Gang Stalking – “I need my mommy,” said the perp coward.

I sat waiting in my seat for the next computer to become available.  A black man sitting next to me was using his phone to hit me.  He began to yell at me that he knew what I was doing and I better stop it! I looked at him and said, “What are you talking about? I’m listening to my radio.”  About two minutes later the librarian showed up. She told me that I had to turn my seat around, I had it turned away from the perps so I wouldn’t have to look at any of them.  So I got up and turned the seat around. The man who’d been sitting next to me began to complain to the librarian about me using a laser to hit him. How’s that for calling a kettle black? He had moved all around me trying to get at me and then the coward complains about me hitting him. The librarian looked at me and asked, “Are you using a laser to hit him?” She said some other perp(coward) had also complained about me hitting her.  I said “Of course not!” I asked her if she wanted to listen to the radio I was listening to?” She said, “No.” And then she turned to the coward and told him to get her if I did it again. He, of course, said he would.

Don’t you just love these cowards? They can sit in the library and  hit us sore all over our bodies, but don’t we dare protect ourselves? No! We can’t protect ourselves. We can’t hit the delicate, little flowers. The disgusting coward shouted loudly that I was hitting him. If you’re a real man, you don’t go complain like a big baby when you’ve began the fight. I didn’t hit him. I think he was getting hit by someone else. They aim electricity at me, but I don’t get hit, because I know how to protect my self. And if I were hitting him, the big baby wouldn’t have to guess, he’d know.

I’ve never seen such worthless pieces of shit in my life.  They’re the lowest of the low when it comes to human beings.

I guess he needs his mommy around to protect him.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “I need my mommy,” said the perp coward.

  1. Actually, it does happen. Someone just needs to say it.
    A “newer” development (to many) is where the perps convince another target that “you” (in general) are a perp. It pits targets against targets when there is more than one target in an area. And it prevents the targets from banding together for their common defense.
    Then common and NORMAL paranoia kicks in and one target thinks another target is a perp.
    As a target, I have been accused of being a perp. Even here on your blog. And threw it back at them, but since have learned that throwing it back is the wrong approach to being accused.
    Stalkers do this to prevent certain targets from getting bona fide help.
    Next time you are accused, you might want to respond with “I am a target, too. Perps lie to you to keep us from banding together as a group for our defense.”

    • This is not the first time I’ve been called a perp. It’s happened before. I know that’s why they call me a perp, to turn other targets off and make them stop reading my blog. But they haven’t won yet, people still read my blog. And I’m thankful to them. Thanks.

  2. I asked a woman at a computer how long she would be, the librarian told me to go through her next time! Rough job sitting surfing the internet and showing authority over others.
    i think she is the one who told me that the word whistleblower is a bad word!

    • Oh, you had to go through her to ask someone else how long she would be? That really is being A BITCH. These librarians feel as if they’re the most powerful things on earth because we have to use the library computers. What a bitch! She sounds like the one I can’t stand in the library. If I ever leave this library, I am going to tell her a few nice things before I leave. Is she trying to imply that you’re a whistleblower? And what does that make her? A bitch! By the way, how did she find out you asked the woman how long she’d be at the computer?

  3. After he pulled that phone out of his ass, I would then have insisted the librarian call the police. If he hit you with his phone, that could be considered felonious assault and or simple battery. Sounds like the librarian is a dumb bitch. She needs fired. I’d tape all this next time and send the file to the state or local law enforcement. Sometimes you have to force their hand.

    • When I said that he pulled phone out of his pocket to hit me. I meant, electrically. They have a code which they put into their phone and it draws electricity. They then turn the phone toward me to hit me. It’s hard to prove, but all the perps do it. It’s like when someone uses a phone to blow up a car or something. They hit me instead, but I don’t blow up.

      • this is something i need to know more about, and i will soon, but how do you know if you’re being hit? i would assume u feel something. i always see gs’ers glued to their phones around me but i dont feel anything. sometimes i might feel something but its so small i have to pay full attenition to notice it. are they just trying to scare me or some kinda mind control? makes more sense

        • When they hit you, it will leave marks on your body, electrical marks. The electricity will make you feel very itchy. If you start itching all over your body, you’re probably getting hit with electricity. Next time you feel itchy all over your body, take a good look at the where you itch. You will see red marks.

          • oh lol i should’ve been clearer. i definitely get attacks. i mean its weird how when they have their cells out i never feel anything.

            • Maybe it doesn’t bother you because all of us is different and we react to things differently. And I think when they aim their phone at me, it’s a very high voltage they use.

  4. Typical. The next time a perp complains about you with something so asinine, I hope the Librarian calls the cops on the perp for acting crazy. That would be a nice twist of events.

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