Gang Stalking – Media lies.

You have to see this video. It’s about the media getting us to believe lies.


Oh, if they delete the video, go to YouTube, type in: Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Media lies.

      • Lol – my love life is between me and my two four-legged furries.
        I’d probably have a heart-attack if a female two-legger that appealed to me walked past the bullshit and into my life. Haven’t seen one brave enough to flip off Jethro (stalking morons) and keep coming in 20 years,
        Might be fun, though.

          • Well, JETHRO is generally into the Arranged Marriage BS where they pick who they want you to be with. After they destroy your existing perfectly good relationship, which is what they did to me and my “then” girlfriend.
            The butthead’s don’t speak for me, act on my behalf and damn sure don’t choose a mate/female for me. I have turned down many of their choices and will continue to do so.
            Their tastes in women run from gutter slut to outright whore. I’m NOT interested.
            For me, it’s Yahweh’s Way or the Highway. And I certainly know the difference between their “tactics” and Yah’s methods.
            I refuse to play by their rules.

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