Gang Stalking – And so it begins…

And so it begins…

Wherever I’ve live, there comes a point where the manager begins to come up to my apartment and tell me all the complaints she has from tenants about me. These people  can make all the noise they want, but don’t I dare to retaliate, because, of course, the perps will go to  the office and complain to the manager. She, of course, knows what’s going on and is only too happy to use her power as an apartment manager to come up to my apartment and start warning me about the noise. She will tell me that a lot of tenants are complaining about the noise.  She ignores all the noise the perps make and if I mention that they’re the ones who are making the noise, she will set me straight by telling me that they’re doing no such thing. They’re  all angels! I’m naturally the “bad” one.

The perps above me make noise all night long.  He wears heavy-duty shoes and walks around with them all night long.  The woman comes downstairs and stamps her feet every time she passes my window.  There’s a sensor in the area in front of my window and the noise travels into my apartment.  The floor vibrates and I can hear her foot steps as if they are in my apartment.  Her foot steps sound as if they’re coming from my apartment and the people downstairs think I’m making the noise. They also know I’m  not making the noise, but they want to make sure that it sounds as if I’m making the noise.  They immediately go to the manager and complain about all the noise.

And once this thing about the manager coming up to my apartment begins,  there’s no let up.  I’ll begin to see the manager more often, and every time I see her, she will have a complaint about me.  Eventually, it will lead to her telling me to stop making noise and harassing the tenants, or I’ll be evicted. This happens everywhere I go.  Not once has it not happened.  I’ll not be allowed to defend myself. I’ll be told every time that no one is harassing me and it’s my imagination.

So now that it’s began, I’ll have absolutely no peace. It’ll be more and more harassment every day.  I don’t know how much worse it can get. I don’t have  moment when I can relax. And I’ll begin getting notices that I’ll be evicted if I don’t stop harassing the “angels”.

If there’s a God out there, why doesn’t he help? I’m truly tired of all the b.s.   It just never ends!!!!

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36 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – And so it begins…

  1. My last post for the day… and NEVERENDING… you have my explicit permission to repost anything from my website that you want.

    I have added two new docs to

    One: THINK, gives the stalked ammunition to try to turn a stalker back into reality.

    Two: Do It Yourself De-Programming, shows you how to BREAK their hold on you.

    Get free of the BS.

    I have already freed literal thousands who followed my advice and some were skeptical and just tried it to attempt to prove me wrong… and now, they are also free.

    Be free.
    Find that place of literal bliss and peace.

    Then take revenge… teach stalkers to BE FREE.
    One less enemy, is indeed, ONE LESS ENEMY that the slaves have to deal with.


    • Thanks for all the info. I can’t read all of it today, but I will another day. One thing I don’t have is Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve never felt anything but disgust toward the idiots. I can’t wait till they all suffer a fate worse than death. And as to a Mafia state of mind, I think it’s all true. I didn’t think the mob was involved, but now I’ve changed my mind.

  2. I read the Easter Thing and I’m happy for you. Really. Love it when good things happen to good people. I am so glad that you caught a break.
    But I would like to clear some things up. I don’t want anyone thinking the wrong things.

    I’m not a Sergeant anymore. Not since 1977.
    But I’ll be PM91, DELTA to the grave.
    My DD214, showing what I did in the Army, is classified.
    I can’t even get it. And fortunately, neither can Jethro. (what I call stalkers)

    I’m not a criminal, either.
    Yet my Fan Club won’t let my past die.
    I did prison time for a crime I did NOT commit.
    Yesterday, a local showed up with a red Ford Bronco (?).
    License number KSR-047.
    My prison time was done at KSR – Kentucky State Reformatory.
    By their communications system of A=1… B=2…C=3 to Z=26.
    47 = John… J=10… O=15… H=8… N=14.
    I’ll bet these screwballs are glad that I don’t carry a gun and am rational.

    It is a known and proven fact that “prayer” does things FOR people.
    Even “I” am prone to it. (A non-Christian who doesn’t believe in gods, yet follows the teachings of Yahweh of the OT. A gentile.)
    For those waiting on “GOD”… Relief from GS is a DO-IT-YOURSELF program.
    Stalkers have a significant amount of control over other people’s environments.

    They can literally seem to STOP GOD and ALTER PRAYER responses.
    But all they are doing is blackmailing or extorting people into NOT helping you.
    However, they will help you if it suits their purpose.

    When you became a target, the Law of Reciprocity (get what you give, what goes around comes around, reap what you sow, Karma, etc.) stopped by human means.
    Laws of Nature are more often than not MANIPULATED, to give you the impression that the “stalkers are God and they are angry”.
    They love it when folks see their environment as “a sign from God”.
    Don’t fall for it.

    Remember, the BIBLE speaks of SIGNS FOLLOWING… NOT preceding, which is a human belief… as in signs FROM God.

