Gang Stalking – How they laugh at us, but they’ll get their day in hell!

The saga of my glasses continues.

I went to the optometrist to him check my eyes on March 13. He prescribed glasses. I paid and the woman at the desk told me the glasses would be ready within 7 days. I thought that was a long time to get my glasses but didn’t say anything. I went back about  9-10  days later, giving them extra days to have them ready. I know how all companies like to screw with us targets. When I went  back, glasses weren’t ready. I was ready for that response. But I was  not  ready for the response I got from the doctor. He told  me that the glasses wouldn’t be ready for another two weeks or more. So I waited and went back yesterday, March 31, to check on my glasses. The woman at the desk couldn’t find them. She told me that she’d  seen them, but now she couldn’t find them. She got up and I heard her close the doctor to the doctor’s office. She came back and told me that the glasses were in another room and they were there to have me check them to make sure the glasses fit.   The woman  handed them to me, and I tried them on. The glasses were sun glasses! The glasses were for regular every day wear, not for the sun. The glasses were very dark. I’d ordered glasses with a very light tint for day wear. They took the glasses back and told me the glasses would be ready by Friday, April 4. She added a “maybe”.

If I get my glasses back on Friday, that will make 22 days to get the glasses, almost a month.  And if I don’t get them, it will probably add up to a month, or more.

I told the woman in the office not to put me on the list for repeat business.  I would definitely not return once I get my glasses.

I’m not surprised by the long wait. It’s happened over and over with anything I’ve ordered.

I swear these people are devils!  How they laugh at us and think they’re so funny. I can’t wait for the day they get their  day in hell, and then I’ll have the last laugh!

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – How they laugh at us, but they’ll get their day in hell!

  1. cant you do something to them? since they keep screwing up you should get them for free or half off. if i were you i would at least try to do something. just reading makes me wanna give those idiots a bunch of prank calls lol

    • I told them if my glasses were not ready, I wanted my money back. But they were ready, but not in a way I needed. If on Friday they’re not ready, I intend to ask for my money back. It makes me angry, too, but you know we can’t show anger. Immediately they would call the cops on me and tell them I’m acting crazy. They’ve lost my business for sure.

      • i know your gs’ing is worse than mine but its perfectly reasonable to be angry at them now. if they call the cops then the cops would know how terrible they are at their jobs. would have to write it down, put it on record lol.

        oh well, good ur done with them after this. way back when i got my glasses, before i knew i was a ti, there was some weird shit going on. at the end i remember someone brought their dogs, small or puppies, and the workers were arguing with him/her about no dogs allowed inside.

        • Thanks. Calling the cops to help us, and writing it down, that’s hilarious! They like to use dogs to stalk us. I have so many dogs after me, I can’t help but laugh sometimes.

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