Gang Stalking – Did store clerk change color of shoes?

The weather in Las Vegas is hot, hot, hot. It’s been over a 100 degrees already. And I heard on the radio that it will be 120 on Sunday. It was a very cold winter in Las Vegas. I don’t remember a winter being as cold. And now it seems, summer is going to be hell. It’s only June and June is usually a nice month, but not this June. I’m not looking  forward  to summer in Las Vegas this year.

Well, I just want to you  be  aware of something I discovered. Maybe they’ve done it to you. I bought shoes and they’re two different colors. One brown and one black. I don’t know if they did this to me in the store, or in my apartment. If they’d done in the store, I would’ve noticed when I got them home. So when I was not  wearing my shoes, one of the shoes was taken and replaced with another. Like last week, they’ve done all kinds of things to me to stop me from coming to the library to type my blog. I won’t go into details here. Better some things left unwritten.

It seems there’s nothing these animals will not do. The exchange of one shoe for another color is to make me look crazy, or make any of us look crazy. It’s just part of the psychological games they play with our mind.

So I’m sitting in the library with one brown shoe and one black shoe. It’s all right, though, because I’m wearing a black shirt and brown pants, so the shoes match my outfit.

I know a lot of people dress with different color shoes and I have no problem with that, but it should be my choice to wear two different color shoes. It should not be someone else’s.

So I want to warn you, make sure when you leave the store where you bought the shoes that they’re the same color. Go outside and check the color. And after paying for them, make sure you check the color again. Make sure the clerks haven’t changed the color on you. And make sure you’re not wearing sunglasses, as I was.

Has this happened to any of you?

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34 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Did store clerk change color of shoes?

  1. I can’t say I blame you. I’ve been to Vegas before and didn’t meet any women that I would bring home to mother. Las Vegas is an adult playground and I’m sorry you have to live there. I’m glad you are not a dike, I hate them bitches. It’s too bad we live so far apart. I would love to meet you and maybe even date you. We have at least one thing in common. We are both victims of gang stalking..

      • That’s okay. We can still be friends on this web site and share information and experiences about gang stalking. We may not agree on some issues, but I do respect your opinion, even though you’re liberal and I have enjoyed reading about your experience on these posts during this past year. I have learned a lot from you about gang stalking and hope you can eventually leave Las Vegas to find peace and happiness. .

  2. Being gangstalked myself in the past, I feel your pain. I’m still pretty paranoid of strangers. I still think when something weird happens, it happened for a reason. I still check my receipt when I leave the store. I check all my items before I leave the store.

    Vegas is full of lowlifes. How about another town like Boulder City? I visited that city several times in the past and found it to be a nice town. Other cities such as Southern California, South Florida, Salt Lake City and other areas attract these bottom feeders as well.

    Whether you’ve been gangstalked in the past or in the present, one has to be hypervigilant and constantly aware of their surroundings. It really stinks but it’s something that has to be done in order to stay sane and alive.

    I’m in a small town now and no problems. There isn’t really anything for a perp to do here. Any outsiders stick out and would stick out if they came in and starting causing problems.

    • Thanks. Las Vegas is full of lowlifes all right. You would not believe how the people act. I have to stay in Las Vegas for financial reasons until after 2015. After that, I can go wherever I want. You’re no longer gang stalked. You’re so lucky!

    • Hi Debbie. I was also fortunate enough to be able to move to a small town in the southern Bible Belt states in order to escape these gang stalkers. So far, it’s worked. I haven’t seen any sign of them and everyone here has been very nice. However, I am also hypervigilant and still look over my shoulder constantly. I and all my neighbors here are well armed and they have my back. If these stalkers come f#@king around here with their shit, it will be nipped in the bud fast. I think we are safe now in our new environments, but at the same time, we are also traumatized by our recent experience.

  3. A girl in my life was gas lighting me for a while. Broke my thermostat, switched sizes of my clothes; and later tried to frame ME as abusive. Who is close to you?

    My advice is to take the shoes back. It’s hard to say definitely it was not just a mistake. Maybe the person was color blind. Who knows.. but when one is actively targeted, one becomes hypervigilent and paranoid. It’s definitely a fact and an intended result.

    • Well, I had the shoes for a few months and did not wear them. Anyone at anytime could’ve come into my apartment and exchanged the color. And it is what I think happened.