    My phone number is in this thread.
    Use it if you need it.

    My brother-in-law who was quite healthy last October, died about 1:30 today.
    My fan club is playing with it…

    These evil SOB’s have NO conscience and NO soul/spirit.

    I have tears, but I will not cry.

    And last, please think CRITICALLY about everything in your environment.

    Do you know why “tin foil hats” are joked about?
    Some things people do will work to stop the DEW’s.

    For instance:
    Get two identical blankets. Sew aluminum screening between them. Then put aluminum screening under your bed if you have a cellar.
    Sleep under it and you will sleep better.

    Or simply take off your shoes and walk on dirt barefoot. Grounding yourself will instantly stop lot’s of EMF and Microwaving, including RF. (radio frequency)

    Call me if you need or want to.


    • I must admit when it comes to religion, I’m lacking. I’ve met too many Christians who go to church, have rosary beads in their car mirrors, etc. and are stalking me. So I’m not too much a believer in God. I believe in the universe and that something exists, but what? I don’t know. Thank you for your tip again about the aluminum. Ill try it. I live in a small studio in Las Vegas. I’m sorry about your brother-in-law dying. Yeah, the perps are not human. Again, thank you.

  3. @neverending
    I’m glad you gave up on stalking people. ( the words were “I was switched” – meaning someone else forced me from one situation into another)

    My name is John Nutter. Scroll down to Nov 18th, download and listen:

    That above isn’t entirely accurate and isn’t what you think it is.
    I’ve never stalked anyone and neither has my team.
    The “stalker side” includes everyone… whether handler, stalker, slave or CIA, FBI up to and including DARPA, DoD Info Network and multiple MILITARY (and intel) AGENCIES.
    Not just the dumbass harassing you.

    My part (and my team) was as a “handler” for the US Army.
    (SSG. J. Nutter, PTDY 75th Rangers, PM91, DELTA)
    We were part of an MKUltra experiment called the Perfect Soldier Program.

    I am NOT suicidal, so there are some things I cannot say due to non-disclosures I signed.
    Don’t ask and don’t even try to rationalize this. I have watched the CIA do this:
    They murder everything a person loves… then they bury you!
    Those I love are far more important to me than breaking my word (signature).

    Why did you do it in the first place? I’d really like to know why people do this to others?

    We were under the impression that “what we did” was for the GOOD OF THE NATION.
    1) We followed orders. 2) We actually saw nothing wrong with our part.
    The 54, what we are called, mentally/psychically directed 200 Four-Man Teams in various places on four continents.
    We only lost ONE man in 9 years. (Far better record than any President)

    I really think you should write a blog on how things work in gang stalking. It would help a lot of targets. – it isn’t complete as I have a life outside of being stalked. I do pro bono work for people I believe in.

    And tell me how we’re chosen. I know someone I know had something to do with it. I’m still trying to figure out who, but I can’t be sure.

    Multiple reasons:
    Revenge, hate, target of opportunity, non-conformist, intelligence that made someone feel inferior, some cruel SOB wanted to watch you suffer…

    They only value two things.
    Heart and Courage… it takes both to overcome THE MACHINE.
    Much of what you suffer is thought up by a main-frame computer. FYI.

    • I heard you on the radio and I got chills going down my spine. It’s really creepy. I really think it’s hate or revenge. Really, I think it can be anything. I know an Italian woman who had a problem with me. She married my nephew, and I never thought of her, but now I think it could be someone in her family. Thanks. I’m totally creeped out now by all I heard. I don’t blame you for living out in the woods by yourself.

  4. @never-ending
    I’ve been in this since birth… 62 years.
    In 1977, I was switched from the STALKER SIDE to the being stalked side because I refused to continue in it. Then in 1979, I went to prison for a crime I did NOT commit.

    What really pissed them off was the fact that I (and my entire team – 53 others) made RESTITUTION to our victims (money and property) and helped them regain their lives.
    Then, in 1992, some MAFIA type morons joined in for a game of “Let’s Play God”.
    (It was the Florida mob out of Orlando – Richard Palmer and Fred Hillman)

    They teach people to trust NO ONE… defy them!
    They teach people to “respond”… DEFY THEM!
    They teach people to “CONFORM” whether to them or ANY group… DEFY THEM!

    Do any of you want peace???

    VERBALLY ATTACK, damn it, WITHOUT ANGER! (in the privacy of your home or car)

    Your house/apartment is bugged with CIA grade Audio/Video. (you can place 3 sets on a dime… your chances of finding them are slim to none)

    NEVER RESPOND PUBLICLY – ALL witnesses are against you.
    MAKE FUN OF THEM (they hate it!)
    Laugh AT them… treat them like VILLAGE IDIOTS.
    Take pictures of them BLATANTLY… they’ll run.

    five-seven-five…four-one-five…seven-nine-zero-four is where people who are stalked have been calling since 2000 to get answers. (writing it out prevents bots from selling the number to telemarketers)

    Some groups actually help people.
    (AVOID Catholic, Baptist and Churches of Christ as they are notorious for their participation in gangstalking – they really like hiding behind their religion while doing harm)

    But in the chaos they created with 24/7 attacks on your physical body, psychological well being and vandalism out the ying-yang affecting your over-all mental health, there really are people that they will do their best to preserve people alive.

