Gang Stalking – Am I victim because of an affair?

For a long time I’ve suspected a certain someone of  starting this war against me. But I always made an excuse for this person.

Now, I know I’m right. There was also another person I suspected, because she also had things going against her, but now I know who the perpetrator is.

All the signs were there.  She once told me the person she married was a mafia guy. I dismissed her comment, because she always liked to make up stories.  And she also told me that this man was a community organizer. And on top of al this proof, he ran a business lending money to people, usually at a high percentage. I don’t know how I ignored all this proof all these years. And she was always rude to me and made cutting remarks, but I ignored them. How stupid was I?

The only reason I can think of her doing this to me is because her husband used to come visit me.  He and I never had anything going on. I was not at all attracted to the husband. Maybe she thought he and I were having an affair. I never in any way, form or shaped ever encouraged her husband. If someone rings your door, you ask who it is and if it’s someone you know, you let him/her in. That’s what I did.  I never, ever encouraged him in any way.  This was the woman’s first husband. He was having an affair, but not with me. Someone he worked with. Maybe he came to visit me to make it seem he was having an affair with me. This woman used to be close to me. I won’t say if she’s a friend or a sister, or any other kind of relation.  And if it’s the reason she began this war against me, why didn’t she go after the woman who really was having  an affair with her husband?

So I think she got her second husband, who is with the mafia, to make my life miserable to get even with me. I’m sure she told her second husband a lot of lies about me. I know she did. She lies a lot about everything.  Any story I ever told her, she made it into her.

I’m pretty sure, I’m 99-3/4 % right on this. But, of course, there’s that one-forth of doubt, because I can never be sure about something like this.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Am I victim because of an affair?

  1. Could possible be, I no longer believe in coincidence…. this is a little lengthy, I went over and over my circumstance and I believe my stalking began in middle school.I use to think it started with my divorce and the child abuse cover up, but I believe it to happen sooner in life … I know that sounds cra cra, but I was harassed like a POW(I was a kid that didn’t ever get in trouble), in school, but the principal would drill me about my address and my parents over and over. So much so I would recite my name, address phone number and age… The land my parents have(they had it for 50 years), I since found out is considered no mans land or govt controlled. I have just recently found out about this land, not sure what it means, but I do believe it to be something sinister……….and In walks my future husband in, I was in high-school… 82, I had never met him, but he came to my parents to ask me out… very strange, it was a horrible experience, the belittling and fighting, but we got married in 88, and he recently told my adult kids he had to marry me…. This set me back because I was in College and wasn’t in an expectant way, he begged me, … I told him we don’t get along that well, but he promised he would change, I quit college and came home to marry and the marriage was hideous, abusive and confusing to say the least … I believe it to have been arranged….. when the marriage dissolved, I noticed around 98 his friends were spreading lies that I hit on them, and such… they went so far as to try to testify about it, no dates, times and it was dismissed, but did they get purger y no…… but I remember when the real stalking began he woke me up one nite around the year 97 and told me it now begins and your life is over as you know it, everyone will hate you and you will beg to die…. I thought it was more empty threats and abuse…and that they did!!!Boy if I knew then what I know now…. Oh my!!!!!! My divorce & custody lasted 13 years, and the domino effects are still hitting me…. I have since found out he was using our business for drugs and he is an informant for the FBI….In 03,1 person, who happened to be a school teacher. had some sympathy for me and went to my moms business and told her about all this, which convinced my mom to side with me in the divorce, yes he even had my parents fooled…Now of course the teacher was fired because of this……I will always be in deb ted to her… Thru all the years I have been accused of heinous stuff and have never done this stuff… I tried to have another relationship but it was manipulated and fell apart….that was five years ago, I just learned to walk on this side of the street and put that to rest…. I just live my life keeping meticulous records and never let any one ever have anything over me……..Lonely but works so far.. Keep your head up… …. I believe TI’s are constantly asking when, where why and how, can this be! I know my thoughts change the more I research, the darker it gets!

    • If your husband told you this I where your life really begins, I’d believe him. It seems it’s someone closest to us who’s always involved. Remember the movie “Gas Lighting”? Remember her husband tried to convince her that what she hearing or seeing was not real. He was trying to drive her insane, and she had no idea. That’s how it works with most of us targets. And it really does get darker and darker. The more I find out, the creepier things get. Thanks for story.

  2. now that I reflect I guesses mine started about 30 years ago back then this community was really backwards you see ancestry wise aim about 6 generation French and I was supposed to side in with them but I what’d to be independent like I said this is and old German farming community and lets face it Germans aren’t very friendly but now most of the people are either dead or gone who knew what it was all about now their just out to get me

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