    • I don’t have anyone close to me. I don’t talk to anyone, but when I lived in my last apartment, the Cuban man and the Moroccan woman used to come into my apartment. I used to hide my shoes so I would be able to wear before they destroyed them, but they would find them.

  4. You guys are my heroes,putting up with that shit 24/7.I had that and have learned some coping mechanisms.Good luck to you all.

  5. One black shoe and one brown shoe in the same box? Wow! I bought a pair just like that.. I’m Just kidding Neverending 1 If this is the work of the gang stalkers, then they really need to get a life or at least a real job. Even the ones who have been stalking me aren’t that lame. Stupid things like that happen in life to everybody, not just T. I.’s .I’m not trying to make fun of you. I like you, but we have to be careful to not get too paranoid. I hope your new shoes are at least the right size. Keep posting.

    • I’m not being paranoid. Payless shoes have peps, too. I made sure the shoes were the right color when I tried them on. And I bet this is not the first time this has happened to a target. Yes, they are lame. People in Las Vegas have nothing better to do with their lives. Besides, drinking, prostitution, and gambling there’s very little to do here. And his sort of thing has never happened before I became a target. And I’m not being paranoid. I bet it’s happened to other targets, too. I am 100 sure I’m not the only one it’s happened to. Why didn’t it happen when I wasn’t a target? And if you were a real target, you know this is the sort of crap they do to us. Are you a perp? I think you must be. They tried to erase the part where I ask you if you’re a perp. Protecting you, I guess. I became suspicious of you when your friend sent you a comment telling you something you wrote was funny.

      • Dear Neverending 1. Sorry if I offended you, but for the record, I did NOT call you “paranoid”. My exact words on my June 6th. post were, “We have to be careful to not get too paranoid.” I stand by this and realize that not all suspicious things that happen in life are the work of gang stalkers. There is an old saying called, “Shit Happens”. I think that’s the case with your shoes being different colors. I think it’s laughable and if that’s the best they can do, then they are not a real threat and I wouldn’t even worry about it enough to waste my time posting on this site. What’s more stupid than the fact that you received a pair of shoes that were a different color is the fact that you actually wore them. As for YOU accusing me of being a “perp”, F#@k you! I moved to another state to get away from the perps. You said yourself in a recent post that perps do things that others can’t see and that they were “cowards”. Think about that for a minute..If I were a perp, would I be using my real name, which is on my birth certificate and my Facebook photo which is actually a picture of me on these posts? At least have the balls to identify myself. Who the f#@k are you? Please stop acting stupid and remember that we are supposed on the same side.

  6. They have replaced one of a pair of shoe purchases made at the same time, removing the nicer shoes and replacing them with exactly the same shoe as the remaining one, but in a size I wouldn’t normally wear. Interestingly, the shoe store took the (now discounted) second pair back the the original price that I paid, since I had the receipt, and let me find another pair to replace it, without questioning my explanation.  Nice segue out of a sticky situation and not an eyebrow lifted when I explained the perping  – like they had heard of similar incidents. Since you are in desert climate, you could try using a swamp cooler approach = fan plus spray mister to cool your room.  Won’t work so well in a wetter location.   You have the right to quiet enjoyment of your apartment, under your lease agreement. Utlimately, it will be this issue, along with both direct and indirect evidence of perping, that will be the downfall of apartment owners/managers that participate in or fail to intervene in gangstalking.   In your case, 120+ heat can cause hyperthermia and death.  That is grounds for premeditated murder when equipment supplied by the management fails to operate correcly.   Your problem is that you live in one of the most heavily perped cities in the US, caused by the sheer amount of organized crime opportunity (Vegas and Phoenix are/were centers of organized crime) and the abundant lowlife population.   Trust  us when we say that there are plenty of other TIs in both of these towns.   In my case, the perps have sucked so much power out of my electric power supply, that my frig/freezer fail to operate safely, and so its runs, runs, runs, if I don’t intervene for safety reasons.  My manger thinks she is immune to prosecution – WRONG.     