    And remember, it is rarely about you.
    It is about finding MINDLESS ZOMBIES with no conscience to be THEIR slave and then training them TO STALK.

    And call me if they get you down or you just want to talk to someone who is ON YOUR SIDE.

    • I agree with every point you made. They are zombies. I’ve written articles about the zombies. And believe me, I make fun of them whenever I can, even in my blog. And I know it’s not about me, but we have to live with these dummies every day of our lives. As to conforming, I’ve rarely conformed in my life, maybe that’s why we’re picked on. I’m glad you gave up on stalking people. Why did you do it in the first place? I’d really like to know why people do this to others? I really think you should write a blog on how things work in gang stalking. It would help a lot of targets. And tell me how we’re chosen. I know someone I know had something to do with it. I’m still trying to figure out who, but I can’t be sure.

  5. I read this blog.
    Now. Gang Stalkers do not do “useless” things.
    If what they are doing to you works, they’ll continue doing it.
    What they are doing is called a NOISE CAMPAIGN.

    Get a recorder. RECORD the noises for a 3 day period. Put the recording on youtube. free account. Send your landlord the URL of where He/She/IT can hear what you hear.
    Inform the Landlord, that unless the noise stops, you will obtain a lawyer to MAKE IT STOP.

    Only two things can stop the crap:
    1) fight back using their stuff against them, or…
    2) IGNORE IT! (when it no longer works, they’ll stop and try something else)

    If you do NOT break the anchors that they use to control you, you’ll never have peace.

    • I can’t record anything. As soon as I get a recorder, phone, computer, they hack into it, and I cant get any proof. Thanks for the advice. I know why they do it, but I write these things so others know that what’s happening to them is really happening and they’re not crazy. I write the way I do with a purpose in mind. To perhaps save someone’s life. I know people who have taken their lives because of harassment by the devils!

  6. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This has been the story of my life the last three years and probably longer, I just was not aware that I was being gang stalked. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to move because of nebbish, nosey neighbours who are most likely informants
    I FEEL your pain. Your story here encapsulates what I have been going through. I am a mother of two and I am seven months pregnant. Both my children and I are targets and we have been gang stalked at my present apartment complex. People have been taking pictures of my children using I Phones from their balconies and people supposedly complain about my “bad behaviour”, which involves me (gasp!) using the hot tub and gym. My kids and I do not watch television or listen to the radio so there is no noise. I believe I am being gangstalked because the US Federal Government aka ZOG is attempting to commit White Genocide.
    The US Federal Government is the Anti White. It does not want White American and Aryan women reproducing. It is doing everything it can to destroy my family.

    It will not succeed in destroying my family.

    • Well, this is going on all over the world, not just in the U.S. And harassment is happening to whites, blacks, Asians, etc. It is not a “white” thing. To be pregnant and be going through harassment must be hell. I really feel for you. These animals have absolutely no empathy for anyone. I’m glad you will not let it destroy your family. Stay safe and healthy. And thanks for writing.

      • Neverending: Upon doing research online and talking to various folks, most gangstalking is targeted to white women and men. You occasionally have someone who is not white who is targeted and nine times out of ten those folks are targeted by their own race as well.

  7. Angels! more like demons this world is backwards i know that for keep going hav had this for 11 years going on 12 long years.hav moved bout ten times hostels flats etc tryin to get away i cant .it still goes on it goes on for life unfornutley am trumatised but not crazy its just awful people who u dont know or even know trying to destroying ur life every last bit it i cudnt beielve wat i was seening wen it all started.they hav done this me to try and make me spend more money and create stress this is why they do it ..oo yeh and try to make u homeless too .they get off on it! .

    • I say ten times its more than that because i went back and forth to my mothers to whos a perp nightmare.hostels and flats .sighsss

    • I was being sarcastic when I called them angels. They’re devils, all of them. It’s good that you’ve been able to remain sane after 11 years of harassment. It’s only been 5 years for me and it’s been hell. Congrats that you’ve been able to last 11 years. You’re really strong. They’re all sickos!!!

      • yeh i knew u wer joking..its hell real hell theys really no advice to say .has always tho lol dont make friends with no one dont tell people nuthin.thats my advice :-).

      • Thanks ne yep its been hell trying to survive this .wat they did it and mine started in 2003 bush years the first nine years were horrific hope it ends for us one day .

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