Gang Stalking – Why 7 days to make a new pair of glasses?

As  target I hate going to doctors. I never liked going to them, but especially now as a target.  I never know what they’re going to do to me. I  don’t trust most of them anymore.

I had to have my eyes examined for glasses. I went to many places to find a doctor.  I walked out of a lot of places. I could tell nothing but perps in the places. Why should I pay good money to be abused?

I finally found a doctor’ office I felt comfortable in. But, of course, it takes a while for the harassment to begin. After the receptionist told me the doctor was able to see me that day, I sat down. Immediately, the door slamming began. One of the women kept coming in and out of the receptionist’s office and slamming  the door each time. I felt like walking out of the place, but I didn’t.  I tired of trying to find a doctor,  so I sat there.

The receptionist called my name and got all my info. A woman came out of the office who was going to give me my eye exam. The woman looked terrified.  I could see it in her face.  I went into the examination room and the receptionist went into the room with me. The receptionist watched me to make sure I didn’t do anything to the woman.  When I was through with my exam, the woman told me I would  be examined by another doctor.

I sat outside the reception area while I waited for the doctor. Again, the door slamming by everyone who went into the receptionist’s  office.

The doctor finished with the patient, passed by me and told he’d  be with me in a minute.  He went into the  men’s room.  The doctor, in passing, told me he was ready for me.

I went into the exam room, the doctor did a lot of tests on my eyes. Never have I  had my eyes examined  so thoroughly, plus, he was very interesting.

I finished with my exam, and directed to the section where I could select a pair of glasses.  All  the time,  the  receptionist followed me around, watching everything I did. I think she was afraid I’d steal a pair of glasses.  What good is a pair of glasses without the correct prescription?

I choose a pair of glasses I liked and paid for them.

Contact info:

I went back into the reception area, and the receptionist told me, it would be 7 days before I got my glasses. Seven days! What!!!  Are we back in the 50s?  I walked out without saying anything. I knew if I asked why does it take 7 days to get a pair of new glasses I’d get angry.  With today’s technology, glasses can be ready in an hour and I have to wait 7 days?!! I also think they said 7 days because they think I might cheat them on the payment. This way, they get paid before I get my glasses.

So now I have to wait 7 days for a pair of glasses I know can be ready in an hour!!!


59 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Why 7 days to make a new pair of glasses?

  1. @everyone:
    As much as I detest the gang stalking agenda and stalkers, I happen to know that they aren’t ALL bad.
    What would you do if your children’s lives were at stake by a group of people who can pick locks and poison them or you at their leisure, whether at home while you and they slept or out in town?
    Some folks succumb to “real” threats, especially after it happens to someone they know or love.

    Then, they willingly… under duress, do as they are told.
    FYI – the suicide rate among those who stalk is higher than targets/victims.
    But you’ll never read about it in the Washington Post or LA Times.

    I have spoken to a great many stalkers and targets/victims. I have turned some and won some back into reality.

    I watch this blog with interest.

    Please accept this one piece of unsolicited advice:
    (My thoughts and prayers are with you.)
    “Be Bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

    There are groups within the GS Community that do their level best to preserve life and they actually HELP others.

    Please take the time to learn the difference… because even YOU may become that “one voice of reason” that gives the blackmailed or the extorted the motivation to fight back and not only win, but win BIG.

    My name is John Nutter of Cloudcroft, NM.
    Please remember their very bold claim:
    “We can make anyone do anything we want AND make it look like it’s their idea.”

    Boldly, THINK FOR YOURSELF and mighty forces WILL come to your aid.

    Be careful, everyone.
    Stay safe.
    BE BOLD!!!

    • Believe me, I’ve never had any problem thinking for myself. As a matter of fact, it’s been a problem all my life. I’ve never gone along with groupthink. Thanks for the advise. So far, I don’t know anyone in the GS community who has ever come to my aid. Las Vegas has very mean people.

  2. @neverending
    If you can remove the lenses from your glasses and have a microwave… remove the lenses and place your frames in the microwave for 15 seconds,
    That is quite enough time to fry the electronics embedded in the frames which can be forward looking video (they can see what you see) or audio/microphone (that close to your mouth, they can hear you whisper).


    • Thank you. Will do. I always thought they could hear me, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for re-affirming my suspicion. Keep the good tips coming. I hope I can put my frames back in. When it come to do anything like this, I’m all thumbs. Have a great day.

