Gang Stalking – Any family member who gang stalks another is lower than slime.

Every time I read an article on gang stalking that states that our family’s not involved in our gang stalking, I  think of  how  my family’s involved in my stalking. One of my sisters, even recruits people to harass me.  When I decided that I’d had enough of Las Vegas, I decided to go back to Florida and find an apartment. My sister seemed very helpful. She drove me around to different apartment complexes. They were all, of course, apartments full of gang stalkers. At the time, I did not know this.  But I did notice that everywhere we went, the managers of the complexes totally ignored me. All the attention was on her.  So I paid attention to what was going on. I noticed that everywhere we went, she was signing people up to stalk me.  All the people signed the form she had.  They didn’t even read the waiver she asked them to sign.  She mentioned money and after that they could not care less what they had to do. I always wonder when these people found out what they had to do,  did any them question what they were  going  to be doing to other people.  They were going  after fellow Americans who’d done nothing. Fellow American who  done nothing and  painted as criminals, terrorists, crazies, etc. Did any of them question what they were about to do? Did they say they didn’t want to get involved in such a thing? I bet not one of them thinks what they are doing is wrong.

How can anyone in his/her right mind think that what they’re doing is right?

They torture people, try to drive them insane, mess with the person’s mind, stalk them, hit them with chemicals, damage their property, etc. How can any sane human being think  this is the right thing to do to another human being?

I guess when it comes to money, for these people, it an okay thing to do for money. Hurting another person does not count. These people, in my opinion, are all very sick individuals.

And my sister, I no longer speak to her. Any sister who gets someone to sign a waiver so she can get money for doing it, is no sister of mine. How would she like it if I did it to her? She would think I’m the lowest of the low for doing something like this to a family member.  And that’s what I think of her, she’s lower than slime. And I told her so.

And anyone who tries to convince you family members are not  gang stalking you, is either a fool or a perp. Either way, they’re not on your side.

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23 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Any family member who gang stalks another is lower than slime.

  1. Billy Joel was another target. Take a look at his lyrics… it’s the same theme many of us hear regularly…(home, second chances, old friends that used to be real close, etc)
    I don’t need you to worry for me cause I’m alright
    I don’t want you to tell me it’s time to come home
    I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life
    Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone – and that was what? the 70’s?

    It’s the same old tired, worn out tactics, repeated constantly over and over.
    And there’s quite a few country singers targeted also.
    Because… it is a MASS MIND-CONTROL theme.

    Lost another (supposed) web friend last night.
    It was supposedly “my fault”, but she acted like every other individual who had their mind subdued or they were paid to hate.

    The living have always been slow to learn.

    • I thought it pertain to his wife. Of course, I didn’t know anything about gang stalking at the time, so I wouldn’t think he was a target. You call what the perps do, living? By the way, there are other Nutters in the world besides you. I don’t mean to be insult you, but every time I think of Nutters, I have to laugh.

    • Billy Joel was not a target of anything… my playlist (1974 – 1981) (NOT Metallica 😉

      As I am singing it, I’ll try on karaoke sometimes 😉 At least these artists raised their voice… and of course they were not targets…

      Blue Oyster Cult – Veteran of the Psychic Wars (lyrics)

      Please Don’t Judas Me

      Bob Marley – Could you be loved – Lyrics

      Budgie – Crash Course In Brain Surgery

      • Just one more from Metallica, pay attention to the last part “I’m inside, Open your eyes, I’m you… Sad but true”, It might not be exactly true that “The truth will set you free” but better to realize the truth… at least you can stop looking for hidden cameras 😉

        • Just one more thing, while is true that they sometimes sing from “psychiatrists” perspective and sometimes from victms perspective like in “Master of puppets”, they don’t have to do anything with some particular case, they’re on our side mostly and tell it like it is – and all the true (most ti’s are bullshitters) victims should be greatfull for Metallica and their songs…

  2. My family is the same way. I don’t understand how they are brainwashed into being so evil.
    This is the end times that we were warned about. It is just unimaginable.

  3. No, you’re right. Not one of them thinks they are doing anything wrong. They think they are such good people. The higher they regard themselves, the more vicious they are.
    One of my supervisors likes joking about playing with peoples emotions. Listen, GS effects every facet of a persons life and there is no facet that is not affected. So you re not f ing with emotions. Youre f-ing up somebody’s whole life, and you know it. You have no right, no matter what you think about that person. You have no right.

