Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Nothing depressing today.  Don’t want to mess anyone’s Father’s Day.  To those men who are fathers, enjoy your special day.  You fathers don’t realize how very special you are to your daughters and sons, especially your daughters. We women judge other men by the way our fathers treated us. If we had a nasty father, we’re   usually  attracted to  men who will  do the same. If a father was a good father, we tend to find a really good man to marry. So you fathers are very important to how a girl sees other men. We judge men by the standards set by our fathers. So, fathers, you are very important in our lives. Don’t think you aren’t because we’re girls and you’re a man. You probably think that you’re only important to your sons, but a girl needs her father’s attention as much as sons do.

Happy Father’s Day to men everywhere.  As fathers you’re very important, so don’t forget that!

And to my father who passed away years ago, miss and love you.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

  1. Both of my son-in-laws remind me of me at 20. My two girls are in good hands. And my 3 sons have really good women for wives. My wife (RIP) and I did a good job. With a lot of help from our parents.
    Thank you.

  2. Seeing all the Father’s Day stuff at the store reminded me this is my first Father less Father’s day. I wish it had been better between my Dad and I.

      • I’m sure it was all planned this way. They even got my Grandmother, my only real friend in the family to turn right before she died. Then my family tried to guilt me over not speaking to her that last year.

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