Gang Stalking – Another target dead?

Well. another shooting. I’m not surprised!

I’m sure the man who shot himself to death was a target. All the signs are there. I can tell. When a news broadcast mentions mentally  ill about ten 10 or more times in its reporting,  it’s trying to convince us that’s why the man did it. That way, the public doesn’t give the shooting another thought. They’ll think “he was mentally ill” and go on with their lives as if nothing’s happened.  How many shootings does that make in less than 2 years? I’ve lost count. It seems every 3 0r 4 months there’s a shooting.  But no one ever questions why it’s happening. They’re mentally ill. That explains away everything. Why are there so many mentally ill people in the U.S., if that’s true.Most of them are not mentally ill and have never been. Most of them are targets of the government.

If I were to go on a shooting rampage, I’m sure that the first words out of news casters would be mentally ill. I’m saner than most of  the idiots who run this country, but that’s not what anyone would hear. What you would hear over and over would be mentally ill, mentally ill, mentally ill.

The shooter’s name was Ivan Lopez, 34-years-old and was not a terrorist, was not violent, and, I’m sure,  was  not crazy.  But he had trouble sleeping. And what do the perps like to do to us? keep us awake all the time. Keep us awake so that we lose sense of time, get confused, and to make us seem crazy. And this is probably what they did to him. He didn’t know what they were doing to him. And he lost it. He couldn’t handle the sleeplessness and the other things done to him.

And my sympathy goes out to those families who lost aloved ones. Blame it on the government! And all those people in Ft. Hood who knew what was happening to Ivan Lopez.

So I can’t prove anything, but I’m sure Ivan Lopez was a target.  May he rest in peace.

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another target dead?

    • Oh, I know. There are a lot of others, too. And I can tell you there will be another shooting soon. And also the Mexican guy in IHOP, in Texas, who shot some police officers. And I can go on with others.

  1. He wasn’t a target, real target is put on non-stop Surveillance and can’t handle guns, nobody will sell a gun to a target and target is not allowed to become a soldier or policemen who handle guns… they have a remote way to stop the target even if he or she just thinks about it… they know

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