    • That’s a crime. Keeping you in jail because they have no evidence. I don’t know what’s happened to the U.S. It’s getting worse than China and Russia. I know a man who spent three months in jail because a woman accused him of harassing her. I know the man and he’s not the type to harass anyone. There was no evidence, just her word.

      • that 24 hrs has been like that ever since I was a kid they might have changed it now with instant background checks I don’t know. back then they didn’t have computer’s to tell them right on the spot all they had were the old teletypes

        • Oh, I was accused of peeping into my neighbor’s window. He always kept his window open to watch for me so he could report me. I passed by his window, as I always did, and he called the manager and told her I was looking into his apt. She wrote a report about it and sent it in to the police. I know it was sent to the police department because when I went to the police dept. the man at the desk mentioned something to me about looking into someone’s window. They’re all disgusting animals. I got even by calling the jerk a momma’ s boy.

  3. I went to an hour place and got crap for glasses. The lenses were ground wrong on one side and did not fit the frame. The frames were very cheap and looked bad after a little wear. I dropped them once and the lenses scratched. The glasses and frames were over 300 dollars even though I did not put bifocals on them (I was just getting started at farsightness). That would have been another 100 for those cheap ass glasses. Perps walked up and down the mall screeching when I picked up a pair of glasses I liked and I picked out ones I hated. I got contacts a few years later because they come prepackaged from the manufacturer and I can buy ten dollar reading glasses at the store. If I ever needed a good pair of glasses with bifocal correction and also astigmatism and good lenses etc. I bet it would cost 1000. America’s Best would not be good enough for me. One eye doctor with the state said I had a lazy eye as well. Undiagnosed in childhood of course. I also had undiagnosed sciliosis so now I’m slightly crooked. The docs were too worried to get me locked into a psych diagnosis at an early age.

    • As I wrote, whatever happened to the oath the doctors take to do no harm. I guess that went out with the dirty water as soon as it was implemented. Can’t trust any of the creeps! They also let everyone know what you went to visit them for It’s no ones business, especially not the f—–g government.

      • I’ve had a few weird instances with other kinds of doctors as well. I was getting very sick and needed antibiotics. My dr was out and no one there would step up and prescribe them. I ended up in the ER 2 days later and even had to be admitted, the first hospital (physical) since I was 9 years old.

    • I’ve been having trouble getting decent glasses these past three years. My eye Dr. simply doesn’t give a ___. I’ve spent way too much money on them and still can’t see. I had my scoliosis ignored as well, and now I have back problems and bad shoulder posture. Yeah, they were more interested in driving us crazy with bullying than treating us like fellow human beings.

    • the docs were sooo worried that they got me locked into a psych diagnosis at an early age–correction.

  4. they do the same thing to me in my apt. one lie after another and the worst thing is the police and sheriff are so crocked were I live they already got one sheriff deputy for a sex offence

    • They’re real babies the perps. They can do whatever they want to us, but act like real babies if we retaliate. They’re always running to the manager and complaining about what we do to them. Big babies!!!!

  5. me to they had me in jail for a day about two years ago and I’ve learned how they are real quick when I was in the squad car I didn’t say anything to them all I gave them was my name

      • Thanks for advice guys but they made up a story they looking for someone matching my description i felt like running away but that wud be stupid ! you can get arressted ! etc theys a book u can about wat rights u hav with dealing police ,laws etc

        • They’ve made up a lot of stories about me, too. They’ve made up stories that I’ve been in prison. I live in Las Vegas and if someone commits a crime and spends any time in jail, he’s not allowed to vote. I vote all the time because I’ve never been in prison.

          • Maybe when someone remarks about you being in prison you should show them (a photocopy in case they grab it) of your voter’s card.

            • They know I haven’t been in prison. That’s a good idea to show them a photocopy, though. I don’t worry about the criminals, most of whom have been in prison, saying that I’ve been in prison.

  6. HOW do i deal with cops? hav never had them gangstalk me before until the last year following me into town?and parking up near me and driving off has i pass by them while they staring at me any advicewud be great thanks!.

    • As with anything the perps do, don’t pay any attention to them. And if they stop you, don’t say a damn thing. Keep your mouth shut! Admit to nothing! And I don’t know how it’s in the U.K., but here we have the right to remain silent and to request a lawyer be present before we say anything. Don’t tell them anything. Anything you say can be held against you! Don’t fight them, do as you’re told, and the most important thing, remain very, very, calm.


