Greetings from Obamaland…Oops, I Mean Greece

I’m re-blogging this because I like what he wrote. It has nothing to do with gang stalking. And you have to see the link to Berlusconi’s map of Europe(funny!). Its a little smutty, but funny.

International Liberty

As much as I condemn American politicians for bad policy, things could be worse.

We could be Greek citizens, which would be very depressing. Indeed, you’ll understand why I put Obamaland in the title after you read today’s column.

Simply stated, Greece is a cesspool of statism. The people seem to be wonderful (at least outside of polling booths), but government intervention is pervasive and atrocious.

Here’s an example. As I was coming in a taxi from the airport to the city yesterday, we passed some sort of protest. There were a couple of hundred people at the rally and probably about 50 riot cops.

I naturally wondered about the situation, expecting that it was radical statists or some of the crazies from Golden Dawn. But the cab driver explained that it was pharmacists.

So why are pharmacists protesting? I found out from some of the locals at…

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2 thoughts on “Greetings from Obamaland…Oops, I Mean Greece

  1. well someone told me something a long time ago as long as the American people have food in their stomachs and a warm place to stay they wont revolt. but when we lose the basics in live that’s when well revolt

    • Well, then I hope it happens soon, maybe then we targets will get out of this hell we’re living in. Then everybody will be living in hell, too, and they’ll know what hell is like. And I will feel no sympathy for any of them! They’re getting what they deserve.

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