Gang Stalking – ___colonalism would crumble from the weight of its ignorance and greed___

What’s below are passages from Maya Angelou’s book “The Heart of a Woman”.

[Vus studied Political releases, Guy did schoolwork and I read The Blacks. During the third reading, I began to see through the tortuous and mythical language, and the  play’s Genet suggested that colonialism would crumble from the weight of its ignorance and greed, and that the oppressed would take over the positions of their former masters. They would be no better, no more courageous and more merciful.

I disagreed. Black people could never be like whites. We were different. More respectful, more merciful, more spiritual. Whites irresponsibly sent their own aged parents to institutions to be cared for by strangers and to  die alone. We generously kept old aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents at home. feeble but   needed, senile but accepted as natural part of natural families.

Our mercy was well-known. During the thirties Depression, white hobos left freight trains and looked for black neighborhoods. They would appear hungry at the homes of the last hired and the first fired, and were never turned away. The migrants were given cold biscuits, leftover beans, grits and whatever black folks could spare. For centuries we tended, and nursed, often at our breasts, the children of people who despised us. We had cooked the food of a nation of racists, and despite the many opportunities, there were few stories of black servants poisoning white families. If that didn’t show mercy, then I misunderstood the word.

As for spirituality, we were Christians.  We demonstrated the teachings of Christ. We turned other cheeks so often our heads seemed to revolve on the end of our necks, like old stop-and-go signs. How many times would we forgive? Jesus said seven times seventy. We forgave as if forgiving was our talent. Our church music showed that we believed there was something greater  than we, something beyond our physical selves, and that, that something, that God, and His Son, Jesus, were always present and could be called “in the midnight hour” and talked to when the “sun raised itself to walk across the morning sky.” We could sing the angels out of heaven and bring them to stand thousands thronged on the head of a pin. We could ask Jesus to be on hand to “walk around” our deathbeds and gather us into “the bosom of Abraham.” We told Him all about or sorrows and relished the time when we would be counted among numbers of those who would go marching in. We would walk the golden streets of heaven, eat of the mild and honey, wear the promised shoes and rest in the arms of Jesus, would rock us and say , “You have labored in my vineyard. You are tired You are home now, child. Well, done.” Oh, there was no doubt that we were spiritual.]

If blacks are really as spiritual and Christian as Maya Angelou writes, why  are they not being Christians toward people like me who never done anything to them? They have become as the writer Genet suggested. That they would become just like their masters, no better and no more courageous. And I agree.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – ___colonalism would crumble from the weight of its ignorance and greed___

  1. Back in the old days, my Grandmother, an immigrant from Eastern Europe, was very merciful to the poor people of our city during the Depression. She would always have strangers at the table during Sabbaths and Holidays. She ran a grocery store and the family lived overhead. Most of her customers were poor pickers who did not have money if it was not in season. About half of her customers ran a “tab” in the slow season. Less than half paid her back. My father was an attorney that took and represented people of all races and economic backgrounds–even drunks and crazy people. Some could not pay. He would take payment “in kind” of objects, etc..even if they were not worth what his fees were. My mother and grandmother told me to be nice to everyone no matter how poor they were (now I’m poor and the world is not nice). The people my family were so nice to “back in the day” as in the Depression through the 1980s or so now are my perps. Very few people take mercy on me at all. Maya Angelou might have been right about Blacks during the Depression but everything is changed. They love the chance to come down on a white person without consequences. I have been treated generally poorly by Blacks and Hispanics and even Asians my whole life–not to mention the crap I’ve gotten from Whites and even especially fellow Jews and Christians. The last one is the worst to me.

    • Well, my sister is a Christian and she has gotten almost very member of my family to become harassers. If my sister does this to me, and they know about it, how they can trust someone who would target her sister? Are they next? They should think about things like this.

          • I know that now. How many pieces of sub human crap call themselves “Christians” to get close to a target??? Better a real Jew….LOL

            • There are Jews doing this to us, too. So I don’t think any religion is not targeting us. That’s why I don’t practice any religion. Religions are here to keep us in control.

                • Well, if your faith’s helped you, then by all means stay with it. If it makes you feel better than that’s good. I can’t say that any faith makes me feel better.

                  • Some days it doesn’t work but without it I’d have no real reason to live. The perps attack my faith going as far as to get into my face and say “you are lost, so lost”. and walk away. I have found every Christian and most Jews I’ve met to be hypocrites. The only non hypocrites I’ve found is (badly enough, sorry) atheists.

  2. Tha majority of African Americans live in industrialized urban environments, with high levels of pollution (more than half is transportation related), where the air is enriched in volatile forms of heavy metals like mercury, and microparticulates and ozone/smog aerosols.   Most of these urban centers also have high levels of lead in water distribution systems.    Heavy metals and smog are associated with elevated risk cardiovascular disease and diabetes.   Lead and mercury can deteriorate mental health, resulting in increased aggressivenes, poor risk recognition and behavioral control problems (addictions and poor socialization).   Currently, the US is in the midst of a huge pain medication and heroin addiction epidemic. Unemployment and underemployment in many large urban centers can easily push black americans into addictions and crime, especially when payment for on-demand cause stalking is made in cash and drugs.  A recent survey of US counties in 2014 indicates that most of the US has not recovered from the 2007-2010 economic recession.  In these urban centers, actual unemployment is substantially higher than the statistics quoted, because of the sheer number of people who have given up looking for jobs (the chronically ‘disenchanted unemployables’) – the peak numbers may be as high as 25-30% unemployed, mostly the youngest and oldest age cohorts of those seeking work.   For the chronically unemployed stuck in ugly and polluted urban ghettos, the lure of easy money for street theatre and gang style harassement is impossible to turn down.   Blame organized crime and drug cartels for setting up the crimes, but take a minute to think about compounding factors, economic and physical, that make it easy for Organized Crime to lure people from all walks of life into easy, lucrative street crime, especially when there are no guns involved.

  3. Yea, there are very few educated and respectful people in that community. But everyday I am being tortured by the members of their community. I have not done anything to them. I may have been taken hostage by them ever since this started five years ago. The commandment says NOT to covet. People and leaders in their community MUST step up and reign in on these criminals who are torturing me immediately.

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