7 thoughts on “The American Spring is here and November is coming

  1. I am a new visitor to your blog, and have begun enjoying it daily. That said, allow me this humble contention: if you think that the “votes” of the people in a United States government “election” serve any purpose other than providing those in power with additional information by which to better target innocent citizens (and to commit other crimes against humanity), then you are under a grave misapprehension.

    • I agree it’s a sham. I only vote so that when the bad guy who gets into office starts F’ ing things up and breaking promises I can say, “It’s got nothing to do with me. Blame those idiots who voted for him.” That way I can feel like I did my best to change things even if it was a waste of time.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I’ve wanted to tell you that for awhile. I have been going through this thing that you are going through also (in my own version) for just over a year, except very badly since last summer. I wish I had someone I could talk to about it, but your blog does help me. I wish I could say more but I really am too afraid as my situation is really complicated.
    Thank you for everything again. BTW I was going to comment one other time without joining wordpress (I would have been able to sign in by email to leave a comment) but I wasn’t able to this time when I finally got the courage. I think it has to do with your settings. If that’s how you want them then I understand. But just in case, I wanted to tell you about that.
    Best to you very much!

    • I have it the way I do because of all the lowlifes who used to leave messages and not leave any information. I used to get a lot of disgusting sexual things sent to me. I’m glad you finally were able to contact me. I know it’s scary at the beginning to do something, but after a while it gets easier. I was afraid to start my blog, because I knew what the consequences would be, and I was right. But I don’t regret for a minute writing my blog. I’d do it again in a N.Y. minute! And thanks for reading my blog.

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