  4. I can relate to this to some degree. I don’t believe my family members are “in on it” or that they are stalkers, however I do believe that they, meaning my mother and my uncle have been approached and threatand by these stalkers who have money, power and strength in numbers and told to call me “crazy” and deny that any of this is true regardless of any evidence i show them. The same thing happens when I report these incidents to the local police because the police ARE in on it.
    I was arrested in Marin County, Ca. recently for vandalizing officer Leland’s patrol car. Check him out on you tube. There is another Marin County T.I. who caught his ass on tape using gang stalking and electronic harassment on citizens. Officer Leland has since resigned following his investigation.

    • Are they overly interested in where you’re going? That’s the first sign that your family’s involved. They always want to know where you’re going, so they can report and get paid for it. If your family’s not involved, I’m happy for you. We should all have families like you. As to the corrupt officer, it’s good he resigned. He should also be arrested for what he’s done to citizens. It’s too bad you can’t do the same thing back to him. Let him get a dose of what we have to go through every day.

  5. Chances are those people are not your biological family at all… you should look deeper into you’re family tree… These people who you call perps can and are allowed to take place of you’re biological family and play you like a cat plays with a mouse, sometimes they have two lives and exchange places in one role just as actors do in the movie, government allows it, system helps them do that – they have pictures, IDs, fingerprints… of everyone, perps as you call them control government… but they’re just some kind of psychiatrists – and this goes way back in the past… ever sow an old movies where a husbant would put a wife in a mental hospital for something something benign? What gave him the right is that he was some kind of psychiatrist and she was not… that’s what makes a difference… or have you seen that movie beautiful mind? Movie is a real bullshit except one scene where couple people in suites and hats come to pick Russel Crow and he asked them who are you people and one of them said: “We are the psychiatrists” – that’s how they did it in the past… Now they mostly use technology and surgically mutilate people and they often don’t even realize it… “Sad but true” as Metallica would put it…

      • Then, they probably don’t know about the system and believe what somebody told them that you’re crazy or something… and they can be next… there is a saying “it runs in the family”… Someone in your biological family especially parents would tell you if they knew… they might play you since early childhood… as I am played for the last 35 years… “They dedicate their lives to running all of his” – Metallica, “Unforgiven

        • A lot of my family’s involved. I even get nasty comments on Facebook from some of them. My stalking has been going on for a while now, but I can’t think of anything that happened to me in childhood, but I think my mother and father were victims of gang stalking. I can remember all the bad things that happened to my mother and father. How my family was torn apart. The bastards will get their day and I hope it’s a horrible day.

          • They have a saying “It runs in a family”, if your parents were victims, all of your brothers and sisters are in danger if they are biologically connected to you at all… I told you that they have the right and means to replace people till the last one stands… You might be victim because of some sin of your parents – and they have the means to make people spill their guts to them… You might be just unlucky because none of your parents belonged – if they did you’d be free

            Take a look at this lyrics from Metallica:


            • Just a questions n1, do you hear constant humming in your left ear and sometimes in both ears including pitching? Do you think that there are hidden cameras in your apartment and that you’re constantly being watched? Do you have vivid dreams sometimes?

              • Yes, there’s humming in my left ear, that’s how they keep track of you when they can’t find you. The humming gets real loud. One time I got away from them and the humming was so loud in my ear, I thought I was going to lose my hearing. Oh, there are definitely hidden cameras in my apartment. I can tell by what the lowlifes do to me when I go out. They do things that I don’t do anywhere else but my apartment. I don’t have vivid dreams. I rarely dream.

                • I will tell you now something you might find to shocking to believe for you right now, there are no hidden cameras in your apartment, you have a brain interface and they can see through your eyes, they can hear your internal dialog, they can implant words to your head if they decide to…
                  They know everything about you, they can make you have vivid dreams – nightmares, luckily they don’t, they don’t torture you with voices and that is good, looks like you’re just innocent victim and haven’t done anything seriously wrong in your life – and they know, they know it all…
                  But, please don’t panic, you can live with it just fine, just be aware of your actions, you’re not a surgeon so please do not try anything to disable interface – it’s attached to your brain…
                  Good thing they don’t make you talk to yourself inside all the time…

                  You’re innocent victim so don’t worry, but take a look at this and don’t panic it’s not just like that if you’re innocent:



              • Who? If you mean James Heathfileld form Metallica and Lars or Kirk… they are the biggest “psychiatrists” they can be… this song dyers eve is about true victims – they are our spokesmen:)

  6. I have two sisters and several cousins who are stalkers. I have disowned them because betrayal of blood is an unforgivable sin.
    However, they will pay for that crime. What goes around comes around or they will reap what they have sown.
    One day they will need help and I will laugh.

    • Oh, I believe their day will come whether they’re related to us or not. And I can’t wait for that day. It keeps me strong, and want to live long enough to see them put in jail. And I will laugh, too!

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