Gang Stalking – If you think you hear voices, you are.

If you think you’ve been hearing voices, see the video below. It tells how it’s done.

You’re not crazy after all.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – If you think you hear voices, you are.

  1. To Neverending 1. In regards to your June 2nd. post, you may very well be right about the government being involved in our gang stalking, but then, on the other hand, Mr. Churchill made some valid points in his May 30th. post when he said, ” Gang stalking cartels that span the U.S. are locally and regionally active”. This makes sense to me because ever since I left Marin County, Ca. and moved to another state four months ago, I haven’t had any problems with being stalked which shows, that at least in my case, the source was local. What’s scary is that you and Mr.Churchill may BOTH be right and the source of the gang stalking may depend on the individual being stalked weather it be a government or local source.

  2. To S. churchill. I never thought of it that way. I ASSumed that the government was behind all this. If i’m wrong , then I’m truly sorry to my government who runs the best country in the world to live. If there’s any way I can help my country and government fight these terrorist and drug cartels,then count me in. I am old,out of shape,but still armed and dangerous as f#ck..If they really want my help, all they have to do is ask me.

    • Our government’s involved in our gang stalking, how else do you think churches, schools, libraries, etc. went along with the plan to make our life miserable? If the mafia were to approach such places, people would run the other way. Don’t let anyone convince you it’s not! This thing has happened before. As a matter of fact, there was a Churchill who held meetings to find the extend of the government’s involvement in harassing citizens in the 50s. The government had to pay millions in restitution. And it happened with McCarthyism. And its happening again. It’s just called by another name. Go to YouTube and put in Senator Churchill, make sure its from the 50s.

  3. This type of technology has been used against me as well by the gang stalkers who work at thirty-two ten studios @ 3210 Kerner blvd. in San Rafael, Ca. If you do some research on this company, you will see that they possess this technology These are the same people who are part of a human trafficking operation run with help from some members of local law enforcement.Much of this is conducted in the field right behind their building.I have since moved to a former confederate state in the Bible Belt. If they want to continue to gang stalk me for exposing them on this forum then bring it on. The weapons I am armed with are no where near as high tech, but much more effective. I hope they try it. I want revenge.

    • Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. We all want to get revenge on these scumbags, but, please, don’t do anything rash. Don’t let them WIN!!! By doing something rash, you’ll be the one who will come out looking like the “bad guy. I know you’re the “good” guy, stay that way. Stay COOL!

  4. We’ve been sharing technical information with other TIs on audio spotlighting and other technologies used in perping.   NOW you have positive evidence of we assert is the real truth behind gang-stalking:   It’s NOT the US government that is conducting gang-stalking and community/workplace mobbing.  The culprits are crime cartels, comprised of anti-government, anarchist militant groups (White Supremists, KKK-Types, biker gangs) in league with international/Mexican drug cartels.  They have POURED on the dysinformational PR, spreading lies and pointing fingers at anyone who searches for certain keywords using an internet search engine.   The crime cartels WANT our government, and other nations that cooperate in global crime/drug trafficking, gun and human trafficking, and money laundering to hide illegal profits.   This started back in the mid-1980s, but didn’t really get big until the last decade, when a hodgepodge of Federal and State agencies formed to deal with post-9/11 terrorism risks, mostly domestic terrorism, in the US.  The Fusion Center databases have been thoroughly hacked from within, and the watch lists are also hacked and also used to find potential victims to target.   Gang stalking cartels span the US, are locally and regionally active, use pseudo-citizen police groups (who may be mostly innocent, as are many drivers and citizens on foot who are given minor financial incentives to act).  They manage and provide assets (keyfobs, remote control units, cell phones and I-pads) for remotely connected military gameware fanatics who seek LIVE targets.  These gamers ‘pay to play’.   We are their targets.  These players are the drive-by eavesdroppers. They can, at will, activate embedded in-wall, in-attic and crawlspace deployed thru-wall DEW weapons.  They broadcast edited movies of our responses, to provide feedback to gamers, who are rewarded with hits to certain bodyparts.  The rewards range from free rent, to free use of lease cars, to drugs and free electronics.   This explains the exceptional precision of DEW hits to pre-selected body locations on TIs,  by experienced players.   These weapons are also deployed in our cars and workplaces, too.  Small, short range versions can be used in public places to shoot at us for short burst attacks.    I have seen stalkers in cars and SUVs panic and abort mobbing actions when suddenly confronted by police who are not GS group members.    Stalking in the US and other countries has gotten big because the Mexican drug cartels have also gotten larger and more bold. The assertion that it must be government is incorrect when assertions are based on the costs and number of participants.   These criminals have taken full advantage of the recent recession:  their numbers now include families, the elderly, poor, minorities with a race grudge, chronically under- and un-employed middle class, and students with monumental debts.   Look up adult ODD – oppositional defiant disorder.  These are the zombies you describe that most of us are very familiar with – our tormentors who get their jollies off of sadistic actions for hours each day.   They are addicted to our pain.   To know your enemy, is to know their weaknesses.    

  5. Interesting video. This may explain the technology being used against me. I am still uncertain, however, of why I am being targeted and also how the perpetrators are able to read my thoughts.

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