Gang Stalking – Today, no money from my flesh.

Hi, everyone, no blog today. I don’t have the patience it will take me to write my blog. I’ve been in the library about 10 minutes and I can tell you listening to the pigs makes me want to scream, so I think it’s best that I leave when I feel that way, otherwise, I’ll be thrown out of the library and I won’t be able to stay in touch with all of you.

Have a good day all. I hope your day is better than mine.

Let the lowlifes find another way of making money. Today, they’re not going to make money off my flesh.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Today, no money from my flesh.

  1. I had a great day.
    The 3 quarts of oil and about 3 gallons of water someone drained out of my vehicle and probably hoping my engine would blow didn’t do any damage when it viciously over heated.
    But I doubt that was done by my Fan Club.

    By the way, a “new” theme has surfaced in the gang stalk arena and it’s called “42”.
    Has anyone heard of this? Any clue what it means?
    Not even my contacts on the other side know the meaning even though they advertize it.

    If you don’t feel like writing it out, my phone number is on my website: – on the Contact page under THINK.

  2. No worries Neverending 1. We all need a break from these assholes. Life is tough enough as it is without them stalking us. keep in mind though that the reason that they are stepping up their game is because we, the T.I ‘s have been stepping up our game on these blogs and getting the message out. YOU have been an inspiration to me for over a year now.You are the reason I started speaking out on this public forum.Take whatever time off you need, but please don’t leave us and don’t give up the fight. I’m on your side.

    • Thanks for the compliment and I’m glad I got you to speak out. It can only help when more and more people speak out. Believe me, I have no intention whatsoever on giving up the fight. As I once said, they’ll have to kill me to shut me up!!! Thanks for being on my side, and know that I’m on yours.

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