Gang Stalking – Police officers are unfair to targets and coddle criminals.

Yesterday, as I took a walk, I heard a police car make the beeping  sound that says “stop and get over to the side”. I turned around to see who the police officers was pulling over. I hoped it was one of the perps whom I see at the library  hacking me. But, no,  it was not for a driver he made the beep. I turned around to look at him and he was looking straight at me, laughing. He beeped the horn to get my attention. He sat in his car laughing at me. I really don’t know what he found so funny! I guess he just wanted to annoy me by beeping his horn. I thought of giving him the finger, as I do with everyone else,  but I was afraid he’d  use some excuse to arrest me. I continued on my way, and as the light turned green, he again beeped his horn. And we’re supposed to have  respect  for people like this? I lost respect for police officers a long time ago. In my opinion, they’re all criminals because they allow the perps to do whatever they want to targets and nothing’s done to them.

On the other hand if the criminals call the cops on us, the police officers are all over the place. They’ll come right away. They’re treat us as if  we committed a crime, don’t listen to anything we have to say, and tell us not to act crazy.  The police officers coddle the criminals. They can do whatever they want to targets and get away with it.

There’s something’s  wrong with this  picture. The criminals are running the insane asylum and  getting away with murder. And police officers are letting them do it.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Police officers are unfair to targets and coddle criminals.

  1. I’ll agree wholeheartedly with the other poster’s comments on Good/Bad cops – if the cop had wanted to stop you, he would have.  I think he decided to do the least objectionable action and he was likely put up to it by crooked cohorts on the force.  I have been minimally stalked by cops during the entire time I’ve been a TI.  I used to work out with the several local police, and have always been friendly and helpful to them when possible.  I have family in law enforcement.  One of them works for DEA; my harassement appears to coincide with his assignment to a special task force on drug prescription trafficking.    Perps are hired and trained by local operatives of the global drug cartels, not the government as you repeatedly allege.  You have bought the propaganda shoveled by FFCHS and others, who have a vested interestin peddling dys-information meant to keep you, the TI, from approaching the government for help.   It wasn’t until about 2008 that the government caught on to the reason for the perping, which up to that point, seemed pointless and paranoia on the part of TIs reporting terror tactics, including but not resticted to: street crime, home invasion and in-home and in-car electronic surveillance, drugging of food, water and personal grooming items, gassing using narcotics (nitrous oxide and restricted anesthetics) in home and at work, community mobbing and pseudo citizen policing, proxy stalking, tampering with mail and package deliveries, psych-ops methods, road-rage like tactics, character defamation and belittlement, theft of property and damage to private property,   Perp numbers have grown in numbers by 1000s of percent since the mid 2000s, when they spread from larger cities to smaller cities and towns.  After 2007-08, the Recession made it very lucrative to join their ranks.  You may have noticed that most perps don’t work and they drive very nice cars, most perp mobiles are brand new.  They are arrogant because the government forces that tackle drug interdiction globally  – the US DOD had been active until we officially were involved in two Middle Eastern war fronts – has been absent for more than 12 years and have been unable to provide much-needed support to DEA, ICE and the Border Patrol.   You are a random, victim of terrorism, the form practiced in First World Nations.  You were selected because of certain traits (your reaction to bullying and history of it in school/family) and patterns of opportunity that make it easy to manipulate you  It’s not so different than that practiced Developing Nations, except that it’s covert and based on the model of citizen abuse used by the Stasi Secret Police of Eastern Germany.   See the online pdf, The Mexican Cartels: Not Just Criminals but Terrorists.   On this Memorial Day, know that thousands of Veterans and active and support military men and women have also become TIs.  USDOD has already acknowledged that many how attempted suicide have reported these same tactics.   Now that our Troops are returning home, we have a highly trained fighting force that can turn the tide against the drug cartels and their perpy minions.          

  2. The CIA and the various Mafia’s have been synonymous since slightly before Elvis.
    Cops nationwide have been federalized. They work for the fed guvcorp.

