Gang Stalking – The doctor’s a perp and so are his assistants.


Doctor’s visit today:

As soon as I sit down, doctor’s assistants begin  clearing their throats, because like any normal person I clear my throat, door slamming begins, they repeat phrases I use during the day, music volume goes up, some slicing sound is going on, phone rings non-stop, loud talking. Patients begin coughing.

Doctor’s room:

Assistant begins coughing as soon as I sit down. She also has blonde  hi-lights. I happened to make a comment on the complex manager dying her hair blonde, now all the women have blonde hi-lights. It’s truly a zombie world.

Assistant takes my temperature. On the way out of the office, she tells me the doctor will be in in a minute.  While I’m waiting, all the assistants are talking, coughing, giggling, laughing loudly. It sounds like a hen house – cluck, cluck, cluck.

While I’m waiting for the doctor, I’m getting hit with electricity on my left knee.

Outside, heavy footsteps abound and the coughing continues.

“Why do I even come to this doctor” I ask myself? But where am I to go that’s any better? It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.

I’ve  waited a while now, no doctor in sight.

I was able to write this while waiting for the doctor to come.

More coughing.

It seems everybody at the front desk is sick and spreading a lot of germs. I guess the doctor doesn’t have that many patients. He can let all the assistants act like ass holes!

Someone’s hammering on the wall. I hear an assistant say, “Quit hammering on the wall!”

More laughing. More coughing.

Maybe I shouldn’t be in the office with so many sick assistants.

Doctor comes into the room and checks me. Says everything’s all right except my breathing’s a little off.  With all the pesticide that goes into my body every day, why wouldn’t it be? I say this to myself not to the doctor.

The doctor’s a perp as is everyone in the office.

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