Gang Stalking – Needed a break from all the perp stupidity.

Hi, targets. I know I’ve been M.I.A. the last two days. I had to take a break from the freaks. Coming into the library to type my blog is a horrendous experience. I wish all of you could spend a day experiencing what I experience every day.  It’s tiresome. I have to put with up people who aren’t civilized. They’re  all animals! People who’ve never had any contols placed on them.    People who grew up doing whatever they felt like doing to someone and not giving a s–t if they hurt that person. I don’t think any of them know what the right thing to do is. They can do whatever they want to me at the library. If I complain, the librarians tell me that the perps are not doing anything to me and that it’s my imagination. Yeah, I’m imagining that they’re hacking my computer, hitting me with electricity from their computer, that they’e snorting and grunting like pigs, that theyre imitating everything I do in my apartment. Yeah, it’s all my imagination!

Like the freak who is next to me. First, he began by hacking my computer. He couldn’t prevent me from answering your comments, so now he’s hitting me with electricity. He’s a very fat guy, either Indian or Mexican. He’s wearing jeans, and looks as if he hasn’t taken a bath or shower in a long time. I guess he’s too busy being a jerk to take a shower or bath. Now, he’s  moving his  foot up and down, that sends the electrcitiy my way when they do that. The thing is, he’s not hitting me. You see, I wear a hat, always. It’s cotton. The electricity goes to the top of my hat and I feel it hitting the hat. He can think he’s hitting me all the wants, but he ain’t doing s–t to me. And there’s a black woman behind me coughing as if she has a very serious disease.  Now, she’s awwwwwing, awwwwwing, and making all sorts of animal sounds. Also, she’s fake sneezing. And her child is making noise. Oh, A Mexican couple  just came in and they took a wooden chair and dragged  it  across the floor making a lot of  noise. It’s bad  enough I can hear them a mile away  when they’re talking, they have to make more noise by dragging the chair around the floor.

These are just some of the animals I have to deal with on a continual basis.

I needed a break from their stupidity.

Taking two days off wasn’t enough. I need a lifetime away from these creeps!

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Needed a break from all the perp stupidity.

  1. I can tell you for a fact that I was probably the first in the world to experience what you are going through in 1988-now.I have managed to deflect incoming spears of trouble.What doesn’t kill you etc..For me there was no ‘holiday’ as such.Until I worked out what was happening I was put in a psych hospital for suicidal ideation.Even then It seemed that ‘they’ were one step ahead all the time.
    Now I believe I am out the other side,hold on to what you can use as a ‘weapon’ and have faith that this won’t be forever.
    Big ups to you,

    • That’s why they’re after me so much. I caught on early as to what they were doing and didn’t go that way. I didn’t take drugs, didn’t end up in a mental ward, didn’t get violent, etc. They failed doing the things they did to other targets. I’m sorry you ended up in a hospital. If it ever ends, I hope you’ll sue the bastards for your time in the mental ward. And thanks for your advise. And love to you. I’m glad you made it out to the other side.

  2. Gang stalkers won’t pay anyone for doing something that doesn’t work.
    If you want to stop the “street theater or Village Idiot shows”… stop watching and stop acknowledging that you “see or hear or feel” what they are doing.
    They cannot affect you with anything but dews if you stop watching and stop acknowledging that their BS is working and annoying you.

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