Gang Stalking – A threat to harm me, or just another bluff?

I’m reading “Girl With  The  Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.  As you probably know,  it’s been made into a movie. The book is very good by the way, so far, anyway.

I read the book while  eating breakfast and then put  the book in my drawer. Today, I got  the book to read and  noticed someone had added a paper clip to a page.  Right away, Knowing the lowlifes, I guessed that there must be a message for me. So I turned to the page where the paper clip is and this is what it says “…This girl was killed in the most brutal way. The killer tied her up and stuck her head into the smouldering  embers of a fireplace. One can only guess how long it took for the poor girl to die, or what torment she must have endured.” This is on page 195 of the book.

Are they sending me a message that they’ll torture and kill me?   Well, they can  go right ahead and torture and kill me. If they do, I won’t have to put  up  with the bull shit anymore.

I want to tell the idiot, or idiots, who clipped the page, that you don’t scare me. Do you think when I looked at the passage  I got scared? No, I didn’t. After what I’ve gone through in the last 5  years, nothing can scare me. I’m beyond scaring. You people don’t scare me one bit. To be scare of people like you is to be a loser like all of you.

I’ve gotten your stupid message and I’ll continue to live my life the same way I’ve lived it. None of you have balls. You do things that no one can see. You all think you’re so brave. You’re nothing but cowards. Why don’t you tell me face-to-face that you’re going to harm me?

And to my readers, if anything happens to me, know that someone has done something to me. I didn’t kill myself, end up in a mental ward, give up  writing my blog, or any such silly nonsense.  Someone did something to me.

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28 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – A threat to harm me, or just another bluff?

  1. To Neverending 1. I had a similar threat last year where the stalkers rented the motel room next door to mine and were talking about torturing me by means of, “Fire and hot oil”.They also referred to themselves as,”Hansel and Gretel”. They were obviously talking about it loud enough for me to hear it so it would be intended as a threat, but don’t assume that it is just a threat. There are murderous satanic cults out there who gang stalk and kill people. You are right about them being cowards. That’s why they travel in gangs because, by themselves, they are nothing but Bitches. I can respect the fact that you are not scared, but please don’t go down without a fight in case the threat turns out to be real. Arm yourself. I did and worry a lot less. I left California to a state in the Southern Bible Belt. Getting a firearm here is easy. Get yourself a firearm instead of a fireplace and then lets see them try it. I’m not really supposed to own a firearm legally, but, oh well. I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. Scared or not scared, there’s no rule against fighting back. Don’t turn the other cheek. We are not Jesus.,

    • I am by no means turning the other check. Thanks for your advise, but I have a big knife I put under my pillow. Let them try harming me at home, I will definitely use it. And I will not feel guilty at all. Who tells them to invade my home? Anyone who invades someone’s home deserves whatever he/she gets.

      I visited California as a target and it’s as bad as Las Vegas. I was targeted everywhere by a lot of Mexicans, and other races, of course. I can understand why you moved out of the state. California, as other places, has gone to the dogs!

    • @ Carl: For those who can’t own a firearm legally, get a BLACK POWDER gun… as they are Federally designated as NOT a gun and most state law allows people to own them. Even convicted felons after 10 years of no crime.
      My .44 BP does more damage than a modern/cartridge 44 mag at 100′.
      Plus, you can get extra cylinders and switch them almost as fast as changing a mag.
      Why risk it? Get a BP 36, 44 or 50 pistol.

  2. These morons HATE being laughed at… literally look at them and laugh.
    Sometimes it messes them up so bad that they can’t even continue with whatever scam they are running. Especially when they deliver their 5 death threats per week.
    Laughing makes you feel good and harms them. I use it often.

    • Oh, I know laughing makes them weak. They can’t stand it. They have no self-c0nfidence at all. They only have self-confidence when they’re picking on someone with a group, then they are very brave!

  3. They have been hot and heavy on me lately. I’m getting constant Voice to Skull and getting threats and the little poop pants are reading this as I”m typing it. I feel as if I’m in a cage in the middle of the street. My faith is getting weak.

