Gang Stalking – Newscasters doubt gang stalking victims’ accounts of hearing voices.

Here’s  a  video on hearing noises. The psychiatrist, as always, denies that people are really hearing voices. That’s it’s some kind of problem with the brain. I think if there’s  a  problem with anyone’s brain, it is the psychiatrist’s brain. And look at  the newscasters, how they look at each other as if the people are all crazy in the video. I hope it happens to all of them.


If you can’t get it, go to and type in: Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment on MSNBC News!

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Newscasters doubt gang stalking victims’ accounts of hearing voices.

  1. Replying to your previous post on the black-brown shoe problem.   The perps swapped my brand new (unopened) choice of underwear for the same colors, but in a different style (not one that I wear) and in a smaller size.  Previously, they had replaced another new package with extra large versions, again in a very unflattering style. I didn’t discover the swap for months.   The perps have also exchanged relatively new/unopened panty hose meant for an upcoming occasion, and have stolen others, so I am always stuck with just a couple of pairs, when I know I had purchased at least 5-6 pairs this winter.  Same with my other undergarments – most are now missing and some very nice sets that I had less than a year ago are long gone. 

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