9 thoughts on “Graphic: Militarization of American Police

  1. Obviously you are not keeping up with trends in drug-trafficking and drug cartel-related crime.

    Drug-related crime moved out of large cities (1980s and -90s) to small-to-medium sized cities and towns, across the US.

    I can guarantee you that the police need SWAT teams and weapons to deal with these thugs.  However, I also agree with the original posters premise that these heavily armed fast response teams need better training than they (probably) receive.

    The returning Afghanistan theatre military police could be an excellent resource to train police SWAT teams how to calm hyper alertness and reduce the risk of inadvertant trauma and fatal mistakes.

  2. Years from now, people will look back on these stats, videos, and pics the same way we look back on the Nazis and wonder how things deteriorated so severely.

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