    We have 3 Village (city) cops. One seems neutral… can’t figure out which “side” he is on, if any. One is siding with the original girl/woman they’re trying to pair me with and the other is siding with some “cougar” in the next town.
    Having talked to them in person, none of them are acting “bad”. They just have a favorite outcome. And they all do their jobs.

    Think about it… was that cop sent to “harass”? But refused to do so and simply got your attention and laughed INSTEAD OF pulling you over to harass as instructed?
    Was he sending you “the message” that he isn’t really on the Mafia/CIA/GS side?

    The 99% of BAD COPS make the 1% that are Good, look bad.

    When I am speeding and a cop just “flashes his lights”, then I slow down and he turns his lights off, I consider it a kindness.
    He did his job. He stopped a speeder. WITHOUT ruining my day.

    That cop seems to have been doing you a kindness compared to what he could have done illegally, but chose not to.

    • Thanks for your point of view, but I’m sick of cops following me everywhere I go. There’s no reason for them to follow me around. If I were a criminal then I could understand them showing up where I am, but I’ve never committed a crime.

      • I would be happy to have so many cops around. Even dirty cops.
        1) not even a stalker will commit a crime against you in front of a cop.
        2) even though they participate, they are still REQUIRED to do their jobs by the GS.
        You may not like my POV, but I’ve been on both sides. Military Handler and now TI.
        Someone has ordered YOU, TO BE PROTECTED.
        Enjoy it… it doesn’t happen all that often.
        But it does happen.

          • You’re welcome, for my service time. It most certainly wasn’t a pleasure at the time, but it taught me many things.

            For the record: You have enough enemies being stalked.
            Regardless, you could use a friend or two that ARE stalkers. Especially cops.
            Next time a cop gets your attention, try smiling and waving. (I do exactly that)
            If they like you, you’ll get less crap. That’s a fact… and many times they’ll speak on your behalf to those who would do you harm… STOPPING them.

            Learn to be a STREET FIGHTER who will use ANYTHING as a weapon.
            (including EMOTION)
            That includes using the kindness of those who stalk.

            Angry all the time doesn’t hurt them one damn bit. It hurts you.
            LEARN to use the GOOD they offer.
            If a cop likes your company… USE IT to your advantage.

            street fight
            Usually a one on one fight where anything goes you can use any type of fighting style whether it is a martial art or just plain boxing and wrestling. You can use knives,samurai swords, bats, beer bottles, etc. anything you can get your hands on.

            • I’ve thought of what you wrote about being friendly to police officer, I don’t think so. They’ve made my life miserable. There isn’t a time when I’ve needed help that they’ve helped me. I was almost arrested in Arizona for absolutely no reason. I can’t go to the park anymore, because as soon as I get to the park, the cop car shows up right behind me and the officer watches me, they’ve believed what some lowlife perp said about me, etc. I don’t trust any cop. If you do, that’s good.

    • In response to YOU MR. Nutter, How do you figure that cop was doing Neverending 1 a favor by not arresting her “illegally.” She was not even driving, let alone, speeding. She was simply minding her own business walking home from the library..That pig was harassing her just like the gang stalkers do. Are you one of them? If not, then please pull your head out of your ass.

      • Mr. Scarbrough, I thought of taking your bait, but decided you weren’t worth it.
        However, for NE1’s benefit:
        What I stated was the truth. That cop was giving you (NE1) a break. And they will continue to do so for the time being.

  3. Your blog will probably sound crazy to anybody who’s never been gang stalked or have little or no experience with police, but having been gang stalked in Marin County, Ca. for more than a year now, I would call your blog an understatement.. Although I don’t believe that all cops are bad,,some are decent people doing their jobs, There are at least some that are involved in organized gang stalking and organized crime which gives all cops a bad name.There is an old quote from a movie called, “Billy Jack” which states, “When policeman break the law, then there isn’t any law, just a fight for survival.” Keep that in mind and arm yourself.. Unfortunately that’s today’s reality.. Next time that cop honks at you at the library, give him the finger once for me..

    • I would give him the finger for you, but I’m sure they’ find a reason to arrest me. And believe me, I DO NO want to be in a Vegas jail. I hear they’re real hell holes!

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