Gang Stalking – Holocaust Memorial Day.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. It’s in commemoration of the Jews killed in Auschwitz. But to me, this holiday should be for holocaust  victims all over the world. There have been Holocausts in Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, and I’m not too sure, Antarctica. I think Antarctica has always been too cold and there aren’t too many  people who  live there. But maybe, there have been Holocausts of animals. They count, too. Animals have feelings and if there’s been a holocaust about the animals, they should also be honored. All living things that breath have feelings, too.

So I dedicate this blog today to all victims of holocausts all over the world, not just one country.  And I also dedicate this blog to all the targets who are suffering every day of their lives. We really don’t know how many targets have been killed, so we can’t say there hasn’t been a holocaust of targets. Maybe one day we’ll find out the truth about targets.


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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Holocaust Memorial Day.

  1. Organized Stalking is a Holocaust, it is a ‘Giant Electronic Concentration Camp’, watched and harassed 24×7 this is worst kind of torture any human can endure.
    Thanks for dedicating this day to TI’s

    Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Cyberstalking

    • I agree it is just like the Holocaust, only difference, today’s technology makes it easier for them to keep track of us. And you’re welcome. I’m doing to do it next year again, and the year after, and after until this ends.

  2. One more point, @neverending… I have an FYI and you can post or delete it… your choice.
    Personally, I hope you post it. The REAL TI’s who visit need to know how to SPOT A PERP in ANY chat room, on ANY blog or in ANY forum.
    I do NOT fear PERPS, the gov or the various Mafia’s/Contractors who are complicit.

    You might want to see this very short page and pay attention to the last two headings: Ganging Up and Personal Attacks.
    Then compare the last two headings to the behavior of Anthony and Downcast… especially Downcast using the “sock puppet” theme to “make the 3 of them appear to be a mob” or gang association. (Did 4chan send you?)
    BOTH of these individuals are using PERP TACTICS.
    Bear in mind, that if it acts like a PERP, talks like a PERP, USES PERP tactics… it is likely a PERP.

    Here is another site that you should see:

    It is how to tell a REAL TI site from a disinformation site.

    Most, if not all, TI sites and blogs are attended by and stalked by perps.
    That’s a fact.
    My site is regularly stalked by the DoD Information Network, Boeing (military contractor) and DARPA.
    Gang stalking is a refined form of MKUltra – a government/military mind-control and Human Trafficking DOMINATION program.

    And you have to guess why TWO people who do NOT know me would want to use Logical Fallacies and attempt to use Character Assassination so that you will listen to them instead of someone who is PROVIDING ACTUAL EVIDENCE that will help you???
    Pick one… 1) personal opinion using PERP tactics or 2) someone providing evidence that is designed to keep you and other ACTUAL TI’s safe.

    Neverending, you may believe anyone you want.
    All I ask is that you pay attention to the FACTS that have been established concerning who a PERP is and HOW they ACT.

    BOTH Anthony and Downcast ACT like PERPS. Talk like PERPS and use PERP Tactics.

    • At this point of my perping, I’m beginning to doubt everyone. I did not take you off because I don’t know who is telling the truth. I know how my family acted toward me when they were perping me, so it’s hard to tell who is a perp and who is not.

    • I’ve heard about being a perp website many times. And it’s on your list of perp sites. Thanks for the info. I’m keeping an open mind as to who is a perp and who is not.

      • How many PERPS do you know that will supply references?
        Call the Chief of Police in Cloudcroft, NM. His name is Matt Flotte. Ask him if he knows of me.
        Call the Sacramento Mountains Senior Center (in Cloudcroft) and ask them if they know me. (YOU look up the number so you’ll know I’m not redirecting you)
        Or go to, call them and ask for a character reference on John Nutter.
        Be sure and ask if “Nutter” is my REAL last name.
        (OR call the town of Nutter’s Fort, W. Va and ask if “Nutter” is a real last name.)
        If you approach Joshua at sun-direct as something other than an accusational ass, you might find that I am very real, a bona-fide TI and someone who actually HELPS people escape from Human Trafficking.

        PERPS hide in the shadows and attack psychologically from a distance.
        They will provide nothing in the way of proof of WHO they are.

        I’m pretty much right out in the open with And have been since 2000 with an audience of MORE THAN 400,000 every month.

