Gang Stalking – Have to do laundry third-world style.

I finally went out and bought myself new clothes. Nothing expensive, the perps will just rip everything to shreds. I was really beginning to look like a ragamuffin. Still do in some ways. I also bought myself a new hat. A new Fedora. I can just see it now, every perp wearing a Fedora. The last time, I bought a Cadet hat, everyone and his mother were walking around with cadet caps, still are.   When I walked out of the store, there were  perps  wearing the color of the blouses I’d bought and a few were  wearing Fedoras.

I was looking so ragamuffin because I can’t wash my clothes in the laundry room. I used to wash my clothes there, but stopped. Every time I’d walk into the laundry room, it would fill with perps, who suddenly had to do their clothes. And they’d sit in the laundry room and talk so loud and make experience so disgusting, I’d leave. And then I’d have to worry about what they’d do to my clothes.

Isn’t it disgusting that in the U.S., which is supposed to be a free country, I have to wash my clothes third-world style? That I can’t take a walk without an entourage? That I’m not safe in my apartment? That the apartment is broken into every day?  That my food’s poisoned? That I’m hit with electricity? That my bed is a thing of torture?  And I could go on and on with what they do to me, but I’d bore you to death.

America the Beautiful is no more!

I’ve never seen so many unhappy Americans. Everybody’s dissatisfied with the way things  are, except the politicians. They’re cashing in on Americans’ unhappiness. They could care less. Unhappy Americans are gullible. Keep them at each other’s throats and they won’t think about all the problems in America. All politicians care about is getting voted into office. They’ll say and do whatever it takes to get re-elected.  Once the creeps get elected, nothing will change. The politicians won’t do a damn thing different. And the people will go back to complaining. Why didn’t the people vote the bastards out?

Oh, America, I miss what you used to be.

P.S. Do you remember the man I told you about who stole a woman’s handbag and tried ot get me blamed for it? What are the chances of that man getting to sit next to me every day at the computer?  It’s not a high number, but every day the perps work it out so that this creep gets to sit next to me. I told the creep he disgusts me. I know it’s not nice to say something like this to someone, but he makes me want to vomit on him.

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Have to do laundry third-world style.

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  2. when it comes to low lives, you dont have to treat them with any ounce of respect. dont feel bad for telling them they’re disgusting. they made the choice to be low life animals. whether or not they know what they’re doing is their problem. we dont have time to give them a lecture on how stupid they are.

  3. You know where to get my number. If you call me, we can talk about ways to get you out of immediate danger. There’s a lot of solutions… just can’t cover them all over a ten day period on your blog.
    Call me… let’s talk.

    • I don’t have a phone. And I don’t want you to get in any trouble for me. I was thinking: I wish I could rent a plane, get all the perps, and then drop them off in a jungle somewhere with lots of wild, wild animals and let them run for their useless lives from the animals. Then we’ll see how good it feels to harass someone.

      • I have room for a couple more “isolated TI’s”.
        And trouble? You’ve got to be kidding. Perps haven’t the guts to get in my face. Much less intimidate me when the EXACT OPPOSITE is actually true, I intimidate them hourly. And I do it for fun. I actually enjoy making large groups of people back off.
        Go get my email next time you’re online, let me know you’re ready and let’s get you safe. ( )
        Hover over THINK!, then select Contact Me.
        I’ve helped LITERAL thousands get safe with NO trouble.

          • I have put stun guns in TI’s hands. Makes messing with a TI scary.
            I have put PHONES with camera’s in TI’s hands. Makes their “one-sided” claims difficult to make when you are taking a pic of the idiot taking yours.
            And I have helped people move and various other things.
            Annie Oakley knows me and so does Viking Bitch. Why don’t you inquire of them for a reference?

            • Thanks for your references, but I’ve never been a joiner of groups. Not only that, but why should I go into hiding? I haven’t done a f—–g thing to harm anyone. Why should I give the lowlifes the pleasure of driving me into hiding? One thing I can use for sure is someone who can come into my apartment and install cameras that I can’t install myself. Someone who can come into my apartment check my apt. for cameras, take them out and put in ones that haven’t been hacked. That’s the help I really need. I’m not going to hide from anybody. Is there anyone from your group of 54 who lives anywhere near Las Vegas who can help me? I don’t know how much you charge. I can only say my funds are limited. Maybe he can show up at the library, too.

        • I’m seriously thinking about it. I don’t think I can take more of the b.s. They’re ruining my body, trying to make me toothless by hitting my teeth, my knees, and every part of my body. And they did something to my eyes recently.

  4. I miss Americanism, too. Back when people cared about each other and had genuine emotions.
    Everything is so fake and phoney now.
    Is there anything “I” can do to help you?

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