Gang Stalking – A day of gluttony

I took the day off from the world yesterday, but the world did not take a day off from me. I still got hit with electricity, loud music and all the good things they do to me.

I went hog-wild.

I did not make my bed, clean up, cook, nor change my night-clothes. I walked around in my night-clothes all day.

And I ate a lot of junk food. It was junk food day. I ate almost half a gallon of chocolate ice cream, chocolate mint cookies, lots of dark chocolate, Habanero potato chips (so spicy, my eyes were watery and my nose dripped), jelly beans and anything bad that I could find to eat.

Of course, this morning, I’m feeling the effects of all that junk.  But, I enjoyed myself while it lasted. It was a day of gluttony.  But will I do it again anytime soon, no time soon. I’ll think of my stomach and want nothing to do with all the junk food.

I used to do this when I was younger. Every once in a while, I’d have junk food day  and eat nothing but junk food, nothing healthy. And then when I was finished with my junk food day, the thought of junk food used to make me sick. That’s how I’ve kept my weight down all these years.

So back to life today and to eating healthy.


8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – A day of gluttony

  1. I HAD TWO RED BIG CIRCLES ONE ON EACH ARM NEAR THE ARMPIT two days all night cooking me sleep diprive thats all i can say its to much but yes electronic harrassment is very real .these beings r going straight to hell no stops.

  2. Ne am alive i got electronic harrassnent it was high level stuff started on my birthday last year i was tortured till this year.i cant even write it here i cant even talk about it sometimes i didnt say owt hear .no wonder they was less gangstalking on the streets .all am guna say is that the lord sees my extreme pain an suffering an knows wat happened to me but yes if the gangstslkers can mess with u electronically instead of on foot they will do that .anyway hope ur ok ne

    • I’m okay. In spite of what they do to me, I keep going. I’m sorry about what they’re doing to you. Just don’t give up. You’ve lasted this long and you can outlasted the bastards!

  3. your entering my world all I do all day is eat its the only thing I got to look forward to anymore they keep saying prison will break me all over town aim so depressed all I do all day is eat and watch t. v.

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