    • If your faith is getting weak, use your inner strength. You are definitely stronger than you think. I believe you will outlast the bastards. Look how long you’ve outlasted them. You can do it! And I would miss reading your comments if you gave in to the bastards. Stay strong!!

      • Thank you Neverending1 for the encouragement! I’m just tired. If I’m predestined to live I will.

        • Believe me, I’m tired, too. Not getting any sleep, having to sleep in an oven, constant nastiness, etc. It’s tiring all right. I’m surprised we’ve lasted as long as we have. I’m amazed I’ve lasted as long as I have. I never saw myself as a martyr, but I feel like one now.

          • Me too. A martyr but unrecognized…I have aged so much in the past 4 years it’s incredible and I know it’s the stress of the g/s and Voice to Skull and other stuff. This has to stop soon thousands and millions are being deprived of their freedom and peace by these systems worldwide. You and I seem to get a sort of heavy type of this…other ti’s sort of are allowed to live their life.

              • I was “told” by the perps it would get worse after I found out about g/s. One perp made a pantomime of taking the gloves off in front of me outside to show that now that I knew what was going on I would no longer get what someone called “perp lite” but I would be a heavy target. It got much worse when I wrote my first wp blog here 2007-2011 and started to explore issues surrounding g/s and m/c and to fight against it. I lost the fight and ended back on “meds” but still want to blog.

                • You have to do what is best for you. If you want to blog, blog. Don’t let the idiots stop you! It does get worse, though. My gang stalking has definitely increased in the last four weeks. Non-stop harassment, every corner I turn there’s a perp,heavy chemicals sprayed at me constantly, electricity non-stop, torn clothes, my food stolen, etc.

                  • This isn’t life at all: it’s Hell on Earth. I’ve had enough. No matter what I do or don’t do it never stops. How you manage to survive is a miracle.

                    • Well,did you ever hear that saying: with a little help from my friends. And that means all the people who come to my blog and comment. You’ve been going through this hell longer than I have. I’m amazed at long you’ve survived. I don’t think I can ever survive that long. I wouldn’t want to. As you stated, it’s not living. It’s hell!

                    • I didn’t set out to survive this for life. In the beginning it wasn’t so bad and I thought I could move to get rid of it. I also was heavily bullied as a child and this adult targetting could be an outgrowth of this or I’m a “generational” target. I have met people online that have been going through this for even longer. There was a woman I used to write to that had been going thru this since 1960 or so and I last wrote to her in 2006. I never signed up for this.

                      My father just died and I did not get one penny. I am too scared to even walk to the park. I have very little to look forward to.

                    • I know how you feel. Very few of us have little to look forward to. All we have to look forward to is more miserable treatment by the lowlife scumbags!

                    • If this ever ends I will probably avoid people for the most part for the rest of my life.

                    • This program has spoiled our humanity forever. I even told God that….my hatreds, my resentments, how can you heal a soul that has been destroyed by thirty years of this? I could forgive, maybe, as anyone could be caught into this system, but forget? No

  4. they’re too weak to kill you. they keep sending these sorry ass death threats, i give them right back. its sad these pos think they’re gangsters or something like that. a real gangster would’ve killed me years ago.

    • I agree about the gangsters, They don’t waste their money following people around. They kill them right away. That’s why I think its definitely the government doing this to us. And if mafia’s involved, they’re probably handed the dirty work to do so the government looks as pure as snow.

      • it aint mafia either. maybe a tiny bit of them are gangsters or mafia but they dont do much cuz they have too much pride to gang stalk for more than a few seconds. i know they sent some after me, but they barely did anything and i never see them again. any longer they would’ve broke my middle finger lol. they’re among the most coward pieces of shits on this planet, probably in documented history.

        • I only say this because of the mafia connection to my gang stalking. And they truly are pieces of shit. They should be flushed down the toilet with the other shit.

  5. They do not have a life that is for sure, they used to follow me out of my apartment complex at 2 or 3 am, whatever they get paid is not enough, and like all gangs the ones at the top do not care about them.

    • I agree. They tell them they care and they’ll never get in trouble if they’re caught, but once any one of them is in trouble, they will deny they even know them. That’s the way the government works.

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