        If you are being “stalked”, everything about you is public, anyway. BOTH truth and lies.
        Prove WHO you are or continue being suspected of being a PERP… is the “Rule of Thumb” I have been teaching people since 2000.

        Every item that one needs to know truth from lie can be found on the web.
        Living in “confusion” is just as bad as believing a lie,
        Risk little… get little – is a fact of life. So is risk big… get big.

        If you look through the comments on this blog, you’ll find my phone number.
        If ANYONE isn’t sure of me… call me.

        You think my accusers will PROVE who they are and provide evidence that they “are what they say they are”???

        • There’s a thing we all need that’s called proof. Since I have no way of getting proof, stole my cameras, phones, etc., this is my only way of proving what is happening to me on a day-to-day basis. Without this blog,I have no way of proving what the bastards are doing to me.

    • I checked your IP address and you are where you said you are. On the other hand, I checked the IP of the others and the IP addresses where somewhere else. So you’re up by 1.

  3. well for one thing he denounced the holocausts that’s Jew bashing in my opinion he’s a perp by the way Mr. nutter or who ever you are I suggest you don’t go to Europe denouncing the holocausts is a crime there

    • @downcastmysoul AND @anthony monnier:
      Personal attacks are also known as Logical Fallacies… ie, disguised lies to draw attention away from the truth or the core of a discussion.

      I provided a fact from the JEWS THEMSELVES that the holocaust didn’t happen.
      It was in the form of a URL… from the Jewish Encyclopedia.

      All that you two have provided is “personal opinion”. ZERO proof of claim.

      However, if it makes you feel superior to trash my actual family name… I don’t care.
      It simply makes you look like a predator.
      And of course, it is a fact of life that: we “do” what we are.

      So, if you two “predators” will excuse me, I will return to what I was doing before I was rudely attacked for providing evidence of the JEWISH claim.
      And you two can continue believing all of the ZIONIST claims all you want.

      I agree with S_Churchill, beyond666 and for most of the views, neverending.

      I, however, will NEVER side with predators like you two.
      Another fact of life: people smear who they fear.
      If the others reading this will note: EXPOSURE of a behavior is a prerequisite to knowing who and WHAT you are dealing with.

      Get some guts Anthony and Downcast.
      Act like a decent human being and you’ll be perceived as one.
      Act like a predator and… people will see you for what you are.

  4. NE1, Could you trash mr “nutter” who even trashes us with his name? The holocaust happened in Germany and there have been holocausts in Russia, China and all over the world by tyrants. The Native Americans were almost wiped out as well. I’m a ti, not a “nutter” by the way. Did 4chan send you?

  5. Of course the holocaust happened! It was a mass sacrifice. Hasn’t any one noticed that in wars it is always the civilians who get slaughtered?
    That John Nutter who made that comment is probably a military soldier that works in teams to slaughter T.I’s in the civilian population. Fuck you John Nutter and FUCK the POLICE!
    And FUCK the NSA.
    FUCK YOU!!!
    The MORRIGHAN is coming and none of you will escape.

    • @nemainfrenzy: I live at 7 Navajo in Cloudcroft, NM… if you’ve got any guts, why don’t you say something standing 18″ in front of me, paper tiger.
      Personally, I doubt you’ve got the guts to even attempt to “fuck” John Nutter.
      You’re just a typical troll. Only “tough” on paper.

      Hitler left 58 million dead in his wake and didn’t accomplish anything more or less than MASS MURDER.
      The International Red Cross denies the holocaust, and they were present at the camps. They even have evidence that Red Cross packages were delivered EVERY DAY. Germany denies the holocaust and that’s where it supposedly happened.
      NO bodies were ever found… NOT even at the supposed burial sites.

      Think what you want paper tiger, but at least have the guts to attack in my face.
      People like you bore me.

  6. Read the definition of a holocaust.  Rethink whether there is a type of genocide being practiced against TIs –  (targeting, torture, death – indirectly condoned by an apathetic society), mostly here in the US, conducted by drug-cartel backed zombie anarchists.   There are no people who inhabit the Antarctic permanently.  It’s far too hostile an environment, and the logistical support per person is economically intractable.    

    • I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I did have a question which I used to ask my sister about the Holocaust. I won’t say what the question is here. My life is bad enough without getting a certain group after me, which by the way, I think is involved in this program.

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