Gang Stalking – Trust the government about as much as I trust a snake.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the new USA Freedom Act 30-0. This new act will take the place of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act which allowed government to spy on all of us without  any checks and balances This new act will supposedly stop the listening in of Americans’ phones. Yeah, sure.  Anyway, the new act requires that phone companies keep the  data collected, not the g0vernment. It requires that Americans not be targets (ha-ha),  phone calls can only be kept on foreigners. The collected data can only be kept for 18 months instead of 5 years. (oh, I just got a message from the librarians that I should stop clapping and laughing. I’m sitting here and I havent said one word, laughed or clapped. I wonder what’s next?)

Some politicians disagree and think the data should be kept for 5 years, as before. (Vote idiots like this out of office.)

The next step of the act goes to the senate judiciary committee and the committee has to approve the act. And this won’t happen till late summer, if ever.

This new act also requires that  FISC get approval before any information’s gathered on a person. And also, the committee has to get proof from FBI, or whatever agency’s involved, that the person is very dangerous and the person involved  has to have his phone traced.

I’m sure that this new act will take a long time in coming. I don’t think anything will happen soon. But it’s a start.

But, honestly, my own opinion is that nothing will change. NSA will still spy on all of us and keep track of every phone call we make. So much for government honesty. The government lied before and will continue to lie about what it’s doing to its citizens. I’m proof of that.

So, I expect no changes in the Patriot Act  and, sure as hell,  don’t  trust the government. I trust the government as much as I trust a snake. As a matter of fact, I trust a snake more.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for getting this started.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Trust the government about as much as I trust a snake.

  1. yeah fuckin right, i hope most of the sheep that know about this dont buy into it. lol if i wasnt so tired right now i’d be laughing my ass off.

  2. Today is my 3 year anniversary of being gangstalked. I’m guessing it was before that when it started. My story is very much like yours. Following me everywhere, electricity torture, etc. They have screwed with my eyes and they have been changed and i wonder if you have heard of this. I have constant video being thrown into my eyes. I am forced to watch their movies behind my eyelids. They also have done something that causes me to see faces everywhere. 24/7 i deal with this. I can not close my eyes without them looking at me in live video. They react to me in this video. Lots of flashing lights in my eyes etc. Have you heard of this and is there anything that might block it? I am so freaked out all the time by this that i can’t even think what i might try. It makes the world appear as though millions of people are just sitting there watching me. Anything you would try? My irises are also lit up so i know i am being tracked by my eyes. I’m scared all the time and i don’t know what to do.

    • I can’t say that I have constant videos put before my eyes. I’ll post this and maybe someone knows about this. And about the faces, when I’m out I see the faces around me, but not when I’m home.

  3. You are so funny, I almost choke while eating my chicken when I read your post. Keep laughing and make a joke out of it and be creative as always….you have been such a big help to many. God knows this and it’s his mission to you, so, obvious. Keep that strong faith and remember, faith can move mountains and remember, all things are possible with God. Ism here at Kentucky fried chicken, and as always, all these elderly people suddenly craved for a chicken and now I just helped Kentucky restaurant make money for having these curious patriotic act patriots watch every move I make lol!!!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you get my humor. Some people think I’m being serious, but most times I’m being sarcastic. KFC is like every perp business. They’re a little better than most places I’ve eaten in. They haven’t messed with my food yet, but now that I’ve mentioned it, they’ll probably start. I’n glad I made you laugh. Have a nice day.

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