Gang Stalking – The answer to what’s happening to you now lies in the past.

Well, all the usual suspects are at the library again. Always trying to prevent me from writing my blog. You see, I’ve been at this game longer than they have, so usually no matter what they do, I find a way of getting around them.

I would like you targets to think about your past. The answer to what’s happening to you lies in your past, not the now.

Think about an incident you had with someone you know in the past.

Were you rude to someone? Did you say something to someone and it  taken the wrong way by them? Did you cheat on someone?  Did you do something to someone out of meanness? Did you have  a  fight with someone? Do you owe someone money and never pay it back?

Think back to your childhood, is there anything you might have done to someone?

Were these people wealthy? Did they know someone wealthy or powerful? Is anyone you know involved with the mafia?

Because the one you hurt might have powerful friends who helped him with what’s happening to you

You might not have anything at all, but maybe someone took something you said the wrong way. Sometimes we all say things that we don’t think are hurtful, but thinking back are.

Can you think of a friend, ex-friend, job, family member who always seems to be out to get you?  Is there someone who makes nasty remarks about you in front of others?  Is there someone who treats you as if you have leprosy?

Maybe they have something to do with  what’s happening to you.

Some people are very sensitive and  anything someone says can make them feel inferior.

But it doesn’t matter what we said or did to someone, what they’re doing to us is worse than anything we’ve might have done or said. No one deserves what’s happening to us.  I’m sure all of us had mean things said to us and done horrible things to us, but we didn’t go out and act like big babies and hire someone to go after them.

By the way,  I hope all of you have a Happy Easter. Enjoy all the Easter goodies!


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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The answer to what’s happening to you now lies in the past.

  1. those kind of people are always putting us down it makes them feel superior . and really the past is the past I don’t dwell in the past and really anything we’ve done in the past is just an excuse to terries’ us

  2. Thank you @neverending.
    My Montana girl called (so did her sister in CA – conference call) and we got things back to semi-normal.
    We compared notes and still have no clue “why each other”.
    I certainly appreciate your help.
    What all 3 of us learned was that there are multiples. All 3 of us had others in this chain of events. I spotted 3 more and they had like, 6 each, more possible suitors.
    We decided to just ignore it. Maybe inactivity will make it go away or useless to whoever is running our particular scam.
    Thanks again neverending1… couldn’t have done it without you.
    You are priceless!

  3. Most of us are targeted in the same way typical crime victims are selected when perp and victim don’t know one another: crimes of opportunity.   Most of us are distant from family and friends (have few local friends) and aren’t married / don’t have a significant other. We may work at jobs at workplaces that are toxic to professionals (mostly women, minorities and single mothers who are educated).    More importantly, we live in cities that have high crime rates with major drug-trafficking related crime.   Gang stalking is a commununity-enabled crime.  It’s ORGANIZED crime – and it fits the definitions of organized crime so well, it’s as though someone created a list of the worst felonies short of outright immediate murder that they could get away with, and then had it realized through organized crime methods!     Harassment is dedicated to slow death methods – microwave induced tissue damage/stress/sleep deprivation, chemical attacks and drugging – of selected victims.  This approach legally qualifies as deliberate and premeditated murder.   A small percentage of this stalking may arise from retribution for known past issues, but on the whole, you probably were selected for targeting for reasons unrelated to interpersonal strife in your past: you were covertly assessed for the odds of success as a victim of ooportunity, based on previous trauma/unusual stress, tendency to stand out and speak up for others,  tolerance (enabling) to aggressive behaviors of bullies (as evidenced or related to other from your past life), and relative exposure (lack of support network of others who can stand up to community bulllies on your behalf).   Stop running a campaign of blame-game from a targets past acquaintances and start to look for the deeper reason for stalking.   It’s organized crime meant to fragment the fabric of society by targeting those types that would stand up and say “THIS IS WRONG”.. It’s drug-trafficking related and it’s been attempted in Western European nations who are familiar with STASI techniques and have successfully brought these large groups of perps to trial!   Those who organize these local perp groups have gotten more careful.  They used to target the lawyers, judges and politicians who were anti-drug culture, a decade or more ago.   And most importantly, gang stalking methods seems to be present among the skyrocketing numbers of active military and military veterans who report similar community mobbing and open encouragement to commit suicide.   Hmmm – who do you think is are the major players in fighting both drug cartels and the terrorism abroad, paid for and associated with the trafficking of drugs, illegal arms, human slavery and contraband items????   US Army leads that fight, and NATO and select other nations are also involved.   A very interesting correlation – not coincidental, either.    

  4. If you go over your entire past you may or may not find “why” you are targetted…it might even be generational! One thing is guaranteed, though, you will drive yourself nuts going over your past! I used to do it and came up with so many theories that if I had a dollar for each one I’d be commenting from my yacht!

  5. yeah i was a real asshole in the past. i had the nerve to be born. when they saw me come out of my mothers womb they said “HOW DARE YE PEASANT FILTH DWELL IN THINE REALM! WHAT IS THIS DEMONRY? I SHALL CAST THEE ONTO THY FALLEN ANGELS! BEHOLD, FOR THIS IS WISDOM! HE WHO STRIKETH THEE DEMON SHALL ENTER THY KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!”

    for the record i didnt sign up to live in this world. must of been a scam or something.

    • I didn’t sign up, either, but we’re here. I think there haven’t been someone who has not been an asshole at one time or another. It’s the human condition. And I don’t think you’re worse than anyone else.

  6. As life would have it…
    After 20 long boring years and dealing with stalkers on various levels, I was introduced to a woman who was being stalked by a web friend (never met them).
    Being a nice guy when I want to be, I have talked with her on many occasions. Sometimes for hours.
    Well, while making friendships the normal way, “exchange of information”, I discovered that she and her sister were “where the GS Community” was trying to take me, personally.
    I’m not a fan of Arranged Marriage nor polygamy.
    And still being a nice guy when I want to be and am helping this woman, I let her know what the gang stalking community had in mind for her and me.
    She is now in No Response mode, which is understandable.
    If “I” had learned this from someone I knew, I would have a hard time digesting it myself.

    What she obviously doesn’t know is this:
    I’m not even remotely interested in what the stalkers want. And that I will STILL help her achieve whatever SHE wants to do… And in ANY direction that SHE decides to go.
    I am NOT her enemy and I will do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to harm her… as we are BOTH targets in this scam from hell.
    ALL that I ask is that she call me… because if she is to be free… she needs to learn how to tell a V2K thought from her own. If she doesn’t learn that, the GS Community will continue leading her to all the wrong places. Like where she is right now; A candy-coated hell-hole.
    I would rather she went where SHE wants to GO and DO what SHE wants to do.
    It’s HER LIFE and that is HER CALL. NOT mine and certainly NOT the GSers.

    @neverending; I do hope you will allow this post so that “one” of your readers will see this.
    You’ll be helping TWO stalking targets.
    One to cope.
    And me? I want more information on how they operate to help others beat this insidious system that destroys the lives of others for whatever purpose… and usually a purpose that people being stalked do NOT want.

    I could have said nothing and let this scenario play out the way the GS planned. They were only 3 months from completion.
    However, I am not compliant.
    To do so, would have been complicity and collusion… neither of which fits into my own integrity or self-respect.
    To have remained “silent”, would have been consent.

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