The Untold Story of Racism in America

Why is it that a black man can get away with saying this? If I were in the street saying the same thing against blacks, I’d be put in jail. I’ve been beaten up by blacks for returning their racism toward me. I’ve had the cops called on me for not even saying anything racist, but responding in kind to a remark made about my race.

18 thoughts on “The Untold Story of Racism in America

  1. I’m having a problem right here on my block concerning race. This woman has moved in and made my life even worse if possible. I believe she was hired by my (white) manager to get rid of me and given an apt. I overheard her keep saying “she’s gotta go”. She moved in alone but always has a male friend or relative living with her that is not on the lease. I call them her “security guards”. I have had one of these men get up in my face and another one act vaguely threatening around me. One day this woman came by with four younger women and said “she called me a nigger” and broke down in fake tears. After that blacks came streaming by my house perping me and even standing in front of my window and not moving. I had not called her that name before that. Some of them come by dancing even. Of course she is the “teacher’s pet” of the apts–putting on a real sweet fake act to the manager. She’s a pretend “Christian” of course. Since obummer came in I do not trust Blacks and did not vote for him since I knew they would get out of control when he got elected.

    • Right now, I’m sitting in the library and every one is black. I have blacks following me everywhere and acting as if I’m the perpetrator after I got beaten up by a few of them.

          • It worries me to the point that my soul might be lost hating others this way but I feel driven to it by the perps. I can’t really remember when Blacks were ever that kind to me. I had a Black acquaintence or two I got along with but no real friends and I never trusted Black men because since the 1980s all they want is White girls in bed. Had a Black boss once and I think he gave me a bad review after I left and I never found a good job ever again. Eventually, the poor jobs I got and all the firings led me to take the dole. I would like nothing more than to work again….

              • No they’d beat me up if I treated them the way they have treated me. Imagine, an old woman moving in two doors down from you with the express order from perpdom to rush you out of your apartment onto the street! She just showed up one day and became everyone’s “favorite” person but mine. I’ve even challenged my landlady to kick me OUT HERSELF if she wants me gone and not let this mockery continue.

                • I like the word “perpdom”. Don’t mind if I use it. Good! You’re fighting back. When you start fighting back, things will get harder for you, but don’t let them stop you fighting for your rights. F–k everybody who lives near you. Believe me, old people are just as bad as the young ones.

                  • I don’t know if I’m “fighting back” but it disgusts me that my landlady is such a coward and so desperate to look good she hires this WOMAN to vex me and drive me out. It’s been nine years of this: before the woman there were the other ones I talked about. NO decent person has lived there since 2005.

                    • There’s usually someone in the family who gets everybody on the bandwagon. I know the one in my family who’s leading the group. I’m not worried, she’ll get her day in hell!

                    • What you did is fighting back, you could’ve kept your mouth shut, but you didn’t. They all want to please their handlers, and their handlers could care less about them. Tell them they’re doing a great job, give rewards, always pat them on the back. But when it comes to helping the perps when they get in trouble, they’re nowhere to be found.

                    • Sorry I was away doing an odd job for very little money: I missed a whole bunch of daily prompts for the latest challenge but I think the lovelies were punishing me for it anyway. It was so bad I was getting a perp a minute out front and now it’s lots quieter. I want to continue to write for the wp challenge, but, at what price?

  2. NE1 – we are now under BRA (black run America). Their true colors are coming out. I don’t care how long you’ve had a non-white friend, when things go south, they always side with their race. You can believe what I say or not, but it’s been proven to me several times.

    People who are gangstalked are usually white. Whites are the only race that it’s safe to demonize, ridicule or even murder and the perps get away with it.

    That’s OK. The economy is in a freefall. We don’t have a lot of time yet. When things go south, get out of the cities as best as you can. Even if you’re homeless in a small white town, you’re FAR safer than where you are now.

  3. There are large groups of white people in America who are aware of the increase in the violent crimes committed by blacks and other minorities against white people and are not going to tolerate it. There is a video on You Tube called Jeff Schoep speech at West Allis, Wi. on this very subject that you might find interesting. I do need to say though, in all fairness, that most of the crimes committed against me when it comes to GANG STALKING were done by WHITE PEOPLE who are the true niggers.

    • Carl, the real word for the whites (who really don’t act white if they’re gangstalkers) are whiggers. Any sicko white who gangstalks another innocent white man or woman should be caned or horsewhipped.

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