    • Well, thanks for backing me up. Someone just made a comment that I’m paranoid because I got a brown and black shoe. I was sure it’d happened to others, because if it happens to one of us, it happens to most of us. My frig ran at freezer power in winter, now I can’t get it cool down enough to do anything. On the other hand, the air condition is useless. The power source is so low, I can hardly get any cold air out of the crappy thing. I’m sure if it were winter, I’d have plenty of power to get a freezing air conditioner.

      • My “new” thongs popped out after only a few wearings…I had a “new” belt break after only 3 wearings. The clothes/accessories they make for the poor now are disposable. I buy tops to wear and find they are see thru and need to layered with other tops. Do people wear this stuff for one time and toss it? I have found holes in t shirts and underthings here in the 3 point “pyramid” style, so I knew it was perps. “Jeans” today are more the thickness of yesterday’s slacks. Even “good” socks get holes in a few months. I’m gonna be walking around naked one day. I’m a plus size and if they changed up my clothing it would be disaster. I did lose a gray t shirt on the way home from the thrift store. I almost want to go to a dept store on a sale day to see if I can get anything. As far as small towns go, I have known other ti’s living in towns/even out in the country getting plenty of gangstalking. It depends on where you go. If I thought moving to a little town would stop my g/s I would walk there.

        • I don’t think moving to a small town helps. It’ll be about the same wherever you go. And as to the clothes, the perps probably got into your clothes and ripped them. They mess with my clothes a lot. Rip sleeves, tear shoes apart, steal blouses, dirty them, etc.

          • They probably weakened the thong of the sandal so it would pop out early. When I was young I kept one pair of thongs 2 years.

            • That’s what they did to me, so that’s why I said they messed with your thongs. I can’t get a decent pair of shoes to save my life. They break the laces, take off the heels, steal the shoes, leave me one shoe, and, of course, the latest, a black and brown shoe.

              • That is insane…you almost have to sleep with your boots on….I try to never go out the house without my boots because once I left them behind and I put them on and they were good for nothing. Boots wear out too quickly, too. I used to love cute shoes and sandals, no more. They destroyed my balance and I have no more copper colored strappy sandals, or cute half boots…not even a pair of sneakers. Just boots, work boots, and flip flops to be worn around the house or, in extreme heat, out of the house.

          • I think about that all the time, however, I have a “mental health” history and probably cannot legally buy a gun. Just keeping the thing locked up and empty would scare these perps!

          • Now,you’re talking Debbie. All my nonsense stopped too and my shit aint even legal, but it’s just as effective and deadly should anybody enter my home without a badge and a search warrant. If any gang stalker from California or anywhere else comes to my house, I will make an example of them for the world to see, brutally and without mercy. The supply of available gang stalkers in this country will plummet when they see what happened on the news and internet. People need to be informed and start taking this gang stalking shit seriously.

              • Thank you Neverending 1 for the advice. I’m not looking to do something that I will “regret”. I may come across as a tough guy on these posts, but really, all I want is to be left alone and live a peaceful, law abiding life .I turned the other cheek by moving thousands of miles away to get away from these perps If they are so Hell bent on getting me, that they would come all this way to do so, then I will have NO REGRETS over what I do to them.

                • Well, I’m glad you’re not being targeted anymore, but sometimes they do that. They did that to me when I moved to Arizona to be with my sister. It was quiet for 3 weeks. It was very peaceful, no one bothered me. It was heaven. And I thought it was over. They do that to relax you and then make you really angry when they start again. So be careful.

                  • Thanks Neverending 1. I am always careful after what I went through in California with these gang stalkers. I’m glad to hear that you had at least three weeks of peace when you moved to Arizona, but I have been much more fortunate. They have not F#@ked with me in over four months. That’s the difference between a woman with a knife under her pillow and a man with a loaded 12 guage next to his bed .I hope they fuckin’ try it .Make my day. Can’t you get yourself a man to help protect you or are you a Dike? Maybe that’s why you are being gang stalked. Male homosexuals in Palm Springs, Ca. are being gang stalked in record numbers along with the same electronic harassment I experienced in CA. It’s called audio spot lightling and D.E.W. (directed energy weapons) The good news is that, thanks to internet posts like ours, it’s no longer a secret. It’s just a matter of time before we bust these bastards.

                    • No, I am not a dike. You should come to Vegas and see what type of men there are, you wouldn’t be impressed. Most of the men who live in Las Vegas harass me. I don’t trust any of them.

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