Gang Stalking – Eager Beaver perp loses.

New perp yesterday  – Good-looking and knows it. He’s full of himself.

I begin to type my blog and get toward the end, almost finished with it.  The new perp gets into  the computer and I can’t figure what’s he’s doing. I can’t find “save” nor “publish”.  I try different things, but nothing works.  I  just get a  lot of empty space.

I look at the new perp and tell him that hacking will get him 3-20 years in prison. He laughs. Tells me that he’s hacking me! I tell him,  “I know”. He laughs again and continues to mess with the computer. I tell him that I’m going to tell the librarian what he said.  He laughs again. He laughs because he knows the librarian won’t help me. I get the librarian and show her what’s he done to my site. She looks at the perp and gives him a big smile. I catch her. She tells me that he’s not hacking my computer. That something is wrong with the site. I tell her that there’s nothing wrong with the site! She walks out. Bitch!!

Her telling me that he’s not hacking me makes me really want to get the jerk. I do things on the computer I’m not allowed to do. When it comes to it, it’s  them or me. This time it’s me. Finally! All the spaces disappear from my blog. I quickly hit “Publish”.  My blog gets published. Yea!

I go over to the perp and tell him that I’ve published my blog and that’s all I care about.

The new perp does not look happy. He looks puzzled. He’s probably asking himself “What happened’?” The smile on his face disappears.

Not the first time it’s happened to an eager beaver perp. Not so sure of himself anymore. I leave the computer room with a big smile on my face. Got another one!!!

As I sit here, I got another eager beaver. We’ll see who wins this time.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Eager Beaver perp loses.

  1. One small victory. Even when you discover something that works, you can’t really divulge any details about it or you render that information useless, so its really just pointless, except to say, “hey, I showed them.”
    I’m glad you were able to keep ties with your nephew. I can’t allow myself to feel any connection with people who are knowingly trying to hurt me. It isn’t cute and it isn’t love of any form.

  2. Sometimes you must circle around them. Have multiple browsers and when one stops working, switch to the other without closing the first. I get blocked in IE and switch to Chrome or FireFox. It helps to reboot your system including modem occasionally. Yesterday, I could do anything except get on FaceBook. Finally I shut down, waited five minutes and rebooted everything, including the modem. I could now get on FB.

    • They broke my computer and I have to come to the library to use theirs. I’m not allowed to make changes to it in any way, but where’s there’s a will there’s a way. Thanks.

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