Gang Stalking – Not picking on handicapped people, just the actors.

There’s a perp who’s been hanging around the library.  He’s  become a computer hacker. He looked very familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him. So for a week or more, I thought about it. And then, as I was about to get into the elevator, it came to me. This is the same man who was in the room during my yoga class.  At that time, he was in a wheel chair. He’s no longer in a wheel chair, and I don’t think he ever needed it. He walks around as if he’s  never had any problem with his legs. Well, anyway, I got into the elevator with him and a  group  of  other perps, which I never do. But I wanted to say something to him. As soon as the elevator closed, I said, “Oh, you’re that man who used to be in a wheel chair. I remember that during my yoga class you tried to get me in trouble. You stole a woman’s handbag and took off like lightning. I wondered why you took off so quickly.  And then when the yoga class was over, I found out why. You stole the woman’s handbag who’d left it on the table behind you. You wanted to get me in trouble by making it seem as if I did it.” A perp in the elevator spoke up, “He doesn’t look like a thief to me.”  Every perp in the elevator laughed. I had to get off and I could hear their laughter as I walked away,

It told you, you can’t trust any of the perps. This man has nothing wrong with him. Never did, but he’s posing as a cripple.  I have not seen the man since I saw him in the elevator. He now knows that I know he stole the woman’s  handbag and doesn’t want to get arrested. He probably thought since he wasn’t in a wheel chair I wouldn’t recognize him, but I did.  I have a pretty good memory.

As I’ve written before, you can’t trust people who seem to be handicapped. Some of them really are, but a lot of them are just playing games with us.

And now that I’ve written  about handicapped people and how I don’t trust them, I  will have even more of them following me around every day. Right now, there’s one on almost every corner. It’ll be two at every corner now.  I’m not picking on handicapped people, just the ones who are acting as if they’re handicapped!

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Not picking on handicapped people, just the actors.

  1. A lot of gangstalkers have handicapped tags. My husband was gangstalked by a handicapped man. With a handicapped tag or sign, it’s easy for them to park anywhere and bug you.

    • A lot of them aren’t handicapped at all. There are so many handicapped people in Las Vegas that it’s beyond belief. A lot of them make believe they’re handicapped to get government aid.

  2. yeah if u see a handicapped perp, most likely they’re not handicapped. sometimes they’ll use them on me. even had a few of them show me that they’re faking it buy walking normal as i pass them.

    one time on my exercise walk i saw guy with a cane faking an injury was trying to close in on me. when he got next to me i stuck my elbow out to my hip and got him good in the stomach area lol. if they wanna get themselves handicapped for real, they know where to find me 😀

    btw if u see one of them crying, or teary eyed, dont belive it, or at least be wary of ur sorroundings. last week some girl walked past me twice with watery eyes and a sad face. dunno what the point was, but im not falling for that bs. they’ll go to any length to gain your trust lol

    • Well, sometimes they make fun of us crying. Were you by any chance crying? If you were, they’re making fun of you. If not, then as you said, they were trying to hook you in. Good thing you didn’t fall for it. I honestly don’t care what happens to them. If they needed my help, they’d be in trouble. Bastards!

      • nah i wasnt crying, i rarey cry. they were just doing more of their bullshit even tho they know it wont work. i realized awhile ago that my handlers, or gs boss or w/e the idiots call themselves, are extremely sensitive. so maybe they were trying to tell me that they were crying after the horrible things i keep thinking about them lol

  3. Interesting post, do not apologize to handicapped people for what the psychopath did. I had a roommate that was a psychopath, I was soo naive; he would screw people over and think nothing about it, except maybe he got a thrill for getting one over on another human being. They are pitiful empty people.

    • Yeah, that’s right, who would suspect a handicapped person. By the way, the psycho is back in the library again. He really has no shame. I would report him, but no one would believe me. That’s why he’s back. He knows nothing will happen to him.

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