Gang Stalking – When books disappear, so will freedom.

Have any of you read “Fahrenheit 451”. It is a book by Ray Bradbury.

It tells of a time where firemen don’t stop fires. The firemen set fire to books. Anyone caught carrying a book, reading a book, has books in his home, car, etc. is considered a criminal.  If someone thinks someone has a book, he’s has to report the book owner. There are very few people who read, and the ones  who  do read, try very hard to not  let  anyone know they read because of the consequences.

In my opinion, this book is today’s future. Think about it, the books are disappearing, book stores are going out of business, no one reads anyone, etc. The future has arrived.

Now, as in the past,   people fill their time doing things that  are fun – watching television, sports, playing with their smart phones, not really involved in what’s happening in the world. They really don’t care to know. It’s too depressing, they say. It was the same way in the past, people didn’t want to get depress, so they filled their time watching television, which called them by their names, as smart phones do.    A lot of people stopped having  children. It was too much work to have children. And all they cared about was having fun and not worrying about what was happening in the world.

The people of the past had few things to worry about. They didn’t even have to worry about their houses catching fire. The houses were built fire-resistant. That’s why the firemen were given the job of burning books.

The government didn’t want anyone reading. To read is to get ideas, and the government didn’t want to allow anyone to think and get ideas. That was very dangerous.

I see that happening now.

I’m surrounded by people like this every day.  If they’re told to wear a certain color, they wear the color. If they’re told to go sit on a rock, they go sit on a rock. If they’re told to stop and sit on the ground, they do it. They’re all zombies!

There are still a lot of people who don’t know what’s happening to us targets. Why? Because they don’t care. They want to play with their smart phones, watch sports, and not  get  depress by every day details. It’s too depressing.

Well, some day, they’re going to wake up to a world that is even more depressing than the world they live in now. They’ll wake up to a world where all their rights have been taken away from them. You see, the government usually starts the ball rolling and it knows the people will follow like zombies. And it always works. The people always follow the government and become zombies. They follow like zombies because they think they’re special. They think it won’t happen to them. Well, all you zombies out there, I got a secret to tell you, you will become one of us eventually. We’re just ahead of the curve.

Keep playing with your toys and don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the world, your books are disappearing and so is the way you will live.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – When books disappear, so will freedom.

  1. Some of the best good books are found in thrift stores, Nevada libraries were giving away free copies of Farenheit 451 several years ago. Remember the mechanical dog that would chase down and kill intellectuals and others who disagreed with the system? It is quickly becoming a reality:
    The movie is not near as good as the book of course; but too few read anymore.

    The book can also be found in audio format.

    • Now that I’ve seen some of Fahrenheit 451, I really want to see the movie. Was it in French you the clip you sent me? I understood it. And I really think the burning of books will happen one day, but I’ll probably be dead. And if in real life, I saw them burning books, it would make me very curious to find out more about books.

    • The Santa Barbara killer. I don’t think he was a target, as far as I can tell, but maybe he was. I have to do a little research on him and if I think he was a target, I will.

      • ok, I think he was. He was friendless even though his family had money. He even went alone to the premiere of Hunger Games.

        • There are a lot videos on YouTube on Elliot Rodger, and they’re all about women not liking him, especially white, blonde women. His parents seemed to pay no attention to him. I still don’t think he was a target. But the commenters on YouTube are angry at him and made snide remarks. Isn’t it strange, when he was alive he couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to him, but now that he’s dead, he has a lot of people paying attention to him.

  2. I don’t think books are disappearing…if I go to the library the “new books” shelf is packed and people are always checking out books. At the library in the “hood” however, there are few books and a whole lot of movies and music to check out. A lot of people have Nooks and Kindles so they can read on a screen without checking out books or buying them. Books collect dust and are hard to clean for allergic people. One thing, however, the newer books, especially the newer novels are mostly junk. A lot of fiction is about witches and demons and vampires now, and even the detective mysteries are full of sex and depravity. Most non fiction books seem to be hard liberal…like an agenda. Any books that are non Christian seem to take a very liberal non Christian point of view. Romances, that used to be sort of tame diversions, are now full of hard sex. Lots of books are just junk. I read a series of books that idolized dragons and that was full of sex when I was backsliding. JUNK. Anything older than the sixties or even the seventies usually is better quality with real writing. Books today are just “product” to be churned out in long inane series at a sixth or eighth grade reading level. People write “books” to become rich, not to introduce ideas. I think there are still a few good authors out there but most of them are in it for the money.

    • Oh, I think books are very important. Even junk ideas are worth something. It gets someone thinking. If all someone has is phone or television which tell the same story, no new ideas are put out. So I think even junk books are worth something.

      • I don’t think junky books are much better than TV except you won’t get hypnotized by it or have to watch commercials. I think some junky books are brainwashing telling people that it’s ok to worship demons or vampires or to live any way they want in complete sin. These “books” are so easy and simplistic that they are read in one sitting and impart no major ideas or concepts. Ever read “chick lit”? It sucks but it is totally addictive.

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