your posts by date?

    • They must be messing with your computer. At the bottom there are arrows and you can go back and forth for my blog. Try putting in the date you want on the right hand side of the blog. I don’t know what you see, because they always f–k with my blogs. Yes, aren’t you glad that you’e not a zombie like the idiots I have to deal with every day? I know people think some of the things I write aobut are stupid, but I’m showing the stupidity of the idiots. Tell me what you see when you look at my blog. If the video is gone, just go to YouTUbe and type in what I wrote. You’ll be able to see the video. I promise you, that’s why I always write the name of the video on my blog. It works better than putting in the letters of the video.

      I was shocked that Las Vegas has libraries, pretty good ones, too. I wish I could enjoy them.

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