7 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

  1. I signed a new lease today as soon as I was done the manager offered me a clip for my potato chips and a emery board its amazing how he knows I eat a lot of potato chips and clip my nails a lot

    • I didn’t know you were moving. Before you move in, the manager’s told everything about you. And so are all the tenants. And the manager goes to work to sign up new perps. I hope this new place is better for you. Tell me how it’s going in your new digs.

  2. its amazing how the perps work I go into Kmart to buy a mp3 player (buy the way to any perps that might be reading this its junk) one perp watches what I buy goes tells another perp their think inking is when sandman breaks in to get me they’ll get my stuff I got news for the perps all my electronics when aim done with them I but them in the bathtub at I minutes notice I can turn on the water destroying them so their perps who might be reading this

    • They watch what you buy so they can report it. But they don’t have to watch, the store clerks will report what you’ve bought as soon as you put your money down. That’s how they know how to get into your electronics. They get the same thing you get and can hack your electronics.

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