Upside down, Backwards, In reverse

What she says is so true!


The shittiest, most unstable humans that ever roamed the Universe are chosen to gang stalk.

One thing with them that is so hard to swallow is the way some of them react after being so hurtful to a target. They react with scorn. A normal person would be apologetic, empathetic when they realized they hurt someone. Or at least just act neutral if they are not sorry. A perp acts angry and scornful, and disgusted. As if they are the victim and you did something wrong to them. I can’t figure out of this is a typical sociopathic reaction or their SRA mind control programming. Maybe both. It is really a sight to see. I think mostly they aim to confuse. And they are always looking for a reaction.

I remember lending clothes to perp “friends” in high school. One of them returned a shirt with a huge bleach stain…

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5 thoughts on “Upside down, Backwards, In reverse

  1. to each their own, but i dont think they’re the absolute worst scum on the planet, but they’re right up there. whoever is working “behind the scenes” of the nwo/illuminati/whatever uw anna call it, they’re the absolute worst.

    i just found out that one of my neighbors could be real gs’ers, not coerced or scared into it. i dont fall for gs’ers who act “nice” anymore, but the thing with these guys is they moved here abou 2 years ago, and just NOW, 2 years later, they turn on me. they’re not nice, but they were like most gs’ers with me who do their part then go on. now they stepped it up a bit. they put on a good cover – a truck i see them in, has “jesus” sticker in the back. they have a wooden cross in their living room. i thought they were christians but not doing much with it. now i see its a cover lol.

    i knew they weren’t true christians from the start. they’re a young couple, and the fitrst month they moved in, before i knew i was a ti, i was in my living room getting ready to take out the trash, then the girl came to my door asking for a vacuum. when i handed it to her she did some kinda hand flirt with me and smiled and i was like wtf is she serious lol

  2. They really are sick, feeding off the misery of others, laugh in their face and move on, they are empty inside and scorn makes them feel good about themselves, do not respond, just chill, sympathy for their plight will just take you down a dark hole, excellent post, been there, done that, am done with their drama and childish games trying to get attention.

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