  8. Densits are bad so r doctors ! they the worse .i got stopped by cops today they were following me and stopped me saying they need to check me because they thought i was someone else.feel like i commited a crime even tho i havent… cops sayin i needed to calm down i didnt even say anything ! i was ill bastards so they thought i was scarced hahahah i was ill from gangstalking i wasnt scarced one bit of them so they checked my id and sed am glad i wasnt this other one yeh ok AND saying other stuff LEAVE ME ALONE PERPS HAV HAD ENOUGH OF YA BULL .now cops r getting involved to with me because of perps tellin them shit great

  9. DO you ever buy something you really like in a shop and it ends up discontined or not avaiable? .hav it happened so many times and i use to go to a takeaway for a decade it was the best takeaway i told a snitch i was going there () the freak whoset me up) .all of a sudden this takeaway has gone down hill BIG TIME its raw meat and light nasty rice .its happened twice i wont be goin back they again so messed up and the last time i went the pakistani delivery man was looking at me giving me stares and looking at the staff like am a alien from outer space yeh rightttt!!.etc just cant cope with this shit sometimes .i was going to pay for sum crackers she sed ooo i will give you sum for free with a smile on her face .i eat them taste was awful like crusty damp old crackers great .so yeh the best takeaway ever has turned into the worse .

  10. hum…i’m a ti and had to have all my teeth pulled a couple years ago. ….. !! They said I had a bacterial virus. They pulled 32 teeth and costs me 16,000 for surgery, new teeth and docs! I now am toothless. Sorta funny! not really!! I can’t wear my false teeth because they don’t fit and/or when i put in…they are loose. Anyway, that has kept me very isolated. I finally don’t give a shit and go everywhere and talk to everyone. toothless! 🙂

    • Did you need your teeth removed, or they did take them out for fun? I would sue the bastards! It’s good you have such a good attitude, I don’t know if I would. And that’s one reason I haven’t been to a dentist for a long time. I’m afraid they’ll do the same thing to me. Why don’t you return the teeth if they don’t fit? You paid good money for the teeth. You should get ones that fight now. Bastards!

  11. its worse were I live I’ve gone to foot doctors and they treat me worse their real pleasant to your face but when your back is turned that’s when they stick the knife in your back I’ve gone to my regular doctor same thing

  12. I have had them play games like that with me, had to make an appointment to go through the little wooden gate just to look at glass frames, very evil ugly stupid people. Psychopaths are empty inside and doing anything to harm others somehow gives them a sense of fullfillment.

  13. Don’t be surprised if the prescription is wrong – mine was and it look another 2 visits to get it right (and these were for reading glasses). 

    The young opthamalogist I saw was good (not perpy) and quite well read, he answered my techical questions readily.  I felt like the optometric techs were perpy, because it took several weeks for the glasses to be finished, and then they needed to be reground due to error.  The wait staff at the front were perps, no question.

    I think it would be good for us TIs to make sure that anyone new is very careful in their interactions with clinics, doctors and DOs, especially with dentists and chiropractors.  I have had several chiros who were great and NOT perpy.  But I had one who was and did a ‘new kind of scan’ that no doubt was instrumental in targeting because very precise DEW attacks started up almost immediately.  Before that time, they were very diffuse (wide angle). 

    Special precaution should be used for TIs with dentists. DEW can be used to irritate and mimic tooth ache. Trips to a perpy dentist mean lots of pain and drilling on good teeth and extractions.

    Their intent is to remove teeth and damage your dental health as much as possible.  IF you have cups that you use for drinking water (that you carry with you), ALWAYs wash out the cup with detergent.

    They like to put liquids that can damage teeth and kidneys in your favorite cup.

    Find other TIs that you can trust and use their recommendations for trustworthy doctors, opticians, dentists, and DOs/chiros. Always do your homework to make sure you are not being led astray by perpy nurses and staff.

    • Well, I’m going to check my glasses when I get them. I’ll do it right in the office, and if they’re not right, I’m returning them right there! Thanks for the warning. I figured they’d do something to them. I haven’t found anyone in Las Vegas who is not a perp. I wish I could. And about the teeth, I need to go, but I heard horror stories about teeth being pulled, cracked, etc. It’s disgusting what we targets have to put up with every day.

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