Gang Stalking – Not quitting my blog anytime soon.

I used to be on Google. I even had a rating 0f 2-12 points. I recently went looking for my blog and found out that that most of what I’ve typed is missing. There were a lot of listings in Google on nevereding1, now one. The only way someone can find me is by  typing in No neverending1. I have no listing for neverending1.  If my blog is so unimportant, as they write and tell me, why  are  they deleting it? I  must be getting people to come to my blog despise what they did to me. They don’t want anyone to find out that I’m telling the truth, why else  would everything I’ve written be deleted?   Right now,  as I’m typing this, there’s a hacker sitting next to me trying to erase everything I type.  I would like to let him know that hacking is punishable by 3-20 years in prison. And  that’s  where the idiot belongs.

So I’m going to try to get into  Google, which I haven’t been able to do for almost two years, and put everything back in. I want to go to Google and find my blog. I want the whole world to know what the U.S. is doing to its citizens. And I will not rest until I do. They will not stop me. I will continue to write my blog no matter what they do to me. They’ve only encouraged me not to quit!!  They’ve just made me want to write my blog more than ever. You readers don’t have to worry about me quitting my blog anytime soon. You can look forward to reading my blog for a long time to come!

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Not quitting my blog anytime soon.

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    • Yeah, I heard about the shooting this morning. A skin head shot some people in a synagogue. The world gets to look worse and worse every day. Maybe that’s good. Maybe people will wake up as to what’s happening around them.

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