Gang Stalking – RAT, malicious software program inventors arrested.

A   malicious software program by the name of RAT  (Remote Access Tool) has been installed in over half a million computers worldwide. This program allows anyone in the world to get into someone’s computer and infect it. This program can steal someone’s password, documents, control webcams to spy on users. It also allows someone to listen to keystrokes to enable them to  get someone’s  passwords. This spyware, disguised as Windows(R) Messenger and Yahoo(R), were put into half a million computers. And the users were not aware that they were not using the real thing. I’m sure it’s installed in mine.

I  want to let you know that these criminals are under arrest. And I’m  not sure, maybe the   site’s been turned off. There are more arrests to come.

I’m interested  in this program because what’s happening to me on my computer is what these rats are doing. I’m sure that a RAT program has been installed in my computer. I’m being watched by spy cam  from a computer, the hackers at the library listen to keystrokes (I’ve known it all along) to get my password, and looked at  photographs I used to have. I deleted them all. That’s why I don’t have any photos on my computer. I knew the hackers were looking at them.

Well, now that the top hackers are under arrest,  maybe they’ll go after the people who bought the software from the company. Maybe we’ll see these criminals go to jail. I know they are here at the library using the spyware. Everything that’s been written about RAT is happening to me. Every single thing.

I’ve complained  that I’m a victim of hacking but no one pays attention. They tell me it’s my imagination.  I’m being hacked now by an Indian man sitting next to me. I’m sure the library has a RAT program installed in the computers. The library is well aware of what’s happening in my computer, so it’s responsible for damages.

I hope the arrests continue and all the criminals end up in prison. It’ll be a warning to others who want to do the same: hack someone’s computer, go straight to jail. Maybe some of the hackers at the library will go to prison, maybe for 3-20 years. They’ve had it too easy for too long.

You can read more about Blackshades RAT on Google. There’s lots of information on this program.

P.S. Don’t forget to watch on May 20, on PBS, Frontline, the second part of the United Sates of Secrets. It tells of the men who came before Snowden. Men who believed in the rights of citizens not to be spied on without a warrant.  They’re heroes to me.


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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – RAT, malicious software program inventors arrested.

  1. My Organized Stalking in Chennai, India, started with hacking of my cell phones and computers. They send malware via Textmessages/SMS to cell phones with the help of which they can track my location through my cell phone and overhear all the conversations i have through and in the vicinity of my cell phone. My computers been hacked innumerable times, yes , they use keyloggers to get passwords of TIs. Perps are the biggest hackers in the world, there is no antivirus software or firewall that will keep them away. Conviction rate in cyber crime in India is around 0.1%, makes it the safest way of harassing Targeted Individuals like me.

  2. Yes,we have had a programme on Blackshades by the public media tv station with more to come,Finally someone in the media has had enough of the propaganda machine and then put a spanner in the works.

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