Gangstalking video of a Targeted Individual

As they do with all us targets, they screwed driver of car in this video. The video is over an hour long. NE1


Published on Sep 5, 2013
Video of gangstalking, with commentary about who is doing it and why.

Gangstalking video from Tolland, CT.

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4 thoughts on “Gangstalking video of a Targeted Individual

  1. Nobody believes targets are some kind of wannabe terrorists… and that’s why most people think they are stalked, it has nothing to do with patriot act or Bush… These people who are doing it are some kind of psychiatrists and their goal is make you believe you’re crazy as well as other people who don’t know… It’s been going on for decades and decades now around the World not just in US (just now there is Internet), and these people are just like one big family – they’ll stalk you no matter where in the World you move to, but it’s still OK util they start to use implants on someone, voices etc.

    • Oh, I know it doesn’t matter where I go, they’ll be there. I know from personal experience. And you’re right, it is happening all over the world. I’ve written about all this before.

  2. Most of the people I see doing it has ulterior motives. Greed is the main reason, I see a lot of greedy people, who will do anything to others to get ahead. If your being gangstalked, check your family tree, figure out why your so important.

    There like Pirates off the coast of Somalia…HAHAHAHAHA

    • I know my family’s involved, but why I don’t know. And I definitely know money’s involved. It’s hard for me to check my family history since I no longer have contact with many of them. And as why to why I’m important, I have no idea. Maybe because I found out the truth of what really happened to my mother.

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